"Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world... Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis."

— Pierre de Chardin Teilhard, author, philosopher, paleontologist

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LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOLS #11: Rating Human Consciousness with Applied Kinesiology (cont.)

Part 2: The New Human Consciousness Scale, Getting Accurate Results, Rising Consciousness Achieves Critical Mass

Part 3: Future Expectations, Conclusion | Part 1: Introduction

by Dan Rezac


Some research history is in order.  As mentioned, we began finding discrepancies using the Hawkins model during the summer of 2008.  Using the same kinesiology technique, we determined that a better, more workable system could be identified using the same human numbering system, but that the upper limit (as of September 13, 2008) was 149, not 1,000!  We also discovered that the upper limit would shift to 175 within the next four years (by December 23, 2012).  

Because we went back to the basics and re-discovered the Human Consciousness Scale from scratch, there is no arbitrary upper limit (we let the process defined it’s own upper limit); therefore, it corrects the scale to eliminate errors in the Hawkins model and introduces a new discovery of the average human consciousness (AHC) and introduces the new discovery of the upper (maximum) limit of human consciousness for the time period checked.

Keep in mind, we are talking about human consciousness with a focus on planet Earth in this reality level for this time in history — and, naturally, in the process of researching this, we discovered that we had to introduce a unique convention (such as calling it “Framework One”) to identify “this” reality level and a unique way of specifying what calendaring system to use for “this” time in history (such as “the Gregorian calendar” or “the current Calendar used in North America in Framework One”). Since the word “this” does not identify which of the 38 parallel reality levels is being tested or which calendaring system is being used (for example, the Chinese have adopted the Gregorian calendar but they still use the older Chinese Calendar). 

By the way, there is a different consciousness scale for beings that have never been human and is still being research (and will be published in the near future)—so we deliberately do not rate any beings on the human consciousness scale if they are nonhuman entities.

The source for the answer (and all answers from applied kinesiology, if done correctly) is the same source as that which is writing the Akashic Records.  But, in order to get accurate results, one must also account for eleven (11) possible variables which can create inaccuracies and one must take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the eleven variables.  These variables, which will be published in a future research paper, include things like not having enough sleep, or not having enough food, making sure each person and their genetic entity (Hawaiians call this the Unihipili) is testable, always clearing after every test and before the next one, identifying the correct reality level you are checking for, identifying the right time with the right calendaring system, etc. 

The following chart shows a timeline of the new and improved Human Consciousness scale showing the average human consciousness (AHC) at 43 back in 1998 (See Figure 4 Divine Human Consciousness Scale below).  The maximum human consciousness at that time was 149 on the scale.  As can be seen from the graph, the average human consciousness increased by seven points (to 50) over the previous ten years (from 1998 through Sep 2008).

In September 2008, we discovered that a certain “critical mass” needed to be reached in order for the increasing consciousness to continue on its path.  The magic number was 62 and we knew it would occur between January 11th and January 31, 2009.  We were relieved to discover that this was achieved on January 20, 2009 (coinciding with Barack Obama’s inauguration as President of the United States) when the AHC achieved 63 on that day.  By the way, Obama is working for the light, was at 84 on September 13, 2008, and was at 86 on the day of his inauguration (his running mate and future VP, Joe Biden, was 83 on September 13, 2008). 

In other words, the AHC jumped 13 points in a four month period! That is an incredible increase in consciousness planet wide.  Just like a freight train getting started where it begins by slowly rolling down the tracks and eventually building momentum and inertia along the way, the rising average human consciousness has done the same thing and achieved critical mass (overcoming any friction or obstacles) in January 2009! Planet Earth and the humans on it are well on their way to full consciousness on planet earth at this time.

Text Box:  Figure 4 Divine Human Consciousness Scale

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Part 3: Future Expectations, Conclusion | Part 1: Introduction

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