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Scott Mowry appeared on the Medium in Our Midst radio show on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Transcript of Scott Mowry on The Light Agenda – June 27, 2012 - Part 2 of 2

Part 1

Transcribed by Ellen McGuffie


Stephen Cook: Here’s Part 2 of my interview with Scott Mowry. Again, for those who missed the show or wish to read and listen at the same time head here:

Stephen Cook of The Light Agenda radio show.

Stephen Cook: Scott, we’ve just mentioned that you came from somewhere else. Let’s talk about what happened, because you eventually have realized that you chose your parents.

Scott Mowry: Yeah. Well, that’s where the story gets very interesting. This occurred to me probably about four years ago, when I discovered the work of Dolores Cannon, who is an author, a past-life regressionist and a hypnotherapist. Her work was really, really impactful on me because she was able to identify what she called three waves of souls. And the saves of souls began arriving right after the bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War Two.

And basically, what happened was that a call went out to the universe from the higher realms that something needed to be done with Earth because of their misadventures with nuclear weapons. And this had reverberations throughout the universe. So, what happened is that a whole call went out to the entire universe to ask for volunteers to come to Earth and to just implant their souls within a human body in order to raise the vibrations of the planet into a higher dimension. And it was determined that this was the only way to save the planet and the human race from destruction.

And so, that really — that information really had a very powerful impact on me. And then she started to describe what these souls were like. And this information was gleaned from taking people in hypnotic regression back to their most immediate past life. And she would ask … Dolores Cannon would ask these people, “Why did you come to Earth?” And the answer that she found was, “I answered a call.”

And the call was that these volunteer souls came in three waves, three distinct waves. The first wave was the 1950s and 60s; the second wave was the 70s and 80s, and the third wave was 90s to the present. So, I fit in the first wave soul. And a first-wave soul is basically a person who feels that the Earth is not their home; they’re from another place; it’s a weird place; they feel like a stranger in a strange land; they tend to work independently. Often first-wave souls don’t marry or have children — which is my case. They feel like they’re just not supposed to be here, or this is not their home, they’re not from here.

And hence which, explains a lot of my life, and the unusualness of my life, but also beyond that, it explains why I have, sort of have an awareness about things that are on this planet that’s maybe a little bit different than the average person. I don’t feel like I’ve ever had a past life on this planet, that this is my first time arriving.

And first-wave souls also have what’s called a karmic shield, and that’s part of the contract, in that you don’t pick up any karma and you’re free to go after this one lifetime.

So that pretty much describes how I sort of came aware of this, and it helped — Stephen, I can’t even begin to tell you how this information had an impact on my life and…

SC: So, how long ago was this, though?

SM: This was several years ago, probably about four years ago.

SC: Right.

SM: And then I just became aware that this helped me explain who and what I am, my mission, my purpose in life. And I think others probably can relate to this story, because I think many people have had similar feelings about feeling misplaced, or feeling that they just don’t belong here. So, I would imagine that this story might resonate with a lot of people that are listening.

SC: So, Scott, you’re saying, though, that prior to that you hadn’t quite, you know, encapsulated all those thoughts. But you had an experience, though, where you had a dream, or you were taken to a place where you were shown yourself choosing your parents. And that happened before you’d read Dolores’ books.

SM: Actually, it happened — it was not a dream, it was a past life memory. I’ve had these …

SC: Okay.

SM: … past life memories come up, that they’ve been sort of leaking through. I had one … I had this memory of sitting down at a table and looking at holographic screens, and I was sitting there with two higher beings to my right, and I was looking at these monitors, or these screens, and we were sitting there looking at my birth — at parents, families to incarnate into. And I remember looking at different families and different races, and seeing different people, and which — and helping them — and these higher beings were helping me to choose which family would be best for me to incarnate into. So …

SC: So, was this on a spaceship, or…?

SM: That’s a good question, Stephen. I don’t exactly know where it was. It may have been on a craft somewhere, it may have been on another planet. It’s just a memory, and it came out of nowhere. I remember, it came to me as I’m driving my car, and this memory occurred to me. And I’ve had several of these kinds of past life memories come through to me.

Another one, I remember being given instructions, and looking at the Earth. These higher beings were showing me the Earth, and they had this big screen in front of me — I don’t know if it was a window and we were looking at the Earth, or we were looking at a holographic projection — but they had the ability to wave their hand and move the Earth through time. And what they were trying to show me was all of the accumulated karma and conflict on the Earth, and showing me why the Earth needed to have these volunteer souls come.

And I remember distinctly being shown and being explained to what Earth was all about, being given instructions and being given an understanding of what Earth people had — the dilemmas and the problems they were facing. And these higher realms always were very compassionate towards me, they were very grateful that I had volunteered to come. And all the time that they’re speaking to me they’re saying to me, “You can opt out you can decide not to do this at any time.” And this is right up until the moment of incarnating into a human body.

SC: Wow! [laugh] That’s incredible!

SM: Yeah, it was quite an amazing memory. And I’ve had other past life memories that have come through. I have another memory of … Dolores Cannon has defined the galactic center of the universe, as God or of the Source. She actually was told this by the higher realms that she’s able to communicate with. So, I’ve had a past life memory of hanging out at that galactic center, and I remember — the memory that I have is of this huge ball of white light sitting at the center of the universe, and around it as far as the eye can see, you see these tiny little lights, and they’re all these souls just basking in this part of space.

And what happens is that there is this white, intense ball of light, and it emanates just wave after wave of pure love. And you sit in there, and you hang out in space and you just take it in, you just absorb it. And the feeling is that when you’re in this space, you don’t want to leave, because it’s so blissful, it’s so peaceful, it’s so perfect. You’re literally next to God, and you’re feeling God’s love in its purest, most intense state.

And I have this memory of just hanging in space and looking as far as the eye could see at all of these other souls with me as we were experiencing this pure love of God.

SC: That is just incredible. I’m so envious! [laugh] And especially that you remember it all. You have this memory bleed-through. How long ago did this actually happen? How long ago did these memories start bleeding through?

SM: After I had my profound dream.

SC: Okay. So, that dream, though, you were in a very serious car accident in 2007, and you had a near-death experience at that time. So, was this prior to that or post that?

SM: Post that. So what happened was, regarding my near-death experience, I had a car accident, which was very, very devastating for me. I almost died, but thankfully was saved by an air bag. And I don’t know how I lived through it. It was a very intense experience, and very frightening. But what it did for me was, I was working at sort of more research in the political arena, and writing some articles about what was going on. This was during the Bush Administration, of course, when everybody was writing a lot of things about the Bush Administration’s policies of war, and so forth.

I made that decision shortly after the accident that I was going to focus my life more on spirituality. And I was going to direct myself into a more spiritual direction because I thought that was actually more important, really, in the long run.

So, within a couple of years after the accident I had a very profound dream. And this dream was — it’s almost very hard to describe, I’m going to describe it to you very briefly — I was in a car going down a city block, and I realize when I’m in the car I can’t drive it, I can’t steer it, in fact, I can’t even open the doors. The car goes down to the end of the block, it comes to a stop sight, takes a right. And the next thing I know I’m in a room lying on my left side.

And here’s where it gets really interesting, is that I felt from behind me this presence downloading information into the back of my head. And it was like they were implanting information or knowledge or some kind of uplifting consciousness within my brain, and I felt it literally entering the back of my head.

Now, all the time that this is going on I’m in a semi-state of sleep, so in fact I’m sort of, somewhat in a state of sleep and awareness, half awake, half asleep, and I’m saying to myself, in the dream, I’m going, “Oh, my God, I cannot believe this is happening.” In other words, I was having this incredibly profound experience that I was totally aware of. I knew it instantly, as soon as the dream started, and I was absolutely astounded by what I was experiencing. And it was easily one of the most profound experiences that I have ever had in my life.

And all the while I’m feeling this amazing consciousness, this amazing knowledge being downloaded into the back of my brain, in the back of my head. It was going through the crown chakra. I managed to turn around and look, and there behind me — I was in a sort of a paralyzed state at this time — I managed to struggle and look behind me, and I saw a woman, probably in her fifties, sort of salt and pepper hair, and she just gave me a smile, as if to say everything is all …

SC: No one you knew or no one you’d ever seen before?

SM: No one I’d ever seen before. She gave me a very warm smile, as if to say, “Everything’s okay,” and I returned back to the paralyzed state, and they continued, whoever, she or whoever, continued to download information.

Now, all the while, I’m saying to myself, this is really it, this is it, this is the spiritual experience that I have wondered if I would ever have. And I woke up from that dream literally shaking. It was easily the most intense experience of my life, and I was half asleep for it. But I was in this very sort of half awake, half asleep state where I was fully conscious of everything I was going through, and I remembered every single aspect of the dream. And it sticks with me to this day.

SC: So that’s approximately two years after the car accident where you almost died?

SM: Right.

SC: And how did your life change from that moment?

SM: I think from that moment on I started having these past life memories come back to me as I’ve explained earlier.

SC: So more of them, more of them, right.

SM: Yeah. So they started to come back to me. And of course, then I discovered the Dolores Cannon work. So everything started to come together to me. And it’s weird, it’s very strange, as I’m explaining this to you, I’m seeing now how this all is related, because it’s been one step after another. So, I have the car accident, I decide to focus on a more spiritual aspect of my life, I have this profound dream, I discover the work of Dolores Cannon, and then these past life memories start coming through, explaining, helping to explain who and what my mission is on Earth.

And, so, it’s really been a major, major help to me.

SC: Now, that mission is about positivism, but how — has it changed your day-to-day existence? Have even more extraordinary things happened? Or has it just given you a far more direct focus?

SM: Both. And what I would say first is that it’s given my life a true meaning and a purpose. It’s given me an understanding of who and what I really am, what I’m doing here, how this weird life I’ve been having, what it’s all about and why it is the way it is. Secondly, it’s given me a more direct focus on what my mission is. So, I realize now that what I’m doing now is what I should be doing. In other words, I’m fulfilling my contract that I came to Earth and that I — this life I chose, this body I chose to incarnate in, I’m now fully aware of what my purpose is.

And I — I’m sure a lot of people would love to have a sense of purpose, a sense of their mission. And I just feel very grateful that I know this now, and that I understand why I’m here at this time, in this body, on this planet in 2012 and what my role is and what my mission is, and what I’m to fulfill.

SC: So in terms of what’s happening now, though, how do you see events unfolding? And we’ve said that a lot of stuff is happening. We can all feel it, we’re all sitting there going, “Oh, my God, hurry up. Change! Change!” Where do you feel things are at today?

SM: I think every day we get closer to something extraordinary that’s going to unfold. Now, again, I have to remind people, it really is important that you realize how powerful your thoughts are, and it’s really important that people stay positive and focus on the positive, because that will manifest. This is how life works. It’s created from within, and it shows on the outside. This is how life has always been, but we’re now starting to realize how powerful the human mind is.

So, because of the energies and the consciousness of 2012, and because we fulfilled the nine levels of consciousness on the Mayan calendar, we’re in the most powerful state of consciousness ever on this planet. We’re in what Carl Calleman, who’s one of the best Mayan calendar researchers, talks about the age of enlightenment. So, it’s really — and we’re also in what … we’ve just completed the ninth level of consciousness, which is conscious co-creation. In other words, we’re co-creating our world on the fly.

So, therefore, your thoughts are the most powerful they have ever been. So it’s really important that we stay focused, or, if you want a positive outcome, you choose a positive outcome from within. So, therefore, it’s possible that you could have an entirely different experience than your next-door neighbor because of the way you choose to view your life and the decisions that you make.

So, I know a lot of people that are in the spiritual community are … have a sense of frustration. They have a sense of anticipation that’s not being fulfilled.

SC: I reckon that’s an understatement! [laugh]

SM: Yes. I’m sure it is. And I have to admit, confess, I sometimes feel that way. But I always push myself back to the more positive. And what helps me is when I hear others, and I almost feel — they give me energy because I know that my mission is to rally the troops, so to speak, is to help others to be optimistic, to be inspired and to be hopeful, because it really means the difference. Consciousness is the most important thing of all on this planet. And the more the human race realizes this and understands this, the more that we will see the golden age unfold in reality.

So, it’s happening now. It is happening. What we’re in right now is this transitionary phase between the old world, or what I like to call the false paradigm, moving into the new world, or the New Earth. So we’re in this sort of crossover period. And sometimes your life will feel great, and you’re on the New Earth. Sometimes you’re not feeling so good and you may be on the old Earth or the false paradigm. And we’re sort of vacillating between these two worlds. But we’re in the time when this great transition is taking place on this planet.

So, we are going through a bumpy, rocky road right now, but the end is going to be the most spectacular, beautiful world that you can possibly imagine. In fact, it’s more spectacular than you even have the awareness or the consciousness to realize at this point. So I encourage free will.

SC: So, tell me about your perceptions of that world, and how far away is it in terms of our linear time.

SM: Well, again, I was shown this. I remember being shown what the world will look like. And from what I can remember, the Earth is going to be a very lush, beautiful, very mild temperature, the polar ice caps will melt, the continents, the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria will also rise. There’ll be peace and harmony on the Earth. There’ll be much, much less severe weather. There’ll be much, much less severe geophysical events, like earthquakes, volcanoes. Because this is all a reflection of human consciousness.

All of the earthly conditions that we find — extreme weather, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes — these are all reflections of human consciousness, because this is how the human race has created the Earth. But once more and more people reach a state of enlightenment — and we’re looking for that magical number of 70,000 — that this will shift the planet and start this ascension into the golden age. And this will take us into a process where it will take a while for the golden age to unfold, but people will start arriving in this golden age at different times.

SC: Now, you just mentioned 70,000, and I’ve always heard figures of 144,000. Maybe they’re two completely different things?

SM: Well, they’re talking about this figure of 70,000 out of India, and the reason for 70,000 is that for every one person that becomes enlightened, in other words, reaches a state of enlightenment, that has this magical transformation that occurs within them, and it’s actually something that occurs within the brain, it’s a geophysical trans — or excuse me, a physiological transformation in the brain. And what happens is that when one person becomes enlightened, it affects 100,000 people around them.

So, if we do the math, if we take 70,000 times 100,000, that gives us 7 billion. And that’s how many people are on the planet.

SC: Yes, indeed. Okay.

SM: So, therefore, when that magical number is reached — and they’re predicting it may occur by the end of 2012 or early 2013 — then, we’ll have sort of the what might be termed critical mass in order to shift the entire planet into a higher dimension, or to a higher state of consciousness, or into a state of enlightenment.

This has been proven scientifically, by the way, and everyone, I’m sure, is familiar with this, with the hundredth monkey. And the hundredth monkey, of course, was when a group of Japanese scientists observed monkeys on these different islands off Japan, they noticed that one monkey would take his fruit and take it out into the ocean and wash the sand off before eating it, and suddenly this action was transferred to the entire group of monkeys they were observing.

But here’s the amazing thing. They noticed that this behavior not only was present within the troupe of monkeys they were observing, but this went over to other monkeys on other islands that totally were unaware and did not observe this behavior. In other words, the consciousness was transferable, it jumped. It was put into the informational field and was available for all the other monkeys to access. And the other monkeys who did not observe this behavior were able to somehow pick it up and emulate it. And so therefore we can say that consciousness is transferable from one being to another.

SC: Now, you’ve mentioned something that … yeah. It’s true, because I can feel it. You know when everybody’s in a good mood? That feeling generates and just keeps going through. So if a crowd’s on a high, a crowd’s on a high.

SM: Right, exactly. And you’ll notice that during events where people gather and there’s a lot of uplifting and people are celebrating, dancing, having a good time, or maybe doing some spiritual work or whatever, you’ll notice that people will take photographs and the orbs show up.

I’ve experienced this down at the E-Ceti ranch, which is down in southern Washington. I mean, I have photographed, personally myself, an absolute — an invasion of orbs. I mean, they’re — it’s thick. It looks like it’s, you know, like mosquitoes have landed. You know, like you’ve been invaded by insects or something, they’re just everywhere. They’re thick down, and — and this is — often occurs in highly, spiritually highly uplifting, where human beings are in a higher state of consciousness.

And so, once again, this is a phenomenon that’s now being recorded all over the world. This is scientifically proven. I’m not talking about something that isn’t well known in the scientific world. And consciousness is the key to all of this. It’s really the most important. That’s why I write about it all the time, because consciousness really is what this is all about.

SC: But what about things like the surrender of the Cabal? I mean, this week especially, we’re all sitting there hearing, “Are they going to surrender, or are they not?” Does that really make any difference to our consciousness shift?

SM: Well, I think that it does, in terms of providing the momentum and providing the kind of inspiration that the human race needs. And I think that these types of events that we’ve been hearing about will unfold at some point in time. I’m not about to make any predictions on this because I don’t have any particular inside information other than what comes to me intuitively. But I can tell you that we’re very, very close to seeing some major, major things starting to unfold on this planet.

What is most important of all — and I urge people to always bear this in mind — and that is timing. Timing is everything. At the right moment, this will happen. The reason it hasn’t happened is because the timing has just not been there. And it’s all due to consciousness. And I think there has to be this critical time when enough people on the planet are ready for this. And I don’t think we’ve quite arrived there. And when we do you’ll see it happen.

SC: It’s all about patience. [laugh]

SM: Well, of course, but it’s all about understanding, too, that you’re creating your own experience from within. So, the more you focus on the positive, the more you stay focused on that positive outcome for the world, you will see it manifest in your life.

SC: Now, I can tell that you love what you do. What do you do when you’re not sitting there writing and you’re not sitting there making a film or writing music for a film?

SM: Well, Stephen, that doesn’t leave much time left in the day. So, I’m pretty well focused on my work right now and the creativity that I’m doing, and I’m also writing music again and enjoying that creative outlet. And I’m also — I work at a place called The Awakening Center. It’s a facility that was started here in Washington state, and it was kind of built around the idea of the wellness movement out of India.

And I’m one of the event coordinators, and I bring in speakers — I bring in people like Michael Tellinger, Andrew Basiago, James Gilliland, and I have coordinated these events and brought in people that I think have a lot to offer, have a lot of good information to provide. And we are a center that’s fairly close to the Seattle area. And we really enjoy bringing people that have a lot to add to the mix here. And I’m sort of the all around tech person. I film the events and help coordinate them and help arrange them. And I really enjoy meeting these people, because many of them that I’ve had the opportunity to interact with I’ve actually asked to be in some of my films.

So, I’m actually working on a new film right now, and it’s called Permission to Board: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. And it’s basically about this whole idea that we are about to experience disclosure, and we are about to see that the — our relatives, or, let’s say, our family from the stars are about to be reintroduced back to us.

So, there’s going to be this amazing family reunion, I think, in the very near future. And this whole disclosure embargo that’s been put around this ET issue is about ready to shatter into a million pieces. So the film is about to celebrate this even that’s about to occur.

SC: Well, you’d better get moving, because it could be any day now!

SM: I anticipate there has to be some other chain of events that has to occur, and that is this whole process of revealing the truth about the economic system. I think there needs to be some steps before we’re actually ready for that. I think the ET disclosure is a little bit down the road after some of these other events occur. That’s just my own personal feeling.

SC: Uh-huh. Because — and what drives that personal feeling?

SM: Well, I think that this is a process, Stephen, and I think people have to be aware, and, you know, you’re a person that’s very connected and tuned into what’s going on on the planet, and I try to …

SC: I hope so. [laugh] I hope so.

SM: And many of your readership and many of your listeners on this radio show, and many that follow my work. But we have to realize that there are a tremendous amount of people who have no clue about where the planet is. They don’t have time, they’re just — they’re so focused on just surviving. And they haven’t really considered the big picture. They haven’t had time, they haven’t really had the awareness to do such. Many people are going to be caught off guard.

So, I think this has to be a process that has to take into account every person. And so I think what has to be done is a very sort of slow, step-by-step process — slow, in terms of there has to be a sort of a priority. Right now the priority is to set the economic system back to a healthy state. Obviously we’ve been brought almost to the brink of ruin. But I think there’s such a united force now that’s working day and night behind the scenes to restore the economic system of the world to a healthy state, that this is going to be one of the most important first priorities.

Then, after that, there’ll be necessary to tell the people the real story about what’s been going on on this planet. And I think people are going to have to be prepared for this in a very sort of methodical way, one step after another. And I think if you try and throw too much at people that it may well frighten some people.

So, I just see this more as a gradual process of revealing, and once the ball gets rolling, it’s going to go very quickly, but it will be a step-by-step process.

SC: It’s funny how we all have different ideas. We want something, and yet we have a different perception of it. There’s a part of me that thinks, yes, a lot of people seem as though they’re not awake, but if you were to go to Syria now, and you would find all that population there wants to get away from war, or you were to go to Egypt now you’d find that all those people today want another change after the change they thought they were getting. And then you go to somewhere like Eritrea, where there’s no food.

All that consciousness is building: I don’t want famine, I don’t want war, I don’t want, you know, to have to have someone rule over me. So, sometimes I think that consciousness is what we also forget, and that’s continually changing.

SM: I agree with you a hundred percent. And I think you’re exactly right. In fact, I’ve written about this. I call it freedom fever. And, actually, it was coined, I heard the term on CNN, and I actually was working on a film around this. But I agree with you, that there is an uprising that’s taking place that’s unprecedented. And the Arab Spring that began last year and then it spread to this country in Occupy Wall Street, it’s happening. It’s happening on a global framework, it’s on a global perspective.

And you’re correct in assuming that many people around the planet are now getting this. And they’re all arriving at the same time. And so, yes, every day we get closer and closer to that critical mass point where people will be able to absorb what’s about to hit them, because it’s going to be some incredible changes that are coming to this planet and our way of life.

The illusion is coming down. The curtain, the veils are coming down. And we’re going to get to see what life is really all about. And it is absolutely magnificent. It’s way beyond what you ever thought, and everything that has been geared towards life on this planet has been meant to keep us in a box, and to — that — this illusionary state. And we are about to break out of that. And it’s going to be the most spectacular life that you have ever dreamed of. This is what’s coming. This is what’s being prepared for us.

SC: I can’t wait. Now, we talked about music, and I did ask you to choose a track today. And you chose “All You Need Is Love,” by the Beatles. So, apart from the obvious, can you tell me why you particularly have chosen this song?

SM: Well, I think that love is the most powerful force in the universe. And really, the role of us having this human experience is supposed to be — we’re supposed to be here to love and support one another, we’re supposed to be here to take care of each other. Unfortunately, what has happened is that we are divided and we are conquered. We are separate from one another. And when the human race realizes that we are all connected, we are all one, and that connection, that thread that runs through all of us is love, and love is the glue, the universal glue that holds us together — it holds our bodies together and it defines this entire process that we are going through right now.

This is the most supreme act of love ever attempted in the history of the universe, and that’s to save planet Earth. And I feel like I’m here to be a part of this, and all of us are participating in this, and we’re all in this together.

SC: Well, Scott, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. And for any of you at home, Scott’s website is, and I can reveal now he’s currently working on two exclusive stories: one is about the JFK assassination, and the other, he has done an interview with Bernard Mendes, who is one of Nixon’s secret ET-meeters, if that’s the right word. Is that correct, Scott?

SM: Yes, he was actually a … He worked for the Nixon administration as an extraterrestrial negotiator. So I’m going to putting out that story probably on Monday.

SC: I can’t wait. All right.

Now, I’m going to back again next week when my guest will be healer and channeler Fran Zepeda. Now, you may know Fran. She receives messages from Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, as well as Sananda and Yeshua, and Mira the Pleaidian and we’ll be finding out all about what motivates, inspires and guides Fran on her journey.

Meanwhile, this is Stephen Cook, and as always, in everything you do this week, may you only serve the Light Agenda. And now here is Scott Mowry’s musical choice, “All You Need Is Love,” by the Beatles. Thank you, Scott.

SM: Thank you, Stephen.



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