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2012 & The New Earth Presentation

An Information & Entertainment Spectacular featuring
Scott Mowry

"2012 and the New Earth" is an afternoon of uplifting, inspirational information, music & film entertainment regarding the transformational year 2012, the Golden Age and the new Earth, all of which are unfolding upon our world right now!

The presentation is hosted and presented by Scott Mowry of, who is a writer, researcher, speaker, musician and filmmaker.

Scott will be presenting all the amazing news and overwhelming evidence clearly pointing to a great shift in consciousness which will propel humanity and planet Earth into a higher dimension –– namely the fifth dimension –– and into the Golden Age.

As an identifiable "first wave soul," Scott has a distinct and unique mission. He has awakened to realize his role as a volunteer soul who answered a call to come to the aid of the Earth and humanity during these historic, transformative times. Scott will explain all about the three waves of souls who have arrived upon the Earth at this time, the great rescue plan put into place and help you determine if you may be a volunteer soul too.

In addition, Scott will cover numerous other fascinating and inspiring topics such as: the critical mass of consciousness, the expansion of the Earth, crop circles, UFO's, extra-terrestrial disclosure, timelines, stargates, the transformation of the global financial system, the emancipation of the human race and much, much more!

All in all, this will be a great day of exciting and promising information that is sure to give you a great sense of hope regarding humanity's fantastic future.

Below is a more detailed description of "2012 and the New Earth" and the many topics to be presented (order subject to change):

–– Film Introduction of "Welcome to the Earth"
–– Opening presentation & introduction by Scott Mowry
–– Confessions of a first wave soul, past life memories and a profound dream
–– 2012 – the good news and all the many positive signs along the way
–– the critical mass of consciousness and the significance of 70,000
–– film clip of "October 28, 2011: The Emancipation of the Human Race"
–– the Golden Age: the evidence –– crop circles, UFO's, spiritual phenomenon, great prophets and prophecies
–– Stargates, wormholes, timelines and the JFK assassination
–– the case for imminent extra-terrestrial disclosure
–– the great plan to save America, the Earth & the human race
–– the new Earth – what will it be like?
–– film trailer of "Permission to Board: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind"
–– Q and A
–– closing circle meditation for world peace & the Golden Age

Listen to a recent interview of Scott Mowry on The Light Agenda with Stephen Cook from June 27, 2012.

Please consider attending an upcoming "2012 and the New Earth" presentation at location near you:

–– Saturday, December 8, 2012 from 1 to 5 PM at The Ascension Into Light Foundation in Seattle. Located at 1222 S. Weller St., Seattle, Washington, 98144.

–– Saturday, December 22, 2012 at the Awakening Center in Rainier, Washington. Located at 10905 138th SE, Rainier, WA, 9876.

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–– Coming to the Triad Theater in Yelm, Washington

–– Coming to Tacoma, Washington

Admission is only a suggested donation of $20!

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