"We're going to make it now for sure, there's not even a chance (it won't happen). From a galactic scientific point of view, we have made it. We have already arrived, but it doesn't look like it."

— Drunvalo Melchizedek, author, speaker, researcher

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2012 – Part 1: Overview

2012 – Part 2: The Changing Face of Time

2012 – Part 3: Conditions and Preparations

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"2012 Politics I: Grand Overview" by David Wilcock

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"Drunvalo Melchizedek in Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2008" video

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Barbara Hand Clow – Exopolitics Radio, Part 1 – January 10, 2009

Barbara Hand Clow – Exopolitics Radio, Part 2 – January 17, 2009

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Dannion Brinkley-"The Changing Face of Time: 2012 Is Coming"

"The Shift of the Ages" film

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2012 – The Evolution of Consciousness, Spirit and Planet Earth (updated May 2010)

Part 4: Inspiring 2012 Resources, Confirmations and Quotes

Part 5: More Inspiring 2012 Resources, Confirmations and Quotes |

2012 – Part 1: Overview | 2012 – Part 2: The Changing Face of Time |

2012 – Part 3: Conditions and Preparations

by Scott Mowry

There is a great of deal of excitement that has been steadily building for years around the event that has simply come to be known as "2012." Many people, across the planet, have discovered that beautiful spark that has awakened the memory that this momentous and Divine event will alight within their souls.

However, on the other hand, there are countless number of doom and gloom prophecies that are promoting endless fear or a coming apocalypse or even, the end of time. Many books, television specials and now movies, are intentionally creating a great deal of confusion about what will occur in the year 2012.

Therefore, it is vital that we begin to formulate a clear vision of this coming time. For our own personal evolution, it is important to embrace the more positive prognostications for the year 2012, and recognize it may well unfold precisely where our consciousness lies, at that particular moment in our future.

If we can begin to view it, and then believe that the year 2012 will transpire as a very positive and evolutionary event, then we can create exactly that kind of wonderful experience for our selves. However, if we allow the negative, unknown and fearful aspects of 2012 to enter into our minds, then we may well experience that type of reality.

Focus on the positive, and stay out of the mind set of fear. Without question, the year 2012 has the potential to be the most extra-ordinary event ever to unfold upon the planet Earth and nothing is going to prevent it from happening.

An incredibly positive and fantastic future is being birthed right before your very eyes, in this very moment of time. All you have to do is to accept it and embrace it into your heart and soul. This 2012 event, this profound evolution of human consciousness, is unfolding in a perfect Divine order and progression and has been eons of years in its planning.

To that end, and in order to help further create that type of positive reality, we have gathered together some wonderfully, highly inspiring words and resources from various 2012 researchers and experts, in chronological order from when they were first spoken.

Please take the time to absorb these words and their concepts into your heart. You will begin to feel the excitement that is building for this great 2012 event, if you have not already done so. This is the time we have all been waiting for!

Stuart Mooney on the year 2012 - Live at the Awakening Center - 2.10.12


Sri Bhagavan on 2011 and Beyond | Skype Darshan with India | November 21, 2010

Sri Bhagwans WEBCAST on 21st NOVEMBER 2010 from jeet Sharma on Vimeo.

– UFO expert, author, speaker and The Disclosure Project Founder, Dr. Steven Greer on the transformation of the human race when asked If for some reason he was not going to be here tomorrow, what is the message he would leave to his children and granchildren?:

"... no matter how difficult the near term is, the horizon that we seek, that's approaching very quickly, is one of unspeakably wonderful beauty.

A civilaztion on this planet that's going to be living in abundance and universal peace. And that will go in this state into this state of enlightenment amongst the stars.

That's the destiny of the human race and it is something that we have wanted and known in our inner soul for a millenium. And now the time for that has arrived.

And not to despair in the dark days that we are in right now as we go through this bumpy transition from the old world to the new. Because the new world is emerging around us and It's fulfullment and this time is assured. It's not whether it is going to happen, it is only when, and the when is VERY SOON!"

Watch Dr. Steven Greer discuss the new Earth unfolding on the DISCLOSURE PROJECT Interview w/ Dr. Greer - Part Two below:

– Author, hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist, Dolores Cannon on making any special prepartions for the times ahead like food storage, relocation to a safe areas, etc. on the Veritas Radio show, May 14, 2010:

"You know how many years I have been hearing that question? People are always saying, 'should I move and where should I move to?'

No, I don't take any special precautions, because I know how wonderful and beautiful it's going to be. You don't need it.

Remember the year 2000, the Y2K scare...? They were saying the same thing there... 'are you storing up food, are you going to be prepared for whatever?' I said I was the only speaker out there in 2000 that was saying nothing is going to happen.

Because I know what is going to happen and we are headed for a beautiful, wonderful world because we are moving into another vibration.

Now if you want to create a world where these (bad) things are going to happen that will be your world. You create your own reality. And if that's the world you want to live in then that''ll be your world. I choose not to... I choose to live in a positive world."

Listen to the full interview with Dolores Cannon from the Veritas Radio show archives. This quote was taken from the second half of the interview which requires a subscription.

– Sri Bhagavan, avatar and founder of the Oneness Movement answering the question: "How will the shift of 2012 affect people who are not aware of consciousness?" on a Skype call, April 2010:
"... what will happen in 2012 is, whether they are aware of the phenomenon or not, whether they will receive the (Oneness) blessing or not, when sufficient numbers of people make it, it will effect people all over the world in the form of a change of perception.

That is, they will begin to feel more in their hearts for others. They will feel more connected, they will become more loving, they will become more kind, they will become better human beings.

Not because somebody has told them something... very naturally, the consciousness will go up... slowly they will realize their thoughts are changing, the negative thoughts are becoming positive thoughts, it is becoming more holistic, it is becoming more inclusive.

Probably after five years, (or) six years they will also become awakened (as well). They will naturally be moving into this state of wholeness. It will not very dramatic but certainly it will ease all local conflict, it will ease all problems between individuals, families will get closer, the youth will be happier..."

Watch Sri Bhagavan discuss the 2012 phenomenon in the video below:

– Head of the Mayan Elders Don Alejandro on 2012 - Apocalypse or New Sun? from the forthcoming film "The Shift of the Ages" | November 2009:
"Every 5,200 years we come to this point when the planet Earth becomes dark for 60 or 70 hours. We cannot see the sun. Why?

Because the science of the Mayan astronomers learned that Earth was always going around the sun, but now we are getting closer until we enter the central magnetic axis.

There is a great axis above the planet Earth that makes all the stars and the planets move. And so while the Earth passes through that axis, we cannot see the rays of the sun. We are inside.

Once the Earth re-emerges from the axis, we will then be able to see the New Sun, but what I cannot tell you is if it is actually the same sun, or if it is a different sun.

Many people take advantage of the Mayan calendar, scaring our people with threatening words where it says the world will be ending, that in the year 2012, the world will end.

So in this sense that I tell you, to all my brothers do not be afraid. The Sun will go dark, the planet Earth will not see the Sun, but we should understand, it will be like the New Year. The old year ended today, December 31st... tomorrow January 1st.. Happy New Year! That is what we should do when the day comes.

We do not have a date to say that it is going to be the 12th of December, it could be 2015, 2020, or further on. We are lost to the correct date. The Maya during the nights of darkness, never lose their fire, which will be the torch that illuminates the long night, before the New Sun comes."

Watch Don Alejandro is his own words below (with translation):

See more video messages from Don Alejandro aka "Wandering Wolf" at the official website for the forthcoming film about the Mayans, "Shift of the Ages."

– Author, researcher and speaker, Drunvalo Melchizedek, on the unfolding scenario for the coming shift of consciousness from, "The Maya of Eternal Time" web cast, July 29, 2009:
"I really believe every single last person alive is going to be fine through all of this, one way or the other.

There is no reason for fear in this. I don't feel any fear and I am not concerned, in fact, I feel excitement that we are coming to the end of these cycles and that the pain of thousands of years is about to be over with and a new way of existence is about to begin for humanity. This is a time of great beauty."

Watch Drunvalo Melchizedek in his own words from, "The Maya of Eternal Time" web cast:

– Author, researcher and speaker, Drunvalo Melchizedek, shares his positive wisdom on our future and our children's future from the film, "Our Seed of Life" (not yet released):
"We're rapidly coming to the time when the cycles will change. And this is it. This is the time to really believe in yourself and trust in yourself and go for it. Just absolutely go for it.

The children are going to get what they really want. They know what they want. They want a beautiful world to live in and they're going to get it.

We're going to make it now for sure, there's not even a chance (it won't happen). From a galactic scientific point of view, we have made it. We have already arrived, but it doesn't look like it. Now we have to make the look like it part change, but we are safe at this point. Completely safe."

Watch Drunvalo Melchizedek in his own words from a portion of the film "Our Seed of Life":

Our seed of Life Drunvalo interview Sample from adam Russel on Vimeo.

Watch the entire trailer for the film, "Our Seed of Life."

Author, researcher, speaker and mystic, David Wilcock on how the 2012 event will be changing the Earth's people, from his appearance on the "2012 Panel: A Quantum Leap into the Unknown" DVD filmed at the Conscious Life Expo '09:
"There is a loving Creator and the game has been setup to preserve our lives. We're being scared, but, we're being scared into awakening, not into death. We're not being scared to death, we're being scared to life!"


This DVD must be purchased from the Conscious Life Expo '09. For further information on the "2012 Panel: A Quantum Leap into the Unknown" visit our
David Wilcock video section.

David Wilcock on the unfolding of 2012 from Coast to Coast AM,
March 3, 2009.
"I really do feel, 2012 is a positive event. That there is an intelligent design to the whole galaxy and we're being pushed into a mass evolutionary event which does appear to be a dimensional shift.

And I do feel, that it ultimately will lead to a transition in which there is a level of the Earth that will go through a pole shift and all those nasty things, but the level which we're on, won't have that happen, because our bodies will be multi-dimensional. Everybody on the planet is going to pop into this other realm, in which it is like going through a stargate, and it's a like a light activation event. So you aren't going to have to experience anything fearful or negative."

Listen to David Wilcock in his own words from Coast to Coast AM on March 3, 2009:

To listen to this entire interview with David Wilcock on YouTube in four parts, click on these links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

– Author, speaker and 2012 researcher, Barbara Hand Clow on Exopolitics Radio with Alfred Weber, January 17, 2009:
"What's going to be going on in 2012? Astrology definitely shows an incredibly enlightened development of consciousness during 2012.

...we are going to complete the time acceleration of our evolution and make that next critical leap, which means going beyond war and beginning to enter the (galactic) universe. And then in 2012, it looks like it's a year of really amazing experiences with that reality. It's a year of integration, as far as I can see.

(The book), "The Mayan Code" predicted the economic collapse would be occurring during the end of 2008. And then what the book says is, once the economic collapse occurs, then it will be possible to end war... from an evolutionary point of view, this is the final exhaustion, because the planet can't take it anymore. And then, according to exopolitics, once we end our violence and go to another level in the way we treat each other, our quarantine is going to lift, which I fully expect will be occurring during 2011."

Listen to Barbara Hand Clow in her own words from the entire interview with Exopolitics Radio, Part 2 – January 17, 2009.

David Wilcock, on preparing for 2012 from Coast to Coast AM radio on January 4, 2009:
"The most important thing is really, really simple: the Earth is a school, the school is to teach love. If you are barely more loving towards other people than manipulative and controlling towards them, you are good to go, to stay with the Earth, to go to the Golden Age, to be part of this whole thing.

Nobody is asking you to be perfect. You could be 49% evil but if you are 51% good, you are fine, you got your boarding passes, everything's cool. So all we are really here for is to learn love.

If you can be loving enough to just be more interested in helping people than hurting them, then you are going to be participating in this mass awakening which will lead to the Earth being transformed into what we could think of as a Utopian paradise."

Listen to David Wilcock in his own words from Coast to Coast AM in parts below:

To listen to this entire amazing David Wilcock interview on Coast to Coast AM from January 4, 2009, go to the Coast to Coast AM radio archives (subscription necessary).

David Wilcock, on the 2012 prophecies from Coast to Coast AM radio on January 4, 2009:
"it is very important for people to remember that... 2012, according to (black ops insider) Henry Deacon, is an actual rift in space and time. It literally represents a fundamental harmonic change in the way that time functions, so that basically our perception of time and even the way that clocks would run will change on an intrinsic level.

And more importantly, when we get into the wider picture of what's going on, we have testimony from the 1950's in which people were contacted by UFO's, brought on board the ships and given various messages, which then extended into telepathic communication.

This includes books by George Hunt Williamson such as "Road in the Sky"... which was originally published in 1958... he describes messages from the extraterrestrials saying there was going to be interplanetary climate change... and this would fulfill all the ancient prophecies of a coming Golden Age on Earth."

Listen to this entire audio clip of David Wilcock from the Coast to Coast AM radio show below:

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2012 – Part 1: Overview | 2012 – Part 2: The Changing Face of Time |

2012 – Part 3: Conditions and Preparations

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