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July 5, 2010

ECETI Conference Experience: July 2 – 5, 2010 – Updated

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: More Videos from the ECETI Ranch

For more blog posts see our Blog Archives

Posted by Scott Mowry | Updated: July 8, 2010 – New Orb Photos | July 15 – New ECETI Ranch Videos | July 18 – New Videos | July 20 – New info added | July 21 – New Alfred Webre, Brooks Agnew, James Gilliland, Mary Rodwell, Lisa Renee & Dolores Cannon videos | July 23 Paola Harris & William Henry videos

Mount Adams and the Field of Dreams (foreground) at the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA |
Photo by Scott Mowry

I had the great pleasure to attend the 2010 Science, Spirit, and World Transformation Conference sponsored by ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) organization over the July 4th weekend (from July 2nd – 5th), which is hosted each year by James Gilliland at his spectacular ranch in Trout Lake, Washington.

it was quite an extraordinary weekend and marked my first time ever visiting the ECETI Ranch.

I want to express how wonderful it was to meet so many like-minded and interesting people throughout the entire weekend and send out a special hello to those I came in contact with. Every one of the attendees that I met had a very fascinating story to share about their lives.

As Mark from Ohio said, "the people who are attending the conference are nearly as interesting as the speakers!" And I couldn't have agreed more.

And special heartfelt thanks to all of the ECETI crew who helped insure that the conference went off smoothly, despite selling out all available tickets.

I also had the great fortune of meeting most of the guest speakers and it was a thrill to speak with people whose work I have admired and appreciated for some time now.

But the conference experience was much more than listening to the speakers as each and every night the proceedings went well into the wee hours of the morning with a sky watching session. During this time, it was possible to witness an astounding number of UFO's hovering above or around the ECETI Ranch. In fact, it was almost guaranteed that something unusual would be seen every night!

The best sighting I was able to witness occurred on Friday night when a gigantic UFO, the size of star, performed adept aerial maneuvers at an incredibly high rate of speed. Imagine a large fast moving UFO zigzagging across the sky and then suddenly disappearing from view, then perhaps you might get the picture of what we saw that night.

The night sky at the ECETI Ranch alone was something to behold. There at the foot of the spectacular Mount Adams you can see an amazing array of densely packed stars and planets and of course, space ships, that will take your breath away! That experience alone is worth a trip to the ECETI Ranch.

James Gilliland also explained that when you see one of these UFO crafts you may receive a higher consciousness download directly from it, just by observing it.

On Saturday, July 3 we all participated in a consciousness experiment out in what is known as "the field of dreams" which is the large field that faces Mount Adams, as can be seen in the photos at the top and bottom of this page.

I was able to capture a fair share of golden orbs floating in space as you can see in the photos below. When I first took a look at photos I shot, I thought that I had only gotten a few orbs. However, when I adjusted the exposure level of the images I found there were actually hundreds of orbs that I captured.

On Friday night, July 2, the ECETI video crew managed to film showers of orbs flying through the field as if they were pouring rain. It was amazing video footage that hopefully will make it to the ECET web site soon. There is similar video footage that can be found on YouTube from the May 2010 that I have added at the bottom of the page.

Orbs at the ESETI ranch on July 3, 2010 (above and below) | Photos by Scott Mowry

More orbs at ECETI Ranch on July 3, 2010 | Photo by Stephanie Barbour

More orbs at ECETI Ranch on July 3, 2010 | Photo by Stephanie Barbour

There were many other highlights of the weekend but some of my favorite presentations were by Alfred Weber, Dr. Brooks Agnew, James Gilliland, Paolo Harris, Mary Rodwell, Lisa Renee, William Henry, and of course, Dolores Cannon, who was the one speaker I was most interested in seeing.

Altogether, it was a great lineup of speakers to be able to see in person all in one place, over one long weekend. And trust me when I say, the weekend flew by as if it were just one single day instead of the four. Ironically, the ECETI Conference was an ideal way to feel the time continuum collapsing right before our very eyes.

As for the conference itself, Alfred Webre (pictured below), opened the proceedings on Friday afternoon at 1 PM and offered a lot of new information, particularly on new sources that he has personally interviewed such as Wilbur “Will” Allen, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Andrew Basiago.

Alfred Webre is an extraordinary investigator and journalist and is continuously uncovering cutting edge exopolitical news worthy of your attention.

Alfred Webre 2010 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference. The DVD of this full presentation can be purchased by visiting

Dr. Brooks Agnew followed with an excellent and creative power point presentation on physics, consciousness and our expanding realities.

My favorite quote from Dr. Agnew's presentation was, "there could be as many as 7 billion different realities going on in the world today." That might be the singular lasting quote from the conference for me.

Brooks Agnew 2010 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference

Days after his presentation, I had to the opportunity to speak with Dr. Agnew and he told me about the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE) that he is coordinating in which he hopes to sail a boat to the North Pole and then to on the inner Earth!

He has received the blessings from the Russian government but is still seeking investors before undertaking this incredible voyage. You can find out more about this expedition by visiting his Facebook page.

James Gilliland's presentation on Saturday, July 3rd was absolutely mind blowing! He showed some incredible photos of Mother Mary taken at the ECETI ranch that sent chills down my spine.

Equally spine tingling were a series of photos of a spiritual teacher/monk known as Master Kan, who has been caught on film disappearing into another dimension. Other photos that James showed were taken with Master Kan's cell phone of Kwan Yin; another series of a feline being coming through from the sixth dimension; and lots of other amazing UFO images.

James Gilliland 2010 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference

You can see all of these photos if you purchase the DVD of James Gilliland's presentation through the ECETI web site. Trust me, it is well worth the price of admission!

Mary Rodwell (at the podium), speaking at the ECETI 2010 Conference | Photo by Scott Mowry

Mary Rodwell, (pictured above), a hypnotherapist and past life regressionist, gave a very fascinating presentation on the Star Kids and ET abductees. Her research is nearly on par with Dolores Cannon's work and, in fact, the two are friends and colleagues.

Mary showed some incredible video footage of various people she has hypnotically regressed who remember having advanced training aboard alien craft and some who can even converse and write in various ET languages.

Mary Rodwell 2010 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference

Paola Harris did an excellent job of running through a gambit of exopolitical and UFO related field work that not only she has done, but by other prominent researchers, as well. She is a first rate investigator, journalist and author and has personally interviewed many of the most famous UFO witnesses and contactees.

She clearly demonstrates a tremendous amount of passion and dedication for her work when seen lecturing in person. If the opportunity ever arises to see her at another conference in your neck of the woods, don't miss Paola Harris.

Paola Harris 2010 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference @ ECETI

Paola also made a point of bringing Mel Fabregas on stage to recognize his brave work in the UFO field. Mel hosts a weekly internet radio show called Veritas Radio that is worth checking into.

Lisa Renee speaking at the ECETI Conference 2010 | Photo by Scott Mowry

Lisa Renee (pictured above) struck me as what a Lemurian princess might look like if one were to be found on Earth today. She was not only quite tall and strikingly beautiful, but her presentation was incredibly courageous and impassioned.

She very spoke eloquently in great detail about the Reptilian programming within the media today and she made an excellent point that we should avoid buying into the fear and paranoia that is being created around the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. She has been told that it is purposely being spun into a super 9/11 scenario of ultimate fear and chaos to terrorize the entire world.

Lisa Renee 2010 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference

She also has been told by those she is in contact with named, "The Guardians," that the previous 9/11 timeline has been shattered and that's why the Reptilians have created a new one with the Gulf oil spill. She also cautioned that all timelines can be changed and that anything is possible now!

Dolores Cannon, (pictured right) was very enjoyable and fascinating as she basically sat down and talked with the audience in a very relaxed fashion, without the aid of any slides or videos. She has told her story many times at many conferences, but she did add some interesting new information this time around.

She mentioned she has recently discovered yet another group of souls, beyond the First, Second and Third Wave, that she has labeled the "Grid Keepers." They are responsible for rebuilding the Earth's consciousness grid network that was destroyed when the lost continent of Atlantis went down about 15,000 years ago.

Dolores basically summarized much of the information she has written about in her fifteen books to date, but she now says she has enough new material for at least another four books down the road.

Dolores Cannon 2010 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference. The DVD of this full presentation can be purchased by visiting

Dolores Cannon has an amazing amount of drive and passion for a person of any age, let alone for someone who may be at the point in life where they contemplate retirement. However, I gather that she has absolutely no plans to retire any time soon because her work is far too interesting and important at this time for humanity. And for herself!

(See our new Dolores Cannon section for much more information on her work.)

William Henry at the ECETI Conference 2010 | Photo by Scott Mowry

William Henry, (pictured above), another all-time favorite, did not disappoint with a spellbinding and jam-packed presentation about mysticism, stargates, ancient cultures and astrotheology. He was primed and ready to close out Sunday night's festivities with his beautifully detailed slides, photos and information.

Unfortunately, as with many of the speakers, William Henry simply ran out of time, but nonetheless, he wowed the audience with the sheer volume of material he had researched and prepared.

William Henry 2010 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference @ ECETI

Generally, there appeared to be a great deal of time distortion occurring during the entire ECETI conference with many speakers literally running out of time to finish, as the hours and the days flew by in what seemed like one big collapsing time distortion wave.

Other speakers who gave presentations at the conference were Jon Kelly, Renato Longato, Miceal Ledwith, Shelly Yates and John D. Riley.

The chemtrails descend upon the ECETI Ranch on July the 4th | Photo by Scott Mowry

On Sunday, July 4th we awoke to find the sky around the ECETI Ranch filled with chemtrails, (pictured above). (Don't these guys even take a holiday off?) It seemed very obvious to me that the conference and the attendees were under attack from above –– not by ET's, but by humans.

And then, as if right on cue, high winds rolled in right around lunch time to completely dissipate and blow away all traces of the chemtrails. Clearly, the ranch and the people attending the conference were greatly protected.

Time and time again, Divine Providence and grace were weaving their magical intent at the ECETI Ranch for all to witness.

All in all, it was an amazing conference and experience. If you have never attended an event at the 72-acre ESETI Ranch you should consider making the trek to Trout Lake, Washington to experience first hand all of the incredible energy and spiritual downloads that are awaiting you.

You won't be disappointed, I can assure you.

Mount Adams at dusk from the ECETI Ranch, July 4, 2010 with all the chemtrails completely gone | Photo by Scott Mowry

(A special thank you's to Nenad, Lesley and Pamela for making this trip to the ECEIT Conference possible. Thanks for all your kindness and generosity!)


On Saturday, July 3rd, John Riley and Brooks Agnew conducted an Intention Experiment out in the Field of Dreams. We all gathered around in a big circle –– all 300 of us –– and held hands, as Brooks asked us to imagine and visualize certain conceptual ideas and feelings as they took readings.

At one point, my friend Stephanie, who was standing to the right of me, stepped out from the circle and snapped a random photo into the darkness, not really knowing what she would catch. Several days after the conference was over, she phoned me to tell me that she had looked at her photos and had found something rather unusual in one she had taken of me.

Much to my surprise, she had captured on film a beam of light going right through the middle of my head (pictured above). The light source appears to be a very tiny orb from above and behind me.

I have to confess, I felt nothing and was completely unaware of anything whatsoever happening to me when the photo was taken. And granted, one could argue the beam of light is merely a lens flare, or is moving to the side of my head, but on the other hand, it appears that the light was intentionally aiming itself towards my head.

Coincidence, or was this an actual consciousness download as James Gilliland had told us about, caught on film? You decide.

Videos from the ECETI Ranch:

The MapMakers: ECETI Ranch from Commonlink Productions on Vimeo.

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