"You are witnessing, and it will get much more dramatic in the near future, the complete decay and falling apart of this Illuminati agenda, which I find very exciting."

— David Wilcock, author, lecturer,
researcher on Coast to Coast AM


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Amazing Richard Hoagland interview with Rumor Mill News Radio on the true significance of the election of Barack Obama

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The Era of Good Feelings


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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – January 20, 2009: Part 1 | Part 2

Welcome to the first Miracles and Inspiration conference call for the year 2009. We want to welcome all our long time listeners to the call and also we understand there are some new people with us tonight as well. So we want to extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for joining us.

My name is Scott Mowry and I am one of your hosts along with Dan Rezac. Dan, how are you this evening?

On tonight's call we will be discussing the inauguration of Barack Obama, and the understanding that now, more than ever, it is absolutely essential that we keep our focus on the positive outcomes for the human race, as we venture forward into the Great Shift of 2012.

We will also be discussing the awareness that there are many in the higher realms above our 3-dimensional world, who seek to keep us in a constant state of negativity and fear, which has enslaved humans for eons of time. We will also be examining some current events and some great new radio interviews and videos from David Wilcock.

But first we would like to have Dan Rezac start us off with some inspirational words. Dan, what do you have for us tonight?

The Transformational Power of Gratitude | Authored by Carrie Hart |
Read by Dan Rezac

Now is the time to enter the chrysalis, your gold-colored protective cocoon.  Take with you all of your experiences, your childhood, your karma, any lessons you believe you are here to learn.  Take it all with you. 

Now let spirit guide you, let spirit weave the protective, silken cocoon and then fill it with gratitude.  Then let the miracle occur.  Let the old self dissolve away, leaving only a grateful memory of what was, now transformed into a deep and compassionate understanding.  Let the gratitude become who you are, the gratitude for all that has been, all that you are, and all that you are now ready to become.

Immerse yourself in gratitude, for this is the liquid that will dissolve the old hurts and ways of being.  This is the healer, this gratitude, deep loving gratitude for life itself.  Let everything dissolve and dissolve into gratitude until you are only your most essential self.

All the past is dissolved.  All the pain, the hurts, the old habits and ways of being, all dissolved.  And you feel now your soul entering you and building your form anew, building and evolving, shaping you into what you are meant to be, the form of your truth, the form of those deep, deep dreams you dared not even express aloud, all of this is part of the emerging form.

And know that it is all related, that the experiences you have had gave you the strength to become what you are truly here to become.  The relationships have taught you what you need to know.  All that went before has given you the perfect ingredients to form the life you are meant to live, expressing your greatness and expanding into your glory.

And then, when you have reshaped yourself into your truth, begin to chew your way out of the cocoon.  Gnaw your way through the fears and doubts that no longer serve any purpose.  Feel how spirit has removed them from you and put them into the casing that is now ready to be discarded, for once and for all.  Feel how you can push through the olds ways of being and begin to see the light of day.

The sun is shining brightly as you emerge, new and shimmering with the moisture of birth and newness, emerging now in your full glory.

Ah, yes, feel the sun.  Feel the warmth as you spread your wings wide.

See and know and feel your beauty.  The furry caterpillar is no more.  This old form was necessary, but it is no more.  You have crawled slowly and painfully through the early stages of life, gone into the cocoon and transformed yourself through love and gratitude, and now you emerge in full beauty and glory, your greatness shining brightly as you stretch out your gorgeous wings and begin to fly.

Ah, yes, feel how effortless it is now to fly.  The breeze lifts you higher and higher as you soar up into the sky, showing your glory to the world.

Yes, this is the moment.  This is the time.  And all of it, the caterpillar, the chrysalis (your gold-colored protective cocoon) transformation and the struggle to emerge in newness, all of it is a part of the journey to make you into the gorgeous creature that you truly are, free… and riding the wind.

This is a great day for humanity with the inauguration of Barack Obama and we want to make clear why we believe so.

First of all, to be finally rid of the Bush administration is a sign that we are about to undergo some great progress forward. The Bush family has had a direct involvement in an unprecedented amount of negativity on this planet. However, it is important to realize they have also served an ultimate purpose for this transformation.

Our planet may well be the most asleep in all of the galaxy. Unfortunately, we needed a major wake-up call and that has been provided by an intense amount of negativity and fear.

The lesson here is that we are awakening from a long period of slumber and we are beginning to realize who and what we truly are. And that is as spiritual beings having a human experience.

There is no way, no matter what, that Barack Obama can stoop to the level of negativity that George Bush, Jr. administration did, simply because he does not have the experience nor the pedigree for evil.

Secondly, as Richard Hoagland said, in a recent interview on Rumor Mill News Radio, because there is so much hope and anticipation towards Obama and that we have emerged from one of the darkest periods in the history of the world, Obama simply cannot fail. There is too much good will behind him for that too happen.

You really get the sense that people are ready for some positive action, as if they are emerging from some kind of dark hole, looking for some rays of hope and enthusiasm for the future.

Finally, there is a great deal of clues that Obama has been leaving that indicate he will be working for the people. We have talked about this on one of our previous calls. And again, if you would like to learn more about those, we would suggest you listen to the great interview with Richard Hoagland on Rumor Mill News Radio from November 10, 2008.

Dan, you had some observations about today's inauguration events that you would like to share with our listeners.

Today’s inauguration of Barack Obama took place at 12 noon EST.

Our testing shows that Barack is the highest consciousness President since James Monroe (1817–1825) which was known as “The Era of Good Feelings”.

Barack is at 86 on the scale today.  Ego is at approximately 84%.

We reached critical mass today on the rising human consciousness.  The inauguration of Obama heralds the point of demarcation for the rising consciousness.

Average Human consciousness is at 63 on the scale today.
62 was determined a couple months ago to be the point at which the rising human consciousness reaches “critical mass”
Average Human consciousness was at 50 back on September 13, 2008.

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