enlightenment |en'lîtnment | noun
– the action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened :
• the action or state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight, in particular (in Buddhism) that awareness which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

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The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) trailer

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) trailer


News Updates: Amazing Richard Hoagland interview with Rumor Mill News Radio on the true significance of the election of Barack Obama

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David Wilcock:
Connecting with Your Higher Self – Part 1 from November 30, 2008
More information can be found in our David Wilcock audio section


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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – December 9, 2008

Part 1: Current Events |

Part 2: The Heroic Figures That Enlightened the World/The Age of Enlightenment


Welcome to the Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call for December 9, 2008. We are your hosts, Scott Mowry and Dan Rezac. So, Dan, how are you this evening?

We hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and we want to extend our Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to you and your families.

On tonight's call we will be discussing some of the great people who have come to this world with the great gifts of enlightenment that significantly raised the consciousness of the planet. This includes many who appeared during an extremely important period in our history known as, the Age of Enlightenment, which occurred during the mid 17th century and lasted until the end of the 18th century.

We will be discussing these great people along with the Age of Enlightenment during the latter half of our call tonight.

I wanted to quickly mention that I will be doing another seminar on December 14th entitled, "Transformations Into New Paradigms II: A Journey into the Magical Year of 2012, Accessing the Divine Consciousness & Beyond."

As always, if you would like to be on our mailing list, please send an email to info@miraclesandinspiration.com and put "Mailing List" or "Subscribe" in the subject line.

OK, Dan, do you have some opening words for us tonight?

"Be Happy Now"
Authored by Carrie Hart | Read by Dan Rezac

When life is hectic and the pressure builds, sometimes the best answer is to do less.  Simply stop.  Cancel the appointments and give yourself space to breathe and be. 

And then, in that time, focus on your energy.  Focus on lifting your energy out of the everyday and into spirit.  Focus on clearing and refreshing yourself, lifting yourself up to a higher level, one in which your talents shine, your intellect sparkles with clarity, your heart is wide open to the flow of love and your intuition is in tune. 

When you are in fear, doubt, stress and worry, you cut yourself off from your greatest gifts.  Remember always that you have the ability to know the hearts and minds of others, that you can listen deeply to what they want and need, and that with your heart and your intuition, you can express your truth in ways that others will readily understand and accept.

 You have it all within you.

 Remember that all of the pushing, driving and controlling, all of the desperate activity to create a situation that will make you happy, is unnecessary.  Find a quiet place and an hour to yourself.  And then, all alone and at peace, be happy now.

"Claim Your Life"
Authored by Carrie Hart | Read by Dan Rezac

Do not be desperate about your life.   Frantically searching for the right thing to do disturbs your inner peace and makes it difficult for the new ideas to come to you.  

Spend time in a clearing in the forest.  Sit and close your eyes.  Go deep within and see and feel and know the deep pool of peace in your center, and then let that energy emanate out, out and out, filling the clearing and reaching out into the forest.  Then simply be.  Be still.  Be in peace.

 And after a time, with the turbulence in your mind quieted down, with the space around you open and inviting, life will have a chance to approach you.  New ideas, new people, new approaches, will come to you like little animals in the forest.  They are not on a timetable; they come when it is very peaceful and they feel safe.  You may have to return to the clearing every day before they feel safe enough to approach.

And when they do, first, just feel their presence, then open your eyes and look at them in a very relaxed way, letting yourself connect.  Then, after you leave the clearing and are again out in the world, follow through. 

Fill yourself with courage and begin to turn the ideas and new approaches into physical reality in your life.  Do the research, follow the opportunities, make the phone calls, take the action that was hinted at in your quiet moments in the clearing. 

And for everything that you do, every new contact you make, every idea or new approach that you follow up on, you will learn something.  And the next day in the clearing, yet more ideas and approaches will come to you.  Then take a deep breath of courage and follow through on these as well.

And while you are out taking action, a piece of information from one action may marry up with a new contact you have made from one of your brave phone calls, and yet a new action will present itself.

And thus are you led and guided.  And in your next quiet time in the clearing, even more ideas for action will present themselves to you.  And then, one day, you will realize that you are surrounded by interesting options; new ideas and new contacts feel very comfortable in your presence and are flowing toward you.  And instead of asking desperately what you should do, you simply look out at the crowded clearing, pick the most promising possibility, take a deep breath of courage and then act.

Action is a wonderful antidote to fear.  Do something you fear and your fear lessens.  Do it again and again, and after a time you may even enjoy it.  And even if you never reach that stage, you will at least be very proud of having done the thing that kept you locked in fear. 

Stand up and speak, make that phone call, walk up to a stranger and talk, learn a challenging new skill.  Every time you take action like this, you not only reduce your fear for the future, but you begin a chain of new ideas and opportunities that will present themselves to you.  Each of these actions is like a door opening to a hallway full of doors.

This is your life and it is full of wonder and opportunity.  When you are feeling stuck, then consciously alternate these two states, between deep meditative silence in which you quietly invite newness into your life, and then brave action to follow up on what came to you in the quiet clearing. 

Look fear in the eye and challenge him; he will always back down.  This is your life.  Claim it.  It belongs to you.


There is another auspicious date upcoming this week that is 12 | 12 | 08 which is this Friday, December 12th. It is speculated that this day is another portal that is opening a gateway to enlightened consciousness. Nonetheless, December 12 is a very important day from a numerological standpoint because of the 12/12 sequence.

On that day there just happens to be a new movie opening, which is a remake of the classic film, "The Day the Earth Stood Still," from 1951.

If you have never seen the original version of this film, you may want to as it is quite good with a very timely message for today. You can find a review of it in our film section.

Judging from the trailer for the new version of "The Day the Earth Stood Still," starring Keanu Reeves, it appears it will have a much more dark and ominous tone, which is typical for most alien/UFO films released today.

But the major point to note with re-making this film is that it would appear this is yet more proof that they want us to be thinking more seriously about aliens and to accept the notion we may be seeing them or invaded by them in our near future. Definitely before the year 2012.

And by invasion we mean a fake UFO event of a world-wide scale, staged by the powers that be.

We have received a couple of protests about our support of Barrack Obama on our calls and on our web site. We wanted to clarify that we are not Obama lovers as we have been accused of, but rather we are just monitoring what some of the experts are saying about him.

Regardless of how Obama will perform as our next President, there has to be a Divine plan in place that would put him into office during the period of time that will take us into the great shift of consciousness unfolding in the year 2012. Don't your think so?

We would urge anyone that remains suspicious, cynical and negative about Obama, to be mindful that your thoughts could well manifest that reality right smack into your life in a very powerful manner. There is more power in your thoughts than ever before due to the changing consciousness and vibrational frequency of the planet as measured by the Schumann Resonance.

We would like to play an audio clip from David Wilcock discussing the Obama Presidency and cabinet along with a few other pertinent news items. This comes from an audio blog he released on November 30, 2008 and is entitled "Connecting with Your Higher Self – Part 1."

David Wilcock on terrorist act in India and Obama Presidency audio clip

We seem to be entering a time period where the concept of time is collapsing at an ever quickening pace. For as long as we have inhabited this planet, there apparently has been in place a built-in time delay for implementing the law of attraction in our lives, that acted as a buffer to protect us from ourselves. This buffer was a time period of about 30 days between your thoughts and your manifestation

However, that buffer is about to be removed and you will begin to see things in your life manifested much more quickly than you have previously experienced.

Therefore, it is vitally important that, if you want good things to happen in your life, you must maintain as positive a state of mind as you can possibly can do. Your thoughts and beliefs are going to manifest with much more power than ever before, particularly as we get closer to the year 2012.

Secondly, now is the time to overcome your fears. If you in a state of fear that something terrible will happen to you or to our country, then you will probably see those precise conditions that you fear, totally manifest into your life.

We would guess that you really don't want to see those kinds of fears and negative conditions happen to you.

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continued on Part 2