"The human mind is incapable of discerning truth from falsehood."

— Dr. David R. Hawkins, author, speaker, researcher

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Dan on updates to the science of the Human Consciousness Scale.

This is a first in a series of Miracles and Inspiration Wealth & Prosperity Classes.

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Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and relax.  Everything we do will be easy and relaxed. Just allow yourself to be, surrender to my voice and to the moment and gently invite the universe to offer up to you all of her bounty and goodness. 

First, we will breathe down to a quiet place, counting down from ten to one.  When we reach one, you will feel very, very relaxed.

And now, breathe.  Breathe in, ten, ten, ten and out, ten, ten, ten.  (count down to one)

And now take one final deep breath and as you do so, picture a tranquil scene, a lake with a bird flying gently overhead.  This is to be a centering scene for you to use later in the day, whenever you need to feel relaxed.  Just picture this scene and it will call back to you all of the relaxation and openness of this session.

Now we will gently release the tension in all of your energy centers. These are the places in your body in which energy flows in and out, and they are called chakras.  We will go through the chakras, and for each one, you may gently place your focus there, relaxing and letting energy flow.  You may also picture the color associated with that chakra.  Or you may do none of this and simply relax and listen to the words.  Whatever you do or do not do is all right.

Let us begin with the first chakra, which is located at the base of your spine.  If you are sitting, you may picture the energy from your spine extending down through this chakra and into the earth.  Picture the color red and then gently release any tension you have in this area.

Release any fears you have about having a roof over your head and food on the table.  Release any fears about just surviving in this world.  Instead, fill yourself with the safety and security of the universe, with the sure knowledge that you are loved and cared for.  You are safe.  You are secure.  This is true.  Allow this feeling to spread through you, with energy pouring in through this chakra, rooting you to the earth and its stability.  Root yourself into the earth and with nature.  [God and nature will provide all of your basic needs.]  Recognize yourself as a beloved child of nature, free and carefree, one with all that is in this physical world, getting what you need, a part of the natural, easy flow which is life.

And for just a moment, picture how you would like this part of your life to be, how you would like to live in harmony and security, stable and connected, one with all in a graceful and easy way.

And now, let your focus gently lift up your body to your second chakra, which is your chakra of sexuality and creativity.  Picture the color orange as you focus your attention on your sexual organs, the seat of pleasure and passion, the site of the ultimate creativity, which is the creation of life.  Relax any fears you have about your own attractiveness and sexuality.  Relax any tension you have about finding a mate or having children or having had children and lost them.

Know this energy flow as not only about sexuality and pleasures of the body, but also about your passion in life, your ability to feel life vibrantly and to find great pleasure in life within and without sexuality.  Feel the easy balanced flow of energy here, washing you clean of addictions and cravings and instead filling you with a vibrant connection to what is, full of the excitement of new things and the joy of following your passions.  Eliminate fear and allow yourself to recognize your own charms and to use them in the pursuit of all that you love.

Feel the balance here, the balance between physical desires and cravings and the pleasure of simply being alive.  Let the flow here be easy and smooth, open and flowing, not closed off and pinched in.  Not grasping or needy.  Just open and flowing and balanced.

And for a moment, picture what you would like in this part of your life, in terms of any relationships you desire, any children you might wish to create or nurture, and also your other passions, your pursuits of the creative arts, of fulfilling work, of connections and melding with other people, the free exchange of attracting and being attracted. 

And now, move your focus gently up to the third chakra, your stomach, your solar plexus, and gently picture the color yellow.  This is your center, the place you can turn to for direction on your own internal rightness, the seat of that feeling of rightness which is tied to your intuition and your connection to your soul self through your body.

This is also your center for that pool of peace you will build up as you grow spiritually, the place that remembers who you are.

And it is also the seat of your will, your intentions, your hopes and desires.  And you need here to be in balance, so that your hopes and desires, the goals and intentions you set for yourself are also in alignment with that deeper self which is you.  When you are in balance here, when the energy is flowing easily and openly, you will know that your desires and the desires of the universe are one, and that your higher self is guiding you, directing you, through this feeling of peace and comfort in your solar plexus.

Feel that peace now.  Feel that center.  Flow with that center, balanced and full of energy.  Feel who you are, who you really are, aside from the desires and demands of others, aside from what you have been told to do.  Release all fear of being who you are and embrace yourself in your perfection now, here, in this deep pool of centered peace.

Now, gently move your focus up to your heart and picture the color green.  This is the seat of love.  And as you gently open this chakra and allow the energy to flow in and out, you may feel the unending love of the universe flowing in, flowing in and cleansing you of all fear, of all doubt.  You are who you are and it is good.  You are who you are and you are deeply loved, just as you are.  Let the universal love flow in and cleanse you of all negative feelings.  Then let it flow in and in and in and fill you up with love, with love for yourself, with love for life itself.  Let it pour in and in and in until you are so full you overflow with love, you overflow and the love then reaches out and touches others, those in your life you would like to be connected to in love, and then out and out until it touches all that are in your life.

Know this loving as giving.  Know that the universe is giving to you, giving you all the love you will ever need, and you are then accepting it deep inside until you are full, and then you are giving it to others.  The flow here is not one of neediness.  The energy here is not an emptiness and a hole to be filled, wishing you had more love.  It is instead a fullness, an overflowing, a sure knowledge that all is love, and that all goodness and the abundance of the entire universe flows on the sweet waters of love, love freely felt, love freely given.

And so, for a moment, feel the love of the universe flowing in.  Feel it flowing in and filling you up, so full that you overflow and your love pours out unending to all that are in your life.

Now, gently move your focus up to your throat and picture the color blue.  Here the abundance of the universe makes itself felt through your open expression of who you are.  You feel who you are in your center.  You color it with love from your heart, loving yourself deeply.  And now, in your throat, you express it outwardly, openly and lovingly. 

And again, as with the love, it is a coming in and a giving out.  You listen to others and understand them.  You communicate with them.  And you also express yourself.  When you are balanced, when you have the energy flowing in and flowing out, you will be able to express who you are while still working well with others.  This is a very powerful combination, to learn how to listen to others and deeply accept and understand them, and yet find a way to express who you are as well.  Much of your own ability to create abundance in your life stems from this, this creative and open expression of yourself within the context of communication with others.

And here too, by letting this energy flow openly and easily in and out, you will learn to listen not only with your ears, but with your intuition, to understand people on a deeper level, to reach out and into them and know what they feel, what they want.  And you will create much abundance and opportunity by opening this flow of communication on all levels.

And so now, as you keep your focus gently here on your throat, picture some of the ways you would like to express yourself and open up your ability to bring in knowledge and understanding of others while also fully expressing who you are.

And now, gently move your focus up to the place in the middle of your forehead known as the third eye, and picture a deep, deep blue, indigo blue.  And here you will open even wider your intuitive side.  Now, as well as the psychic feeling in your solar plexus and the intuitive communication in your throat, you can also open up your visualizing power, the ability to see what is, what was and what will be in the next moment.  Open up to all of the knowledge in the universe. Learn to trust this part of your life, to trust the free flow of knowledge and understanding.  Free yourself from old ideas and restrictions.  Open up to a boundless universe, bursting with possibility.  See how the opportunities surround you in every moment.  See how change is just an opening up of opportunities which you might grasp.

Allow the free flow of energy in and out and begin to free yourself from the cycle of expectation and disappointment and instead embrace life in all its sparkling possibilities, life with opportunities abounding at every turn.

And for a moment, with your focus gently here on your third eye, picture some of the things you would like to create in your life of abundance.  Picture the life you would like to have, vividly and openly.  Allow yourself to feel it.  Allow yourself to be it.  Allow yourself to care.

And now, gently move your focus up to the top of your head and picture the color violet.  Feel the energy opening and expanding here, connecting you to your own soul self.  First just focus on the crown of your head.   Feel the gentle flow of energy into your head and down through your entire body.  Feel your intuitive sense of knowing expanding and opening up, just that gentle knowing that all is as it should be.

And now, picture a golden shaft of energy reaching from the top of your head up  and up and up to your own soul self, to the higher self which is the source of your truth and being.  See the shaft of golden energy and let the energy flow down.  Expand the path of energy.  Expand it wider see all of the energy flowing down into you.

And as it flows down into your head, feel it, follow it down into your body.  Feel how it clears away any last vestiges of fear and doubt.  It clears your vision so that you can see clearly.  It clears your throat so that you can express yourself and communicate with others.  It clears your heart so that you can give and receive love.  It clears your center, so that you are always filled with a pool of peace deep inside.  It clears the seat of your passion and sexuality so that you can enjoy the pleasures of this physical life.  It clears your base chakra so that you always know that you are loved and protected, so that you always feel grounded, secure and stable and know that all will be well.

Let all of  this golden energy flood in from the crown of your head and fill you with love, joy and peace, so much that you cannot help but begin to smile, so great is the joy.

And now, we are ready to plant the seeds of abundance in your life.  Take each of the things you have pictured, each way you wish your life to be, picture it again briefly and put it in the palm of your hand.  It is a little seed we will plant in the universe, to let it germinate, sprout and grow.  Picture everything you would like to create in your life as a seed and put it in the palm of your hand.

And now, we invite a bluebird to come and take these seeds, fly away and plant them for you so that they may grow and flourish and create abundance in your life.  Hold out your hand.  See the bluebird fly down and pick up a seed and then fly away, to drop it off in the universe upon fertile soil.

See how you must keep your hand open.  See how you must let go of the seeds if they are to be planted.  If you hold your fist closed, if you try to control the seeds, you will not succeed, not as you will if you allow the bird to come and plant them in the very best place.  For you see, this bluebird knows not only what you want in life, but also the desires and wishes of everyone else.  The bluebird knows the hearts and minds of all the people you will come across, knows the actions they are taking and the plans they have made, and so this wonderful bluebird can put your seed just where it will work best, in the place most likely for it to grow and flourish.

And all you need to do is this.  Let go.  Let go and release these wishes out into the world.  And then, as you make choices during your day, as you have an opportunity to take action, look around and observe closely. Open up all of your energy flows and let the information flow into you.  See what opportunities there are, right here, right now.  See whether there is anything sprouting in an unexpected place.  Follow that feeling in your center which tells you what to do, what is right for you.  Follow that feeling in your throat that says when it is time to speak your piece and how to speak it.  Follow that vision, that knowingness.  Get all of your energy flowing and balanced and then do what feels right.

That is all.  Every moment, every day, do what feels right.  Do this and the seeds you have planted will begin to grow and flourish.  And more than this will happen.  Other plants that you have never even thought of will grow alongside, and you will be surrounded by the gracious abundance of an open flowing universe, watered by its unending love.

And now, it is time for us to return.  So breathe in deeply several times.  Move your toes around, then your legs.  Move your hands and then your arms.  Lift your arms up over your head and stretch.  Roll your shoulders gently.  Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

And as you go out into the world today, remember:  Open.  Flow.  Balance.  Envision.  Let go. Observe.  Act.

Ah, how easy it all is.

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