"The Kingdom of Heaven, in the world of physics and mathematics, is called 'the musical mathematical matrix."

—Dr. Leonard Horowitz,
author, investigator and speaker

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Music from the Gods?: Len Horowitz/Scott Huckabay on the Jeff Rense radio show Part 1
Part 2
(remainder of interview can be found in the rense.com archives June 2008)


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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – April 14, 2009: Part 1 | Part 2

Listen to a recording of this call here

Good evening and welcome to the Miracles and Inspiration conference call for April 14, 2009. My name is Scott Mowry and with me as usual is our co-host for this evening, Dan Rezac. Dan how are you this evening?

Sorry that we have been away for a while but we are back tonight with a very special program planned for all of you. We are going to be discussing something known as the original Solfeggio Frequencies.

This is an ancient musical scale that was discovered hidden in codes within the Bible that is the original musical scale from the Divine creator, that promoted healing and transformation, until it was changed by the Vatican and other dark agenda conspirators.

So tonight we are going to explore these amazing Solfeggio Frequencies in great detail and our program schedule will go like this: We will spend the first hour telling you all about what the Solfeggio Frequencies are some of the fascinating history behind them. We will play you a few samples of some of them in musical form.

We also are going to be recommending some great books and music CD's, if you are interested in learning more about these, so you may want to grab a pen and take some notes.

During the second hour, we are going to run through a special meditation time where we will play musical selections of each six Solfeggio Frequencies, one by one, then a musical selection with all six frequencies together. And finally, we will come out of the meditation and bring you back into awareness again and open up the call for questions and comments.

First to get us started off on the right note, (pun intended), here is Dan's invocation. Dan?


"Home at Last" | by Carrie Hart (April 11, 2009) | Read by Dan Rezac

Today we have a gentle reminder of what you already know so well:   that love begins at home and that your true home is in your own heart.   Love begins with you loving yourself just as you are, in a deep embrace that has no boundaries and no conditions, no beginning and no end.  And this deep love for yourself and valuing of yourself is the foundation for everything in your life.

When you love and respect yourself deeply, you treat others with respect as well, for you choose not to join in the competition to show who is better.  You know, in the center of your secure and peaceful heart, that there is no better or worse, and that all of this striving for recognition and reward is simply a display of self doubt. 

And when unwelcome surprises come into your life, you demonstrate resilience, for you know that life is a journey full of challenges and the best way to show love for yourself is to rise to the challenges with truth and courage, to face everything as it comes, look it square in the eye and speak your truth quietly but firmly, shining out with your wonder to light the way through the dark, leading with a loving heart through the temporary fog that obscures the path.

Instead of blaming circumstances and other people for what has come your way, you simply go inside and see if your inner light is shining as brightly as it might.  For here, inside, is the source of all:  the source of all joy, the source of all pain.  Here is the answer, the answer to every circumstance and every relationship, all here, shining brightly inside.

And your love, your deep abiding love for yourself, is what feeds this flame.  Not other people.  Not outer circumstances.  Just you.  Just you alone in silence, going into your center of peace and saying, "Ah, at last I am home."

Tomorrow is April 15th. Yes, it is the illegal tax day but it is also the day of a special event known as "The Abundance Breakthrough Project" which is being offered by Jo Dunning. For more information on this event you can go to www.jodunning.com, or go to our News section and you will find a link to it on the left hand column of the page.

"The Abundance Breakthrough Project is an exciting way to help create spectacular Abundance in your life. This project is free and available to anyone who would like to experience more Abundance and Prosperity.

This amazing opportunity is sponsored by Jo Dunning as part of creating a flow of Abundance which will travel around the world on April 15, 2009 and begin to bring Abundance into the lives of multitudes of people. Every person who signs up for the Abundance Breakthrough Project before April 15th will be included in this powerful Program.

You may only submit your own name so pass this information on to others so everyone can enjoy this opportunity.

Simply add your name to the list. That is all you need to do. Then on April 15th, you too will be one of the many fortunate people who will enjoy the wave of Abundance as Jo Dunning focuses individually on each name while the powerful wave of Abundance circles the Earth.

Because the Abundance Breakthrough Project is free to anyone who would like to participate, it is an opportunity for people all over the world to begin to experience the Abundance and Prosperity they so richly deserve. The goal is to have enough people from all over the world participate in this project that the wave of Abundance will embrace the entire globe."

Watch Jo Dunning on Abundance Breakthrough Project video

Also, another event that will occur on April 15th is something we had mentioned on one of our calls a couple months ago as the day that David Wilcock is to put out his first musical album, "Wanderer Awakening."

This exciting musical project which is all about the so-called "wanderers" which is a name given to all those souls who have come to planet Earth at this time to actively participate in this consciousness awakening that is due sometime in 2011 or 2012.

**UPDATE** April 15, 2009 -– David Wilcock's first ever musical vocal album entitled, "Wanderer Awakening," in collaboration with nine-time Grammy Award winner, Larry Seyer, is now available for sale on his web site divinecosmos.com


Dan cited a recent interview with David Icke conducted by Project Camelot, February 2009.

David Icke was interviewed for over two hours by Project Camelot and Dan found this very interesting quote below from him.

David Icke on Rising Consciousness:
"You know, when I look at the speed at which people are awakening, it’s not just because of information on the Internet. It’s not just because of information in my books or someone else’s books.

There is something massive going on, vibrationally, which fits totally with what I got through that psychic in 1990, which was: There is a spiritual revolution coming and it’s taking the form of a vibrational change." – David Icke, in interview with Kerry Cassady, In Conversation with David Icke, Sedona, Arizona, February 2009

Watch the entire video interview with David Icke on Project Camelot by clicking on this link: In Conversation with David Icke

Update on Human Consciousness
Recent research shows that the average human consciousness recently jumped from 63 on January 20, 2009 to 83 as of April 4, 2009 and that the maximum end of the scale shifted from 149 and now goes to 168. We knew about this as early as March 20, 2009, when we discovered the average was 82 on that day.

Although I expected the average to continually move higher over time, I did not expect the average to reach the 80 range until 2012 (I expected 86 on December 22nd of 2012)! So, for the average to be in the low 80’s now told me something incredible must have taken place — and something did!

What I did not know at the time is “why”— so promised I’d look into this and get back with you. Today, I found out what has been happening! I double checked it and the numbers I reported to you on Saturday are accurate. Although our research shows Eckhart Tolle is still at 149 on the scale, what is happening goes beyond Eckhart Tolle at this point.

Our research shows that the reason the upper end of the scale now goes to 168 is that there has been a huge influx of highly conscious beings into the Earth Life System. It seems that recently a group of individuals at the 168 consciousness level have come to earth and are now walking amongst us (or sucking their thumbs as babies). And the numbers are staggering!

The group consists of approximately 460,000 individuals!!! In other words, over 460,000 highly conscious beings (at 168 on the scale) have just incarnated on planet earth at this time (March 10, 2009) and they know precisely why they are here – to help with the “shift of the ages”! It is this large quantity of highly consciousness individuals which has shifted the average more than anything else.

To me, I see this as a great sign that positive things are happening and the future is brighter than ever! So, take heart. If there were “no hope for mankind”, these highly conscious beings wouldn’t be coming here at this point in time — they just would not do it! The fact that they are showing up in such large numbers means great things are on the horizon! We look forward to tracking these positive events as the future unfolds!

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