"There is a loving Creator and the game has been setup to preserve our lives. We're being scared, but we're being scared into awakening, not into death. We're not being scared to death, we're being scared to life."

—David Wilcock, researcher,
author and speaker

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Visit our Tools for Transformation #11: Rating Human Consciousness with Applied Kinesiology" section

David Wilcock Releases First Ever Musical Vocal Album, “Wanderer Awakening”

Visit our David Wilcock section

"The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat."

"Great Awakening II: Swine Flu + Mainstream Media = $$$"

"Great Awakening III: Deeper Insights into NWO Defeat."


"The Decision"

"I'm On My Way"

"Wonderful One"

"Moonlight Shines"

"You Fly"

"All Alone"

"Listen to You"

"Do You Really, Really Love Me?"

"Two of Us"

"Where Were You"

"Everything Tells Me"

"You're One With Me"

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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – May 5, 2009: Part 1 | Part 2

Listen to a recording of this call here.

Good evening and welcome to the Miracles and Inspiration conference call for Tuesday, May 5, 2009. My name is Scott Mowry and with me as usual is our co-host for this evening, Dan Rezac. Dan how are you doing tonight?

On tonight's call we will be covering a wide variety of topics including a look at a lot of current events that are entering into the world consciousness. We will also be playing a lot of music today, including some more Solfeggio Frequencies, that many of you wrote to us and expressed to us how much you enjoyed listening to this music.

We want to send a very heartfelt gratitude to all those who took the time to send us your feedback. I also want to send out a special thanks to all of those who were in attendance for the recent "Transformations Into New Paradigms" seminar I conducted. Thanks so much for all your support you are MOST appreciated!

We want to remind you if you are new to our call, first of all, welcome aboard we are glad to have you with us. And second of all, if you would like to be included on our mailing list then you can do so by sending an email to info@miraclesandinspiration.com and put "subscribe" or "subscription" in the subject line.

So to get us off and running Dan is going to give us an invocation. Dan?

The Mystery of What Will Be | Authored by Carrie Hart | April 5, 2009
read by Dan Rezac

The amazing thing about what is truly new is that the promise is yet to be revealed.  The startling thing about what is original is that the outcome, by definition, cannot be predicted and known until it moves into the present moment.  And the wondrous thing about true change is that the trail of the past is all that can be seen and the future remains veiled in obscurity, moment by moment.

And yet, even as we yearn for the new, the original and for true change, we continue to ask:  What will happen?  Will I be all right?  Will my dreams come true?

And the answer is that these answers can only come if what that is transpiring is an aspect of old and familiar and if the so-called change is merely a new face on an old way of being.

To welcome change, you must let go of your illusions and let be.  To fully embrace the new, you must embrace it moment by moment, as the little red spout becomes a green stem, then becomes a tight little green bud and slowly unfurls.  You can come back day after day asking:  Will it be red?  Will it be gold?  Or you can glory in the spring day that envelops you as you stand outside, you can look to the wonders of the bird that flies overhead, you can take the hand of the loved one that stands beside you, and simply move into the moment and all that is, all while glancing occasionally at the rose bud, enjoying its slow progression into becomingness.

But what of plans?  What of that celebration party for the opening of the roses?  Should it be themed in red or in gold?  And when should the invitations be issued?

There are new ways to live in the new ways of being.  If you sit quietly and listen to the birds, listen to the grass as it grows, watch the clouds floating across a sky alive with moving particles of light, allow a spreading tree to envelop you with its loving energy, you will find the answer:  that every moment is a celebration of being and becoming and that the red and the gold, while different, are both welcome into the world of wonder and beauty, and that the mystery of what will be reveals itself in its own time.

How Blessed You Are to Be Alive | Authored by Carrie Hart | May 3, 2009
read by Dan Rezac

Today, infuse your life with energy and enthusiasm.  Put a little lift into your step.  Put a little zest into your conversation.  Take a little risk.  Dare to say or do something different.  But most of all, just love your life to pieces.  Just love every moment of it.  Embrace it fully, right now, exactly as it is.

Do not allow the clouds of worry, regret, fear and doubt to put a shadow between you and the glowing sunshine of joy.  Go down into your center, into the place where the only time is now, this moment.   And there you find that right now, this moment, you are surrounded by love.  You are loved so deeply that if you would allow yourself to feel just one little iota of all this love, you would jump for joy.

You, exactly as you are, are deeply loved.  You, no matter what you have done or left undone, are wondrous, powerful, and deeply worthy of all of the love that is showered on you.

Yes, yes, this is life!  Yes, embrace it, love it.  Fill your heart with joy.

Why?  Because you are alive.  Because the blood still runs in your veins.  Because the sun came up today and its light was shed on you.  Because the moon and stars will come out tonight and shine down on you. 

How blessed you are to be alive, to have this precious life, this great adventure.  Yes, this one, just as it is, right now.  How blessed you are!

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Dan has put together a great new section on our web site in which he has done some fantastic research into the rating and scaling human consciousness. This new section is entitled, "Tools for Transformation #11: Rating Human Consciousness with Applied Kinesiology."

So Dan is going to give you a brief overview of his research and what he has added recently to our web site.

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We are sure that all of you have been hearing on the news about the latest threat to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, not to mention our health and safety, and this time around it is the so-called, "swine flu pandemic."

This is yet another pathetic attempt to cause fear and panic in the world by hyping up a non-existent, man-made, black-ops biological weapon into the world-wide population much like SARS was done a few years ago in the continent of Asia. This time it is Mexico which was target and now it is reportedly in our own country. Yet it appears this latest round of scare tactics has already begun to loose a lot of steam, even as we speak.

Nonetheless, if you are concerned about catching this virus, we wanted to recommend a few products for you. The first is called Oxysilver and can be purchased directly through our web site.

OXYSILVER™ pioneers a new class of mineral waters providing the most powerful immune system support in healthcare history. Used daily by people who need it, or periodically whenever necessary to regain or sustain health, it can be relied upon more assuredly than any product ever developed.

Silver hydrosols, in general, are superior powerful broad spectrum anti-microbials. They have been scientifically proven safe, effective, and life-saving in hospitals and health clinics when used sparingly according to health and environmentally-conscious recommendations. These powerful health guards provide a wide range of practical applications as alternatives to humanly toxic and environmental destructive chemical disinfectants, poisonous antibiotics, and risky vaccinations.

OXYSILVER™ is produced through unique energetic processes using laser light, sound, and silver to electro-magnetically activate the hydrosol to deliver a 528Hz frequency of natural harmony to your body. This important harmonic is amplified by tiny, electrically-conductive, nano-sized silver particles bonded to oxygen in this water containing pure lava-heated steam harvested on the Big Island of Hawaii. 528Hz hydrosonics is fundamental to health, wellness, and all creation.

The other products that Dan wanted to recommend are Sovereign Silver and Monolaurin, both of which can be found in our Amazon store.

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David Wilcock has been very busy since our last conference call. I am going to spend a bit of time talking about him because in this time of seemingly great upheaval, turmoil, chaos and negativity, he offers a tremendously inspiring and uplifting message that will assist you in staying on a positive path in your life.

He has written several new in-depth articles to his web site, divinecsomos.com, that we highly recommend you read as they touch on all the latest news in the headlines.

He has posted three separate articles, the first is entitled, "The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat." This is also a fabulous and inspiring article that accompanies the announcement of the "Wanderer Awakening" debut.

He followed that up with, "Great Awakening II: Swine Flu + Mainstream Media = $$$" on April 28th. Then, he followed that up with, "Great Awakening III: Deeper Insights into NWO Defeat."

And in this article he states: "Be sure to maintain a positive attitude and realize the illusory nature of fear, as it is so very important in these critical times. You do help control the ‘frequency’ that will, in turn, determine how quickly the negative forces will be defeated!,"

We also wanted to play you an audio clip from one of his appearances on a 2012 panel at the Conscious Life Expo '09. This was a panel discussion that also featured, Jack Allis, John Hogue, Carole Friessen, Ron Amitron and was moderated by Sean David Morton.

David was asked by Sean David Morton about his perspective on what is happening in the world today as we head towards the year 2012. I think you will find his answer to that question very, very inspiring.

David Wilcock on 2012 audio clip

I hope you all caught those last few sentences by David Wilcock so I would like to repeat them for you and, if fact, I would suggest you write these words down and keep them in mind, as things in the world around you look more and more frightening day by day.

Here is what he said in reference to the year 2012:
"There is a loving Creator and the game has been setup to preserve our lives. We're being scared, but we're being scared into awakening, not into death. We're not being scared to death, we're being scared to life."

The energy of all of this seemingly ramped up negativity in the form of the aforementioned "swine flu" pandemic, wars, terrorism, a world-wide financial crisis, corporate corruption and on and on, is literally creating an unprecedented amount of momentum that is being used to shift us all into a state of transformation, and if you are ready for it, ascension into the Golden Age.

We are witnessing a Divine plan that is being carefully orchestrated and in point of fact we are on a Divine "schedule" if you will that the Mayan calendar clearly shows us and the proof is in the historical record. I can't emphasize enough to you how important it is to stay positive and inspired throughout this world-wide crisis.

The other big news from David Wilcock was the release of his much anticipated new musical album entitled, "Wanderer Awakening." This is an epic musical and spiritual project this is over two and a half hours of music and spoken word.

We posted a lengthy report about the "Wanderer Awakening" project in our News section which is entitled, "David Wilcock Releases First Ever Musical Vocal Album, “Wanderer Awakening”.

The album follows a central theme of the "wanderers," which is a term used to describe the large variety of people or souls, who have come at this auspicious time to Earth to participate in its spiritual awakening or transformation that is believed will culminate sometime around the year 2012. There is estimated to be as many as 100 million, or perhaps more, such wanderers on the planet at this time.

The theme of the "wanderers," originated from a book entitled, "From Elsewhere: Being ET in America," by Scott Mandelker. David Wilcock discovered this book many years ago and so strongly identified with its content that he sought out the author and eventually was hired by him as a scientific advisor. The two have even appeared on a Coast to Coast AM radio show together in 2001 and have conducted seminars and have planned for more in the near future.

"Wanderer Awakening describes the journey of a single ‘hero’ who starts out as the Conscious Universe — the One Infinite Creator — and then downshifts into an angelic being," says David of this massive musical and spiritual endeavor.

There are 25 original songs, written by David Wilcock and his musical partner, Larry Seyer, along with a further 25 spoken word tracks that tell the story of the wanderers.

I cannot recommend this musical project by David Wilcock enough! It is really very pleasantly surprising how good it truly is.

Would you folks be interested in hearing a few songs from "Wanderer Awakening"?

David Wilcock/Larry Seyer- Wanderer Awakening–"The Decision"

David Wilcock/Larry Seyer- Wanderer Awakening–"I'm On My Way"

We have posted twelve music videos of "Wanderer Awakening" to our News section and later in our conference call notes from this evening's call which will be available late tonight or tomorrow.

One final David Wilcock note, he is going to be giving what looks to be a great three-day conference in New York City over the Memorial Day weekend, May 22-24 at the Sheraton JFK Airport Hotel.

David plans to offer a live performance of "Wanderer Awakening" as I understand, backed by a live band behind him. If anyone listening tonight's call or listens later in our archives and is in the New York area and is considering attending this event, please get in touch with us. We would really appreciate if we could get some reports from you about what goes on during this conference.

More information about the Convergence conference in NYC can be found here.

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