“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.”

—Gary Craig, EFT Founder

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1) EFT Introduction V2
Great overview of EFT from Gary Craig and others.

2) EFT for Pain
Gary Craig heals chronic shoulder pain miraculously! Very impressive!

3) EFT in Action — Overcome Sexual Trauma
Gary Craig heals a lifetime of sexual abuse. Extra-ordinary!

4) EFT for Money Worries
One of the best EFT videos for resolving money issues.

5) Introduction to EFT with Judy Byrne, EFT Master
Excellent overview of EFT by a master practitioner.

6) EFT and Ho'oponopono
Excellent combination of two great healing methods.

7) Clear the Economic Fear— EFT with Brad Yates
Superb EFT process to deal with economic paranoia.

8) EFT in Action — Overcome Phobia
Another remarkable healing by Gary Craig.

9) EFT Tapping Create Abundance Affirmations
Another great EFT tutorial for abundance.

10) EFT Documentary Film — Try It On Everything
Preview trailer of "Try It On Everything" DVD.

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Tools for Transformation: David Wilcock

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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – July 22, 2008

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our third Miracles and Inspiration show, my name is Scott Mowry and I am your co-host, along with my partner, Dan Rezac.

And for those who may be tuning in tonight for the first time we want to send you all a very warm welcome and thanks for including us in your evening's activities. We hope you will enjoy yourself and will come back to join us again.

And to all our loyal listeners who have bared with us during our sabbatical away from the conference lines and our new change of direction, we want to especially give you our heartfelt thanks and a warm welcome for joining us again for another program.

Tonight we have a wonderful evening planned for you as we are going to be talking about an amazing healing practice known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Perhaps some of you have already heard about EFT or have even tried it as well but we are going to be presenting some in-depth information on it for you tonight along with a very special guest to our program who is an EFT master.

EFT is known as the psychological version of acupuncture only it does not use any needles at all. EFT is producing amazing results for people when all other traditional healing methods have failed.

Just a couple of quick house keeping notes. Our new web site is miraclesandinspiration.com. You will find a wealth of material on there and we are feverishly adding more as we speak. If you would like to be on our mailing list then please send an email to info@miraclesandinspiration.com with "Subscription" in the subject line.

We are also looking for someone to assist us with these calls. We are looking for a volunteer to help us with some of the minor technical aspects so that Dan and I can concentrate on presenting the best call we can. The ideal candidate would be available on Tuesday evenings at this time and would be able to be on the phone and on the internet at the same time. If anyone is interested in helping us then please send an email to us at info@miraclesandinspiration.com

But first, before we get started on that, we are going to have an opening meditation with Dan. Dan what have you got for us tonight?

Meditation Transcript 
I am going to take you through a guided meditation and then afterwards, we will do a quiet meditation as usual. Okay?

Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply.
Everything we do will be easy and relaxed. Do not try. Simply be.

Now, we will breathe down to a quiet place.  taking 3 deep breaths…take a deep breath, hold it, and breath out…breath out and relax 

Now, breathe…

Breathe in, hold it, breath out, and relax.  And one more time, breathe in, hold it, then breathe out and relax….

Now we are going to do it again, this time, as you breathe in, imagine a blue & silver fiber optic cable going from the back of your shoulders up to 67 feet above your body, to your immediate higher self….as you breath in, reach up through this connection to your higher self….this is a place of pure unconditional love….okay, so breath in….reach through your shoulders to your higher self…if it helps, you can take an imaginary elevator up there by punching the button that shows floor #67…the door opens and you are in the midst of your immediate higher self…. a place of pure unconditional love…

Now grab an armful of this pure unconditional love and, as you breath out, bring it back with you and into your body…..

Now, lets breath in again, as you do, reach through that connection between your shoulder blades to your higher self….as we do this, have you ever noticed that you get tense right between the shoulder blades? Have you ever noticed that tension comes about due to stress, worry, financial woes? Is it possible that we put a kink in our garden hose…our fiber optic connection to our higher self and stopped the flow….reach through to your higher self as you breath in….now we are going to take it a step further, reach through to the higher self above that….and then reach through to the higher self above that…and then reach through to the higher self above that…and then reach through to the higher self above that…through all of the eleven higher selves...reach through each one and connect with source….it is like a giant light bulb that is always on…always flowing love….sending light and love to all of life where-ever it may be…grab a huge armful of pure unconditional love from this source and bring it back with you…it is like a large ball of pure unconditional love energy….bring it down through each of the higher selves….feel free to share some of it with each one as you bring it down to your body….bring it down….bring it into your body….fill your body up with this pure unconditional love energy….strengthen that connection to all of the higher selves and to source….bring that energy down and through you and into your body….now push it out through the front of you…through your heart…send it to those around you…push it to the center of the earth… as you do this, have the energy clean and remove any negative thoughts or energy deposits in your body as you bring this energy into the earth…continue bringing this pure unconditional love energy through you to the core crystal in the center of the earth where it radiates out in all directions to all of the life on the planet….to the life forms in the oceans…to the whales…the dolphins….the plants and animals…to all life forms on land…to the trees, the grasses, the animals that walk upon the land and even the birds that float upon the air.  

And take a deep breathe and relax….we will now sit in silent meditation for 1 minute…

Our Guest-Brad Yates
Thanks Dan, that was terrific!

Allright we want to get right to our special guest tonight and who has been very gracious to join us this evening on short notice.

We are also very pleased to bring on our program tonight our very special guest who is known as the EFT Wizard and that is Brad Yates. Brad is one of the most renowned experts in the practice of EFT and he is especially adept at helping to create wealth and prosperity for his clients. His web site is www.bradyates.net

Brad is featured in the latest book by Joe Vitale entitled "The Key: The Missing Secret to Attracting Anything You Want" where he has written a special section on EFT in the "Clearing Methods" portion of that book. By the way you can read a full review of that book and also purchase it on our web site.

Along with Joe Vitale, our guest Brad Yates also has created a fantastic wealth creation series entitled "Money Beyond Belief! Home Tapping System" which is an amazing audio and book course that can resolve your deep rooted ingrained beliefs about money and wealth that may be preventing you from achieving your ideal level of income and prosperity.

Brad has created some other fantastic tools with EFT and we are going to talk about many of them tonight. So without further ado, let me introduce to you all tonight Mr. Brad Yates. Brad welcome to the Miracles and Inspiration program!

Brad can you give us an overview of EFT for our audience who may be hearing about it for the first time?

How did you first get involved with EFT? Have you attended some of Gary Craig's workshops?

What kind of results can people expect by using EFT?

Brad you have created some fantastic EFT videos that you have posted to youtube that take people through a series of EFT sessions. Two I wanted to particularly mentioned because we have listed them on our Best of EFT The first is called "EFT and Ho'oponopono" and the second one that is particularly good and so appropriate for these times is "Clear the Economic Fear with EFT." Can you talk about those videos?

Brad would you give us all a demonstration of EFT with our listening audience tapping along with you?

Tell us more about the audio and eBook program you put together with Joe Vitale entitled Money Beyond Belief! and tell us about your association with Joe.

So this program is a great value and can be purchased through our web site.

Brad it is getting close to the 7PM hour here on the West Coast so we want to thank you for joining us tonight, it has been a real treat to have you on our program.

Brad will you give out your web site again for us and how people can contact you if they are interested in learning more about your EFT sessions or other products and services you offer?

OK, we are going to take a quick break and we will return shortly with more information on EFT.


We are back, and we want to continue our look at EFT, I want to play a couple of clips that you will further illustrate how to use EFT. These clips are up on our YouTube page and will be appearing on our EFT section of our web site, hopefully later this evening along with many other EFT resources.

Judy Byrne EFT Master audio/video clip.
Judy Byrne on EFT tapping points review.

Dan anything you would like to add about EFT?

David Wilcock just did a brand new interview with Myth or Logic Talk Radio from July 17th. This a fantastic 1 hr and 43 min interview that covers a lot of the current news regarding the impending collapse of the major financial institutions world-wide, particularly the speculation that both Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, the largest home loan corporations are about to collapse.

Dan can tell us more about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac?

David Wilcock audio clip on the fall of the economic system including Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac from Myth or Logic-July 17, 2008

Questions and answers.