“What people need to be able to do is access their own magic that makes them special and then they just release that into the world. And that is the power of the universe, right there.”

—Dr. Richard Bartlett,
Matrix Energetics founder

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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – August 19, 2008

Part 1: David Wilcock on the Law of Divine Oneness and More

Part 2: Matrix Energetics


Welcome to another edition of the Miracle and Inspiration conference call for Tuesday, August 19, 2008. My name is Scott Mowry and with me tonight as usual, is my partner, Dan Rezac. Dan how are you doing tonight?

Tonight we have another interesting program scheduled for you. As is our usual practice on this call we are going to cover topics that will inspire you in a very positive fashion. In fact, hat is the whole reason why we even do these calls in the first place.

The topic for this call will be about the healing practice known as Matrix Energetics. This will be the third in a series of many different healing modalities that we have covered on our calls since we resumed our conference call schedule back in early July. On our previous calls we have covered Ho'oponopono; the ancient Hawaiian healing system, and EFT; which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.

What we would like you to understand is that all of the healing modalities that we talk about on this call are connected and basically performing nearly the exact same function. That is calling upon a greater power that lies within you to transform your life in miraculous ways.

We also are going to be bringing on two separate guests who are going to give their first hand impressions about working with Matrix Energetics. During the first hour, Brenda Teagarden from Atlanta, GA will join us. Brenda has completed the first level of Matrix Energetics course and is currently working with it in her healing practice. Brenda's web site is www.brendateagarden.com.

During the second hour, we are going to welcome, Rosetta Black, who is a certified Matrix Energetics and EFT practitioner. Rosetta will be providing further insights into Matrix Energetics. Rosetta's web site is: www.winningchanges.net

Since our last call, we have added a considerable amount of material to our web site, including a Health and Wellness section, Edgar Cayce, Law of Attraction and Matrix Energetics sections.

In addition, in our News section we have added a recording of the interview that Dan and I conducted with Suzy Ward on her radio show "Matthew & Friends" from August 6th. You can listen to that for free on our web site right now.

OK, to get us started tonight, Dan has some words of an invocation for us. Dan?

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"Today, we are going to ask you to harken back to a time….to remember a time before time…remember your state of peacefulness, your state of blessing, your state of being before time began, before there was such a thing as form….before there were planets and suns and moons and stars…before there was anything really…anything but you.

You, not as an individual, not as a collective, but before there was such a thing as separation and the rejoining which constitutes a collective, so, really, before there was such a thing as you, as an individual.

We invite you to harken back to your pure pristine self, there was not a spot or blemish on any part of you, there was not a negative thought or emotion or anything other than pure joy, pure bliss, pure happiness….a time before there were even games…a time before there were individual spirits….just a natural oneness that extended into infinity….

yes, that’s it…that is you….that is the pure you, that is you as you truly are and you can return to that any time you want…all you must do is remember it, experience the moment, the feeling, the knowing associated with it.

the action of re-experiencing takes you to that state, although it may seem like a long time ago, whether linearly or sequentially, in fact, it is with you always. That doorway to your inner self is with you always, as God or creator would tell you, “have I not sent my greatest teachers to you to remind you that I love you and will be with you always, even until the end of time?”

You see, the physical experience is circular, you enter physicality, you experience things linearly, even sequentially, one experience after another after another…and you get the impression that you left home a long long time ago..and then you spend lifetimes, eons, searching, probing, plodding, pleading, crying, until your heart and our heart aches in sadness…you plead and you pray, asking for forgiveness, asking for help, asking for abundance because you’ve fallen into the apparency of lack….lack of happiness, lack of joy, lack of fun, adventure, lack of wealth…..

yet, such abundance has been with you always….

the entire universe and everything it holds has always been there for you, it is your playground…you play in it, you immerse yourself in it, you succumb to it…then you try to escape from it…is it possible, that you are really a beautiful and precious thought form, an extension of God, playing games in the mind of God? Could it be possible that all of physicality has been offered to you as a playground, not to entice you and entrap you here, but rather to give you the opportunity to learn what you are not in order to comprehend what you are…

that you are an aspect of god…that we are all many faces of the One God.

So here we are, you and me and us….

Let’s revel together in life’s wonder, let’s appreciate everything we’ve been given, our happy experiences and our sad, let’s adopt the idea that we will miss these precious moments when we return to the whole and we shall forever cherish, forever be grateful and forever love the fact that we came here to realize who we truly are….most importantly, we have learned values…and we have learned unconditional love. We express this in words such as namaste and the Hawaiian word aloha, which means the god within me, respects and honors the god within you. We experience now that forever state of being and we watch, in anxious anticipation, the beautiful unfoldment of mankind. We invoke this feeling, this being of oneness as we participate together in the moment of miracles and inspiration…."

Thank you Dan.

I would like to start our call off with a great David Wilcock radio interview that I recently found. This is an older interview however, it is simply one of the best I have heard with David Wilcock. This interview was done on a radio show called Odyssey Radio from July 23, 2007 on the BBS Radio Network. David will discuss some concepts that we are going to be covering throughout tonight's program.

David Wilcock interview from Odyssey Radio audio clip

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