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Carl Johan Calleman –– Cracking the Secrets of the Mayan Calendar and Unfolding Consciousness

Part 2: The Ninth Level of Consciousness and The Year 2011

Part 3: Carl Calleman Resources |

Part 4: The Mayan Calendar Levels or Cycles - 9 Steps on the Mayan Pyramid |

Part 1: Overview and the Mayans

by Scott Mowry


What's in store for us in the year 2011? Nothing short of the most astounding period in the entire history of the human race. And it all comes down to one word –– consciousness. Or perhaps more precisely, expanding consciousness.

Human consciousness reaches its pinnacle in the year 2011, and in fact, thanks to Dr. Calleman's work we know the exact date that this period will begin –– March 9th (ammended from February 10th) –– and when it will end –– October 28th.

This ninth and final cycle has been defined as the consciousness of co-creation as we leave the consciousness of ethics from the previous 8th cycle. The consciousness of co-creation will be the most powerful of all ever to have been found on planet Earth.

We will conclude the final level of consciousness in a mere 233 to 260 days! And that's it.

And within that ninth level time period of time we will be riding the rollercoaster of an additional 13 sub-levels that will be introducing new consciousnesses every 18 to 20 days.

So that means consciousness will be evolving as much as it has been over the last 16.4 billion years –– in a mere 233 – 260 DAYS!

Talk about a wild ride. That's what 2011 will be all about.

And although we leave behind the consciousness of ethics it does not leave us. All nine cycles of consciousness –– Cellular, Mammillian, Familiian, Tribal, Cultural, National, Planetary, Galactic and Universal –– will all be occurring simultaneously!

Have you been feeling that time has been accelerating over the last several years? Or even over the last decade? Does it feel like you are in a state of overwhelm all the time?

That is due to concentration of all of this consciousness unfolding all at the same time which can create quite a chaotic atmosphere in which to try to live within.

And that is all part of the grand plan. In orde to force us to live from the heart and not the feeble mind.

Here is the original schedule of unfolding consciousness for the year 2011 as the 8th level comes to a conclusion and the ninth level was to begin on February 10, 2011:

1st Day begins on February 11, 2011
1st Night begins on March 3, 2011
2nd Day begins on March 23, 2011
2nd Night begins on April 12, 2011
3rd Day begins on May 2, 2011
3rd Night begins on May 22, 2011
4th Day begins on June 11, 2011
4th Night begins on July 1, 2011
5th Day begins on July 21, 2011
5th Night begins on August 10, 2011
6th Day begins on August 30, 2011
6th Night begins on September 19, 2011
7th Day begins on October 8, 2011
7th Day ends on October 28, 2011

Recently, Dr. Callemanere revised the ninth level timeline slightly with the start of the ninth level of consciousness on March 9, 2011. Instead of the thirteen sub-levels occuring every 20 days, it is now every 18 days:

1st Day begins on March 9, 2011
1st Night begins on March 26, 2011
2nd Day begins on April 13, 2011
2nd Night begins on May 1, 2011
3rd Day begins on May 19, 2011
3rd Night begins on June 6, 2011
4th Day begins on June 24, 2011
4th Night begins on July 12, 2011
5th Day begins on July 30, 2011
5th Night begins on August 17, 2011
6th Day begins on September 4, 2011
6th Night begins on September 22, 2011
7th Day begins on October 10, 2011
7th Day ends on October 28, 2011

According to Dr. Calleman, as we leave 2011 and venture into the year 2012 we will enter into the Age of Enlightenment. Then we will be moving into the period of what the Mayans have foretold, "the time of no time."

This is a place where humanity has never been before and it literally is the unknown. However, all the ancient prophecies tell us this is the beginning of the long rumored Golden Age, Heaven on Earth or the 1,000 Years of Peace.

This is when the great shift of consciousness will begin for all the human race. Past-life regressionist and author, Dolores Cannon, has foretold of this time when a new Earth will begin to unfold within a higher 5th dimensional reality, which most of humanity will eventually dwell.

(click on photo for an enlarged version)

(For more on the Mayan Calendar Stages, visit the Mayan Majix website.)

Here is further food for thought. Our present day calendar system, which was christened as the Gregorian calendar by Pope Gregory XIII and introduced by the Vatican in 1582, is based on 12 months.

All of the indigenous people upon the Earth at that time, including the Mayans, were following a 13 moon (or month) calendar. Their calendars were regular, perpetual and harmonious with the Earth, Mother Nature and thus, the Universe.

In order to implement the Gregorian calendar on a global basis, hundreds of millions of these indigineous peoples around the world were slaughtered, particularly the Mayans. Their race was absolutely devasted by the invasion of the Spanish within 50 years of the arrival of Hérnån (or Hérnåndo) Cortez and the Conquistadors, 90% of the Mayans had disappeared.

The number 12, in Pythagorean numerology, becomes a single integer of 3 when added together –– 1 + 2 = 3. The number 3 of course could be symbolic for the 3rd dimension which we live in on the Earthly plane. Within this 3rd dimension, we can see that time is a virtual prison to us because we have come to believe it in so strongly. We are enslaved by a false paradigms that includes totally man-made constructs such as commerce, aging and death.

Yet, it has been proven, that time is an illusion, it does not really exist –– except with in the minds of human beings on planet Earth. And no where else.

Now, if we examine the number 13, which breaks down to the single integer of 4 when added together –– 1 + 3 = 4, then we find that it could be symbolic for the 4th dimension where all the magical spiritual powers dwell. This is also know as the spiritual plane or the astral plane.

So it begs the question –– were the indigenous people such as the Mayans, with their wisdom keepers, shaman, and elders aware that their calendar system was drawing upon the higher spiritual plane of the 4th dimension? And did they specifically create their calendars to encompass 13 months in order to harness powers from the 4th dimension?

And did the Vatican know precisely what they were doing by dropping the calendar from 12 to 13 months, thereby lowering the spiritual energy and harmony as it would have directly affected those who followed it?

The Vatican and the Catholic Church have a long history of nefarious activity when it comes to the evolution of humanity. One needs to look no further than the well documented history of not only the obliteration of the Mayans, but the Spanish Inquisition, where women were burned at the stake for using their intuition.

In the lated 1500's, the Vatican established the Office for the Extirpation of Idolatries for the sole intent of eradicating traditional religious practices in North and South America. It is speculated that many of the native shaman priests went into seclusion as a result. The Office for the Extirpation of Idolatries continues to this day, headquartered in Lima, Peru.

Dolores Cannon, for one, has discovered that the nearly the entire Mayan civilization shifted into a higher dimension of consciousness – in mass. This would offer a secondary explaination for their disappearance.

Nonetheless, the question has to be asked –– were the Mayans and their calendars, intentionally targeted by the Vatican to be eradicated and locked away from humanity so that a new calendar system could be introduced that would virtually enslave us for thousands of years?

The Gregorian calendar forever changed the consciousness of the planet as it forced those who followed it to rely only on the physical evidence of the movement of the Earth around the sun. In other words, only what could be seen and proven by physical evidence, was considered valid or real. Which basically was an attack on intution and the heart.

This simple act of the introduction of a calendar (though if you can call the slaughter of millions of people simple), changed the course of human consciousness to this very day!

In your entire lifetime, you have probably have never, ever even considered that a calendar, of all things, could be a weapon of mass destruction that would have a devastating effect upon people for generation after generation.

But that is precisely what it has been.

Fortunately, time as we have known it is about to end. And it can't come soon enough!

Thank you, Dr. Calleman, for lighting our paths to enlightenment and on into the Golden Age.

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