"Your life is about to transition from that of a limited perspective of reality to an absolutely unlimited one. As from the caterpillar to the butterfly."

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Dare to Dream

Commentary by Scott Mowry

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Go ahead. Dare yourself to dream.

Dare yourself to dream the so called, "impossible dream."

The unthinkable. The unimaginable. The unheard of. The outrageous!

Yes, the time has arrived. The time we have all been waiting for with such great anticipation. It is here! Now!

The time for all of humanity to let go of all of the restraints, the safety harnesses and the training wheels. It is time to become the kind of person that your heart has always told you that you were. The kind of person you always dreamed of being.

The unlimited, fantasmagorical, magical possibility of you! Right here. Right now.

It is ok now to start to believe that you can do the impossible.

That maybe, just maybe, you could heal your body in miraculous ways. Or manifest anything you want out of thin air. Or maybe, you could fly. Or walk on water. Or travel to far off galaxies and meet beings from another planet or another time and another dimension. Or... you name it.

Now, just imagine for a moment, that these possibilities are all very, very real. And they are easy to do. Like riding a bike. Or adding 1 + 1 = 2.

I fully realize, these flights of fancy may sound utterly ridiculous to you right now.

Yet, I tell you, what is looming on the horizon is the most astonishing, unbelievable transformation of humanity ever seen on Planet Earth. It is going to be the most spectacular, monumental experience you could ever possibly imagine. In fact, it is beyond all of our collective imaginations at this time.

For eons and eons and eons of time humanity has been trampled down. Held in check. Managed like a herd of cattle in the biggest barnyard one could ever fathom, but surrounded, as it is, by an invisible fence.

This fence has been built on a clever, calculated, insidious series of illusions meant to appear to be very, very real. At least as real as we believe them to be real.

These have taken on numerous forms. They have been reinforced by time honored cliches such as:

"Life is a hard and then you die."

"There is no such thing as a free lunch."

"Money doesn't grow on trees!"

"Just shut up and do your job!"

"Everybody is going to die someday."

"You can't fight City Hall."

"You get what you pay for."

"You have to earn a living in this world."

And perhaps the biggest lie of them all: "Jesus died for your sins."

Lack, limitation, hardship, struggle, inevitability, desperation, despair, death, cursed and sinned. Welcome to Planet Earth. Enjoy your life and good luck!

Guess what? All of these are lies. Outright, boldface, patented lies. Perpetrated by a system of control that has held an invested interest in keeping you down and banking, and I mean literally, banking on you not realizing who and what you really are!

Our entire way of life has been a managed fraud. A scam. A doubling dealing deception. A misinforational matrix of illusion of make believe to convince you that you are a nothing. A nobody. A cog in the machine. A speck of dust on the dustpan of life. Worthless.

But the real story is we are not victims. Quite frankly, we have been willing participants in this fraud. By not trusting our inner voice, our intuition. By believing in things that only exist outside of us.

By buying into the myths of the intellectual mind and its five senses and not accessing the Divine part of our consciousness that has all the answers. By not realizing we are and always have been multi-dimensional, spiritually empowered beings.

We have been living in a virtual prison of our own making, with the assistance, of course, of a few naughty angels and demons.

But all of that is changing. And it is changing very, very rapidly. Faster than you can even realize.

Your life is about to transition from that of a limited perspective of reality to an absolutely unlimited one. As from the caterpillar to the butterfly. From the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan. From the mundane to the supernatural!

Humanity, at this very moment in time, is sitting on the brink of the most incredible leap of consciousness ever conceived. The most spectacular shift to an "awakened" state of mind that is nearly impossible to put into words. It is beyond the human cognition. And it is already well underway. Right now. Right this very moment!

And the signs are everywhere, if you are willing to look.

This leap of consciousness is destined to peak near the end of the year 2011 or sometime in 2012. And, indeed, that is not far away at all, now is it?

In fact, this shift of consciousness is already beginning to reveal itself as we speak. This is why the world appears to be in such a chaotic state, as if it is spinning headlong towards oblivion, hell bent on its own destruction.

The reason for all of this chaos is that our planet is preparing itself for this great shift of consciousness. And all of the negativity and all of the suffering you are witnessing, is being brought to the fore to be healed and transmuted in one last, grand finale.

And then we shall witness the unveiling of the long awaited Golden Age. Heaven on Earth. 1000 years of peace.

So I tell you my friends. Take the chains off. Remove the stirrups. Break open the prison bars. And strap on your wings. It is about to get really, really, REALLY exciting.

And go ahead, dare to dream, the impossible dream.

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