"The most profound event in human history is about to take place... It is going to be the greatest show on Earth and it will go on for at least two to three years. So you need to get ready for this."

— Stephen Basset,
Paradigm Research Group at the
Brussels Groundcrew Conference,
October 10, 2009

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Tools for Transformation #13 : Extra-terrestrial Disclosure – The End of an Old and the Beginning of a Brand New Paradigm for Humanity

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: India's Proactive Role Towards Disclosure |

Part 3: Disclosure Videos | Part 4: More Disclosure Videos |

Part 5: More Disclosure Videos (cont.)

by Scott Mowry

"We have, indeed, been contacted-perhaps even visited-by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public." – Victor Marchetti, former Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the CIA, in an article from Second Look magazine entitled "How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon", Vol 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979

The buzz, the anticipation and the excitement(!) for extra-terrestrial disclosure has never been hotter and has never been more imminent than it is right now! And tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, it will only continue to intensify.

Major, breathtaking UFO sightings are increasing around the world, as with each passing week there seems to be some new significant UFO event caught on film from some far flung global location.

These sightings are creating an unprecedented amount of pressure coming to bear upon world governments, who are being seriously questioned by their respective citizens to explain –– what is really going on here?

Not only are UFO sightings on the rise, but crop circle appearances are also increasing, growing in sophistication and complexity with messages that seem to be more and more prophetic for humanity's future.

In addition, network TV shows and major movies are vying to either: head off disclosure, by offering up yet more scary aliens characters, as in "V" and "District 9"; or encourage a sympathetic and positive perspective of extra-terrestrials in movies such as, "Avatar."

At the same time, many long time experts and researchers in the UFO field, such as Dr. Steven Greer, Stephen Bassett, Dr. Michael Salla, Richard Hoagland, former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Alfred Webre and David Wilcock, among many, many others, are now openly predicting imminent extra-terrestrial disclosure.

They are offering testimony that has come directly from government insiders who have grown weary of the prolonged cover-up and are absolutely insistent there is an all-out war waging in secret to make this event happen.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is scrambling to perpetuate the cover-up by either spinning or completely ignoring the UFO sightings phenomenon altogether, as behind-the-scenes negotiations between world leaders intensifies.

This, despite the fact that Larry King, and some other elements within CNN, are giving the UFO phenomenon prime time coverage, with a series of special shows on the topic. The History Channel has also broadcast the UFO witness documentary, "I Know What I Saw," in November 2009.

"I Know What I Saw" film maker, James Fox, has appeared on Larry King Live a total of seven times, since July 2007 and on Anderson Cooper's 360, on yet another occasion. CNN also the only network to broadcast the X-Conference 2009 press conference in April 2009.

But perhaps the most important indication of all that some kind of disclosure is imminent, is the number of foreign governments, including Brazil, Mexico, France, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, and even the United Kingdom, that have opened up their long sequestered UFO files for all to see.

And it would appear that most of the world has now come to the conclusion that disclosure must happen and the prolonged cover-up must come to an immediate end. A coalition of perhaps as many as thirty foreign countries are pushing hard against the resistance to disclosure, which is primarily found in the United States, under the control of secret organization known as Majestic 12 , or MJ-12.

Clearly, all of these incredible developments are building to some sort of crescendo event, that simply must occur and must occur soon.

The significance of extra-terrestrial disclosure is absolutely monumental for the human race. It means that we can really begin to mature and evolve as a species, and finally go down that long forbidden path of discovery –– of who and what we really are as a species, and where we have came from.

Once disclosure is formally announced, whether it is by the US government led by President Barrack Obama; or a foreign government, such as Russia, China or France; or even by a world body organization such as the UN, it is bound to open up a Pandora's box of questions by the public at large.

This event will signal that an entirely new, major paradigm has unfolded for humanity and the once hallowed institutions of religion, government, science, energy, medicine, technology and anthropology will never, ever be the same again! And that is precisely why the opposition to disclosure is being fought so fiercely, by the powers that be.

But evidence is building that the Obama administration has already made the bold decision to move forward with the disclosure announcement and world-wide television time has already been arranged for this incredible event to be broadcast.

"The most profound event in human history is about to take place... It is going to be the greatest show on Earth and it will go on for at least two to three years. So you need to get ready for this," stated Paradigm Research Group leader, Stephen Bassett, during his presentation at the Brussels Groundcrew Conference in Belgium on October 10, 2009.

A rumored date of November 27, 2009 has come and gone yet, other windows of opportunity for an announcement will present themselves again, in the very near future and into early 2010, or possibly 2011.

Dr. Steven Greer (pictured below at the podium), of the Disclosure Project, is also insistent that President Obama has made the decision to reveal the existence of extra-terrestrials to the world and he has even prepared a briefing document to assist the administration in this process.

In fact, some are speculating that Barrack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize in anticipation of this major announcement. Amazingly, on the day before he was to accept the Peace Prize, on December 9, 2009, a strange atmospheric event occurred in the early morning skies over Norway, with President Obama in the same country, at the very same time.

This atmospheric anomaly featured an intense blue spiraling light that eventually appeared to open up a black hole in the sky. Shortly after this event, science investigator, Richard Hoagland, reported that a HAARP station was located not far from where the blue spiraling light was seen in the northern part of Norway.

The so-called "official" story claimed that it was merely a failed missile test emanating from Russia, though there appeared to be much spin control in operation by the Russian military.

Incredibly, on the very same day, an extraordinarily large UFO in the shape of a pyramid, judged to be a mile long, was spotted hovering over the city of Moscow, Russia and was witnessed by thousands Muscovites. Two separate videos eventually emerged from the sighting, yet the official news paper of Russia, Pravda, sat on the story for a further nine days before reporting it.

Even the Vatican, yes THE Vatican, is now openly acknowledging that extra-terrestrials are legitimate and recently conducted a conference in Vatican City, Italy to discuss these ramifications.

So where is all of this leading us to?

Well, the fact of the matter is disclosure is already happening. Millions upon millions of people around the world have seen UFO's at some point in their life. Thousand and thousands of others have actually had personal interaction with ET's in some form or another.

Trillions upon trillions of dollars have openly disappeared down black holes in the Pentagon budget to pay for even blacker projects where extra-terrestrial technology has been bartered for, researched, back-engineered and eventually, put into the public sector.

That is reportedly where the computer chip (integrated circuit), fiber optics, the laser, the stealth bomber, night vision (enhanced images) goggles, kevlar and other advanced technologies have originated from.

So hot and so intense is the heat being turned on those who have been holding the truth embargo, that the lid on the extra-terrestrial cover-up is about to blow completely off and there is a mad dash to try to prevent the inevitable from happening.

The opposition to disclosure has done a brilliant job of turning the UFO/ET phenomenon into nothing but a big joke for over sixty years and counting, so much so that numerous members of the media and ordinary people simply scoff at even considering the idea as truth.

Yet, this phenomenon is anything but a joke and the time has arrived for the human race to grow up and come to the realization that we are not alone in the universe and never have been.

So again, where is all of this leading us to?

To the threshold of unbelievable, unprecedented and undeniable changes for all of humanity!

Disclosure is imminent and it is the time to prepare.

UPDATES: May 2010 – Russia Steps Forward to Lead the Way

It would appear that Russia is the country that is far out front in the push for extra-terrestrial disclosure, at least at this stage of the game. However, it is highly likely that other countries such as China, France, or Brazil could make a move into a more prominent position, with the United States left behind in the dust.

Numerous UFO's sightings over Russia, and other bordering countries that were part of the old Soviet Union, have been caught on video within the last few months, including the major sighting over the city of Moscow in December 2009.

On April 26, 2010, the Governor of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, stated in a television interview that he had been abducted from his apartment by extra-terrestrials in 1997. His disappearance was confirmed by three other credible witnesses, including his own personal assistant.

The interview was broadcast over the Channel One, Russia's number 1 rated television network which is controlled by a 51% majority by the Russian government.

See the English version of the video interview with Kirsan Ilyumahinov below

Below you will find the Russian Channel One interview with Kirsan Ilyumahinov:

This stunning event would seem to indicate that the Russian government sanctioned this interview as a way to prepare its people for some kind of major disclosure announcement. The very fact that they would allow a politician to make these kinds of admissions about extra-terrestrial contact is absolutely remarkable.

In light of this news, Liberal Democrat Party representative and state Duma deputy Andrei Lebedev wrote to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev requesting a formal investigation. He also has asked for guidelines from the Russian Federation of protocols for extraterrestrial contact towards Russian officials or citizens.

Then on May 10, 2010, the country of Kazakhstan announced their intention to open the world's first embassy for extra-terrestrials. Other countries will likely follow their lead as disclosure becomes more of a perceived reality.

Edgar Cayce, the great American prophet, who had an astonishing accuracy rate in his prophecies throughout his remarkable life, had predicted that Russia sometime in this time frame the world is in now, would play a significant role in advancing humanity forward. He has been quoted as saying, "out of Russia will come the great hope of the world."

Indeed, Russia may be the country that finally has the courage to lead the Earth's people out of the darkness and slavery, and into our galactic human future. It would appear the Russian political establishment is clearly leaving a number of clues they are absolutely committed to making ET disclosure a reality and soon.

Let's all wish them God's speed.

And finally, if this were not enough evidence, science and NASA investigator, Richard Hoagland is reporting on the discovery of an ancient space craft orbiting the planet Mars.

According to his sources out of Italy, the European Space Agency (ESA) has undeniable proof, including photographs, radar and tracking data, that indicates that Phobos (pictured right), a twenty mile diameter moon orbiting around the planet Mars, is not a natural celestial body. In fact, it has now been proven that Phobos is hollow inside with individually partitioned walls, rooms and bulkheads, and could possibly be as much as 1,000,000 years old, or more!

A number of entities, including the European Space Agency consortium are attempting to, or may have already sent an unmanned space probe to land on Phobos to examine it far more closely.

Independently, within months, Russia is hoping to launch the Phobos-Grunt Project by IKI, a subset of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which will land a sophisticated robot (pictured left) on the surface of Phobos by the year 2012. In the planning stages since 1999, the Russians intend to return with soil samples and possibly other physical evidence back to Earth from Phobos.

The European Space Agency is only capable of launching unmanned space missions, unlike the United States' NASA and Russia's Roscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency), which of course, have had ongoing manned space missions since the 1950's.

Mr. Hoagland maintains that the ESA has been sitting on this information about Phobos since the 1970's and wants to present it to the world, at some point in the near future. However, the ESA hierarchy is unsure exactly how to share it with the public at large because it is certain to turn world history upside down.

For the core information on this unfolding story, see Richard Hoagland's investigative piece entitled, "For the World is Hollow ... and I Have Touched the Sky!"

Listen to the Richard Hoagland interview on the Unexplained.TV. with host Howard Hughes regarding his discoveries of Phobos from April 2010 (.mp3)

Listen to an interview with Olivier Witasse, Senior Project Scientist of the European Space Agency, refuting Richard Hoagland's claims that Phobos is artificial from May 2010 (.mp3).

Also see David Wilcock's article, "Disclosure and the Art of "Manufacturing Consensus" for yet further supporting information.

continued on page 2

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