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Permission to Board: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Rumors about some kind of extra-terrestrial disclosure are rampant. Many believe we have finally arrived at the time when disclosure simply must happen. It can no longer stay hidden under a veil of secrecy and ridicule.

Governments around the world, who for decades or perhaps longer, have known about the existence of extra-terrestrials have kept this vital information illegally concealed from the people. This truth embargo is rapidly coming to an end.

But here we are, sitting on the cusp of a revelation of perhaps the greatest secret in the history of the human race –– that we are not alone in the universe and never have been.

The time for waiting around for some kind of "official" disclosure announcement is over. Many disclosure experts are urging the people to take action. To take it upon yourself and volunteer to be an ambassador to the cosmos so that disclosure can accelerate on the grass roots level, therefore bypassing the gatekeepers who have kept this secret under lock and key.

"Permission to Board: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind" is the newest documentary currently in development by Miracles and Inspiration Films. We hope to address the glaring vacuum of films that look at the extra-terrestrial phenomenon in the most positive light possible.

Hollywood has gone into overdrive to produce a great deal of negative extra-terrestrial films and television shows with the intent of creating as much fear and apprehension as possible. When in fact, the whole false paradigm built up around the extra-terrestrial cover-up is about to collapse.

A close encounter of the fifth kind is an escalated direct interaction with a person or being from an extra-terrestrial origin.

Here is the types of close encounters that have been categorized thus far:

• Close Encounters of the First Kind: An unidentified flying object (UFO) is either observed or witnessed within about 150 yards. Millions of people around the world have had this experience as the many photographs, videos and eyewitness accounts have proven.

• Close Encounters of the Second Kind: A UFO is observed or witnessed in the sky or on the ground and it leaves evidence behind scorch marks, indents or clear markings, etc. upon the ground. These kinds of encounters are quite rare and don't often happen. They have been cases of pranks which have had people believe it was real so be careful.

• Close Encounters of the Third Kind: A UFO is observed or witnessed with visible occupants inside the craft acting as either pilots or passengers.

• Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: A person or persons is unwillingly and/or unconsciously taken aboard an alien craft. This often involves an abduction scenario and may be only remembered through hypnosis or regression.

• Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Direct communication or physical interaction between aliens and humans.

"Permission to Board: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind" will examine the disclosure angle from this grass roots perspective. It will offer a great deal of inspiring and exciting information regarding our impending reunion with our family from the stars.

"Permission to Board" is currently in development with a projected release date near the end of the year 2012.


James Gilliland

Robert Dean

Mel Fabregas

Carol Rosin

Jon Kelly

Andrew D. Basiago

Davin Infinity
Dolores Cannon

Others to be announced...

Featuring the music of Scott Huckabay.

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