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A Conversation with James Gilliland – A Joint Collaboration of and Miracles and Inspiration

"A Conversation with James Gilliland" – An exclusive interview by Scott Mowry of Miracles and Inspiration in co-operation with Ted Cutler of Pure Clear Wisdom is now available on DVD.

James Gilliland is an author, speaker and UFO investigator who owns and lives at the world famous ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington

The ECETI Ranch, nestled at the foothils of Mt. Adams in southern Washington state, is one of the most amazing UFO hot spots in all the world. On just about any visit, it is fairly common on any given night to see an array of UFO activity hovering in the evening or night skies above the ECETI Ranch.

In addition, numerous spiritual phenonmena have been witnessed and caught on film by many others. James Gilliland offers his insights into our multi-dimensional world, 2012, the awakening of the human race and of course, the UFO phenomenon.

The topics covered in "A Conversation with James Gilliand" 1 hr. 25 min. DVD include:

1. Introduction
2. The Role of Bringing Awareness
3. A Multi-fold Process
4. Near Death Experience
5. Spiritual Awakening
6. Personal Core Beliefs
7. Sense of Purpose
8. ECETI Ranch
9. The UFO Phenomenon
10. Close Encounters
11. Visiting Ships
12. Why the ECETI Ranch?
13. The Greater Family of Man
14. Mount Adams
15. Mount Adams Puts on a Show
16. Identifying Ships
17. Self Mastery Classes
18. Government Disclosure
19. UFO's Being Accepted
20. Vibrational Lifting for Earth
21. The Golden Age
22. Master Kan
23. Master Kan's Photos
24. Humanity's Future
25. Go Within
26. Transcend All Boundries
27. Stepping In and Out of Dimensions
28. Visitations
29. Jeshua Ben Joseph
30. Progressing Spiritually
31. The Biggest Cosmic Joke

Photographed, edited and produced by Ted Cutler of

Order your copy today for $20 + 4.95 shipping.

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