"Englightenment is moving out of duality consciousness and moving into unity consciousness, where we begin to see the unity of all life, everywhere and seeing that everything and everyone is linked."

— Drunvalo Melchizadek
– "The Flower of Life"

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The Heroic Figures Who Have Enlightened the World

Part 3: The Ascended Masters

Part 1: The Roll Call | Part 2: The Age of Enlightenment


by Scott Mowry

It is believed that when a person, or an individual, attains enlightenment, it has the same effect upon 100,000 others. For every person that achieves ascension, they can, in turn, affect the consciousness of the entire world.

Here is a partial list of some of the great masters who have attained enlightenment in an Earthly human body, and through their work, and their life experiences, were able to raise their consciousness and ascend, taking their bodies with them. Through that process of transmutation, they were able to raise the vibrational frequency of their physical bodies to a point where it became a state of pure light, or spirit.

By attaining this lighted state of being, it has allowed them to travel to the multi-dimensional planes of existence, that lie outside our own perception of reality that we are living here on Earth. These multi-dimensional planes are also known as the "invisible realms."

With the emergence of the year 2012, the opportunity for ascension will be greater than it has ever been, at any point in the history of the world. The conditions will be ripe for masses of people to attain a higher state of consciousness, and thus raise their vibration frequency of their own bodies and then move into a whole new dimensional plane of existence. Thus ascending from the Earthly plane, into the higher realms, or in other words, from the physical to the spiritual.

Although only a partial list of what is thought to be the roster of ascended masters, many of these individuals listed below have come more well known as spiritual or religious icons, such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed, to people around the world.




Buddha (aka Gautama Buddha)


Djwhal Khul (aka "The Tibetan")


El Morya


The Great Divine Director


Hermes Trismegistus


Jesus Christ (aka Sananda, aka Yeshua Ben Joseph, aka Jesus of Nazareth, aka The Son of God)

Krishna (aka Lord Krishna)

Kuthumi (aka Mahtma, aka Koot Hoomi, aka Master KH)

Kwan Yin

Lady Master Nada

Lahiri Mahasaya

Lady Portia


Maha Chohan

Mary Magdalene


Meher Baba




Mohammed (or Muhammed)

Mother Mary

Padre Pio

Paul the Venetian

Quan Yin

Ramana Maharishi


Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Germain

Saint Teresa of Avila

Serapis Bey

Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Yukteswar



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Part 1: The Roll Call | Part 2: The Age of Enlightenment