Liquid Mind Discography

Ambience Minimus (1994)
Slow World (1996)
Liquid Mind III: Balance(1999)
Liquid Mind IV: Unity (2000)
Liquid Mind V: Serenity (2001)
Liquid Mind VI: Spirit (2003)
Liquid Mind VII: Reflection (2004)
Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep (2006)
Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience (2007)

— Liquid Mind (aka Chuck Wild), producer, composer, keyboardist

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Liquid Mind – The Minstrel of Peace and Tranquility

Discography (1994-2008)

by Scott Mowry

If Liquid Mind's music puts you to sleep, then that's perfectly fine with its creator, Chuck Wild. After all, that is precisely what he intended it to do.

Liquid Mind is the brain child of the Los Angeles producer, composer and keyboardist, Mr. Wild, who has been creating what is now known as "sedative" music or "musical healthcare," since 1994.

In a former life, during the Eighties, Chuck Wild was the keyboard player for the new wave/pop band, Missing Persons, which ironically, also featured new age composer, Patrick O'Hearn, as an original member. Missing Persons released four highly successful albums on the Capitol Records label from 1980 to 1986.

After leaving Missing Persons in 1984, Mr. Wild began producing, playing and composing for other pop artists, including the Pointer Sisters and Michael Jackson, while also writing the musical score for the hit TV show, "Max Headroom."

During his stint working on the "Max Headroom" show, Mr. Wild began feeling terribly stressed and overworked to the point of nervous exhaustion. He reached out for the guidance of a Chinese healer, who prescribed rest, herbs and a reduced work load for him to begin immediately.

Mr. Wild sought refuge at Laguna Beach, CA and noticed how calm and relaxed he felt by being near the ocean. In particular, the sound of the water seemed to have a very soothing, remedial effect upon his shattered psyche. It was then and there, that an inspired thought came to him: he should create music that would have the same effect upon the listener, as the sound of the water had upon his own brain.

And thus, Liquid Mind was born.

Since then, under the Liquid Mind moniker, Mr. Wild has released nine albums to date, with his most recent release being, "Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience" in 2007.

Liquid Mind compositions are meant to calm the body and lower the heart rate in order to promote rest and relaxation. Mr. Wild deliberately uses very slow tempos to create these effects upon the mind and body.

For years, Liquid Mind music has been enthusiastically embraced by healing and medical professionals, such as massage therapists, surgeons and doctors. They have discovered that this music has great therapeutic value in the recovery of their patients and in the comfort of their clients.

Consequently, this form of music has created a whole new genre that is known as "music therapy" within the new age section on the CD racks.

Mr. Wild describes his style as "soothing, healing relaxation music, a perfect musical background for sleep or pre-sleep, massage, meditation, healing, yoga, pilates, reiki, shiatsu, tai chi or reflexology."

"Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience" is the perfect CD for those who may be new to the Liquid Mind experience, or even, a long-time fan, due to the fact that it has been assembled as a greatest hits package, featuring a nice cross-section of his catalogue.

This collection represents Mr. Wild's own favorite compositions from his previous eight CDs, with the addition of one new, and unreleased track entitled, "I Am Willing."

Just glancing over the Liquid Mind catalogue is a relaxing journey in and of itself, with titles like "Serenity," "Sleep" and "Slow World."

All of the Liquid Mind releases feature a variety of lush, ambient electronic and synthesizer instrumentation, to produce the tonal qualities of peace, harmony and relaxation.

Perhaps, some might think that Liquid Mind music should come with a warning label like some medicines contain: "do not listen while operating heavy machinery." However, that is not the case, and it is safe to play this music while driving. In point of fact, it might well be the perfect remedy to soothe any stress, anxiety and road rage, while stuck in congested traffic.

Needless to say, the Liquid Mind musical journey is a beautiful and lush sonic landscape. You will find yourself easily taken away by the hypnotic and trance-like state your mind wanders to, without even trying.

Check out Liquid Mind, your brain will thank you.

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