“Give us 151 minutes, and we'll show you nine ancient 'taps' that lead to breathtaking wealth and abundance.”

— Joe Vitale (top),
Brad Yates (bottom)

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Tools for Transformation: EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques

Tools for Transformation: Attracting Wealth

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1) EFT Introduction V2
Great overview of EFT from Gary Craig and others.

2) EFT for Pain
Gary Craig heals chronic shoulder pain miraculously! Very impressive!

3) EFT in Action — Overcome Sexual Trauma
Gary Craig heals a lifetime of sexual abuse. Extra-ordinary!

4) EFT for Money Worries
One of the best EFT videos for resolving money issues.

5) Introduction to EFT with Judy Byrne, EFT Master
Excellent overview of EFT by a master practitioner.

6) EFT and Ho'oponopono
Excellent combination of two great healing methods.

7) Clear the Economic Fear— EFT with Brad Yates
Superb EFT process to deal with economic paranoia.

8) EFT in Action — Overcome Phobia
Another remarkable healing by Gary Craig.

9) EFT Tapping Create Abundance Affirmations
Another great EFT tutorial for abundance.

10) EFT Documentary Film — Try It On Everything
Preview trailer of "Try It On Everything" DVD.

Miracles and Inspiration EFT videos for Health and Wellness

Miracles and Inspiration EFT Videos for Abundance

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“Money Beyond Belief! Home Tapping System”
Audio Recordings and eBooks

by Joe Vitale & Brad Yates

Review by Scott Mowry | July 20, 2008


Joe Vitale and Brad Yates have teamed together to create "Money Beyond Belief!: Home Tapping System," a fabulous audio and eBook course designed to help transform your ability to attract money, prosperity and wealth into your life by leaps and bounds.

Joe Vitale, of course, is the author of many self-empowering books such as "The Attractor Factor," "Zero Limits" and "The Key." In fact, Brad Yates has written a passage in Mr. Vitale's latest book, "The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want In Your Life" which can be found in "Clearing Methods" section of the book.

Mr. Yates is an expert in the healing practice known as EFT, or "Emotional Freedom Techniques," and he has had extensive experience in working with clients developing wealth attraction through EFT.

Mr. Vitale has been a proponent of EFT for many years, going as far back as the early 1990's when it was first known as TFT or "Thought Field Therapy," developed by Dr. Roger Callahan.

Around 1993, an engineer by the name of Gary Craig began to develop an offshoot of TFT after studying with Dr. Callahan. Mr. Craig re-worked some of Dr. Callahan's pioneering research and adapted it into EFT, which is basically a very simple method of lighting tapping various energy or meridian points around the body to release emotional issues that often block our road to health, wealth, wellness and success.

EFT has become regarded as "the psychological version of acupuncture" although it uses no needles but instead relies on employing the fingers to stimulate or tap on a select few meridian points on the body, mostly found on the head and upper body regions.

On this audio series, Mr. Vitale and Mr. Yates walk you through a series of counseling and tapping sessions regarding ingrained limiting beliefs around money, wealth, prosperity, abundance and many other financially related attitudes.

Mr. Vitale acts as the emcee, while Mr. Yates leads the listeners through over 217 different tapping combinations of EFT combined with various affirmations and exercises. By the time you complete this course, you will have had the opportunity to work through many emotional issues that may have blocked you from achieving your ideal accumulation of wealth and prosperity.

This "Money Beyond Belief!" course includes seven "Wealth Multipliers" consisting of five audio files and two eBooks. The five audio .mp3 files are "The Limiting Beliefs Healer," "The Deserve Reserve Expander," "Tapping into Abundance," "Tapping into Vibrant Health" and "Guided Toward Abundance," while the two eBooks are entitled, "The Seven Lost Secrets of Success" by Joe Vitale and "Laurusnotes: The Lost Keys-Wit and Wisdom on Living a More Successful and Meaningful Life" by Brad Yates.

Mr. Yates and Mr. Vitale are so sure their "Money Beyond Belief! Home Tapping System" will heal your deepest beliefs about money they are offering a money back guarantee.

The "Money Beyond Belief!" Home Tapping Series can be purchased for $49 by clicking here.

Many people around the world are discovering the miraculous benefits of EFT, when all other traditional treatments have failed. I believe pioneers like Brad Yates and Gary Craig are creating some amazing healing methods that address deeply rooted emotional issues that, when treated with EFT, can produce miracles in your life too.

You owe yourself a favor to consider the tremendous possibilities of EFT and the "Money Beyond Belief!" program.

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