“The music shall set us free."

—Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author, speaker and researcher

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Miracles and Inspiration Guide to
New Age Music

We have compiled a list of some of our most favorite and recommended New Age music and musicians. All of these artists are sensational in their own right and, more than a few of them, have transcended the New Age genre and have crossed over from other musical styles. Nonetheless, they are producing some of the best New Age music to be found.

We are confident you will find these artists highly enjoyable as we have found them to be. For more information on each of these artists, you can click on the links below for an individual section dedicated to each New Age artist and their body of work.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a Playlist.com jukebox that you can sample some of these artists work right here on our web site.

Liquid Mind (aka Chuck Wild) – The Minstrel of Peace and TranquilityLiquid Mind, the brain child of composer, producer and keyboardist Chuck Wild has forged a whole new genre known as sedative music and has released eight CDs to date. If you want to get relaxed and calmed after a hectic day, then put on some Liquid Mind music.

Vangelis – The Greek God of New Age Music Greek composer Vangelis has had an amazing and prolific career that has spanned nearly forty years. He has released some forty albums during that time that have spread generously over the electronic, progressive rock, symphonic rock, space music, and even, the classical genres, not to mention all of the film soundtracks he has composed. You would be hard pressed to find a more successful New Age artist than Vangelis.

Tangerine Dream – This electronic/new age group from Germany has been around for a long time, having gotten their start all the way back in the 1970's. They have proven to be extremely adaptive to new musical trends and now are considered to be veterans of the New Age than their origins would indicate.


Omar Akram: Pianist and composer Omar Akram has released only three albums to date, but each one of them has been a delight, particularly his most recent CD, "Secret Journey," from 2007. He is a rising star and a force to be reckoned with in the New Age genre. Keep your eye on Omar Akram!

Patrick O'Hearn: Along with Chuck Wild (aka Liquid Mind), Patrick O' Hearn was in the Eighties pop group known as Missing Persons. Both O' Hearn and Wild have come along way since those days. O' Hearn has created some beautiful and intoxicating New Age music.

Jonathan Goldman – The Master of Sound Healing Jonathan Goldman is a leading figure in the art of sound healing. His groundbreaking CD, "Holy Harmony," which is strongly endorsed by healing professionals such as Dr. Leonard Horowitz, incorporates the ancient Solfeggio frequencies musical scale. He is also a an author of five books, a lecturer, teacher and one of the world's leading experts in the healing and transformational properties of sound and music.

Iasos – The Maestro of Celestial Harmony: Iasos (pronounced ya' sos) is another pioneer of the New Age genre, having released his first album all the way back in 1975. He is also a brilliant video artist and conducts a variety of fascinating workshops and seminars across the country. His music is otherworldly and seems to originate from another planet, another galaxy or perhaps, another dimension.

Scott Huckabay – Guitar Alchemyst: Scott Huckabay refers to himself as a "guitar alchemyst," while he has also been dubbed "the Jimi Hendrix of inspirational music." He is one of the growing number of musicians, along with the aforementioned Jonathan Goldman, who are employing the ancient Solfeggio frequencies in the tuning of his instruments and creating music that has the ability to heal and transform the human body and soul in truly miraculous ways.

David Wilcock – Wanderer Awakening: Not your typical new age musician, David Wilcock is most well known for his radio interviews, conference appearances and web site postings on consciousness, science and ancient knowledge. Nonetheless, in 2009 he released his magnum opus musical project, "Wanderer Awakening", in tandem with his dynamic collaborator, Larry Seyer. "Wanderer Awakening" was nothing short of a tour de force in both concept and music and has broadened David Wilcock's talents and popularity to the masses.

Robert Haig Coxon – Soundtracks of the Angels: Canadian composer and pianist Robert Haig Coxon's music is designed to take the listener on a journey to the higher realms of consciousness. Angelic beings and Heavenly scenescapes easily come to mind when his music is heard and you can really feel the Divine inspiration where his music originates from. If you are looking for a relaxing yet uplifting musical experience, then seek out Robert Haig Coxon. And then allow yourself to convene with the angels.

Bill Douglas – Purveyor of Peace: When you put on a Bill Douglas CD you can count on becoming relaxed and at peace. It is practically guaranteed. Bill Douglas blends elements jazz, folk, easy listening, classical, choral, ambient and new age music into a soothing mix that is nothing short of a total respite for the soul. His music is equally uplifting and inspirational for even the most stressed out among us in our modern, overwhelming world. Give yourself a break and chill out with the music of the Purveyor of Peace, Mr. Bill Douglas. Your soul will thank you.

Below is a sampling of some of the artists in our New Age Music Guide. You can listen to selections from these artists absolutely free, right on our web site.

More music CD's are available in our Miracles and Inspiration CD store.

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