"human beings have been like puppets of the Divine plan... the threads that have been keeping us as puppets of the Divine plan will be cut off. On a cosmic level, I believe that will happen on October 28, 2011."

— Carl Johan Calleman, author, researcher

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Conscious Co-creation Takes Root on Planet Earth During the Month of June

June 24, 2011 marks the full implementation of the ninth level of consciousness

News | June 23, 2011

Reported by Scott Mowry

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According to the Mayan calendar, the year 2011 is the most spectacular year in the history of the world. It marks not only our entrance into the ninth and final level of consciousness, but the end of the Mayan calendar as a measurement of the flow of evolution. Yes, the Mayan calendar ends in 2011 and not 2012.

It is important that we distinguish that we are referring to one particular Mayan calendar known as the Tun calendar. There have actually been over twenty different Mayan calendars that have been discovered thus far.

The Mayan race were fanatical record keepers. They had calendars for bookkeeping, for crop rotation, for astrological projections –– for nearly every aspect of their lives. Miraculously, they created this one very special calendar, the Tun, that only measured the flow of consciousness, or more precisely, evolution and was far less concerned with the flow of time.

The Mayan Tun calendar offers the most indisputable proof that human consciousness has been accelerating, it has been growing in sophistication and it is leading us to a pinnacle moment in our evolution.

So why nine levels of consciousness? The number 9 is very significant in the realms of numerology as it symbolizes completion. The Mayans were keenly aware of the power of the number 9 and that is exactly why they built many of their pyramids in places like Palenque and Chichen Itza with nine levels.

The Mayans brilliantly fashioned their pyramids to reflect the progression of evolution so that when their people ascended their temples of worship, it literally symbolized a raising of consciousness to a higher state.

(click on photo for an enlarged version)

At this moment in time, the ninth level of consciousness, or ninth wave, represents a milestone that we have reached the end of cycle and we are about to begin an entirely new way of existence. In other words, we have fulfilled all the conditions of evolution within this Earthly three-dimensional experience and we are ready to shift into something entirely new and greater!

This ninth level consciousness has been identified as "Conscious Co-creation" which simply means we have come into the awareness or the understanding that we are participating in life as knowing creators. Or, we have arrived at our most powerful state we have ever been!

By progressing through nine levels, we are reaching the end of a great period of evolution. In numerology, the next number 10 is a 1, because we add 1 + 0 = 1 which would indicate we are about to begin a brand new paradigm of existence.

On the other hand, the Mayan calendar that is causing so much consternation around the world and was displayed prominently in the mega-disaster film "2012", is known as the Long Count calendar. This particular calendar is due to end around the time of sunrise on the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012.

The Tun calendar was decoded by researchers, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, who has authored three books to date, including the recommended work, "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness" and the late Ian Lungold. It has been further analyzed by Barbara Hand Clow in her book, "The Mayan Code", among others.

Within all nine levels of consciousness, there lies thirteen sub-levels which represent further introductions of new types of consciousness. The thirteen sub-levels correspond to the time frame that God created the Universe –– in seven days and six nights (6 + 7 = 13).

The sub-levels within the ninth level are coming at us every 18 days now since the ninth level of consciousness began on March 9, 2011. (Originally, this starting date was February 10, 2011 however, Dr. Calleman has readjusted his dates slightly.)

According to Dr. Calleman's calculations, on June 24th we will enter into a new sub-level known as the Fourth Day, which is essentially the half way point of the ninth level of consciousness.

At that point, Conscious Co-creation will become fully dominate over all the other ongoing states of consciousness (levels one through eight) on the planet and will increase throughout the remainder of the year as we race headlong towards the finish line. The Mayan Tun calendar reaches its conclusion on the specific date of October 28, 2011, which will mark an unprecedented event in all of human history.

"When you study the Mayan calendar from the perspective I have presented… human beings, without really knowing, have been like puppets of the Divine plan, in the big scale of things," Dr. Calleman states in the video below.

"If all of these cycles, all of these waves that have been guiding us up until now comes to a completion, they are fulfilled... the threads that have been keeping us as puppets of the Divine plan will be cut off.

On a cosmic level, I believe that will happen then on October 28, 2011," he adds.

From that point, Dr. Calleman believes, as a species, human beings will be set truly free –– free of the Divine plan that has guided humanity from the very beginning of creation. (Dr. Calleman will be the guest on the Coast to Coast AM radio show on June 23, 2011.)

Below are the dates for the introduction of each new sub-level (every 18 days) within the ninth level of consciousness:

1st Day begins on March 9, 2011
1st Night begins on March 26, 2011
2nd Day begins on April 13, 2011
2nd Night begins on May 1, 2011
3rd Day begins on May 19, 2011
3rd Night begins on June 6, 2011
4th Day begins on June 24, 2011
4th Night begins on July 12, 2011
5th Day begins on July 30, 2011
5th Night begins on August 17, 2011
6th Day begins on September 4, 2011
6th Night begins on September 22, 2011
7th Day begins on October 10, 2011
7th Day ends on October 28, 2011

March 9, 2011 - Carl Johan Calleman on the 7th Day and 9th Level

What we can envision on October 28th is that humanity will essentially reach the conclusion of evolution within this three-dimensional existence. After 16.4 billion years, there will simply be no place left for us and the Earth to evolve except to shift up to a higher state or a higher dimension, which ultimately will be the fifth dimensional plane.

Many, many souls and extra-terrestrials have arrived on planet Earth to assist with this transition to a fifth-dimensional reality that will result in the long prophesied Golden Age, or Heaven on Earth.

These souls have come from all corners of the universe by incarnating into human bodies and living amongst the human race. Their mere presence upon the Earth has dramatically raised the frequency of the planet and has prepared it for this great shift into a higher dimension.

Some have come with specific missions to fulfill such as Inelia Benz, who was recently interviewed by Bill Ryan of Project Avalon. She has a fascinating life story to tell and is well worth your attention. (See video below)

INELIA BENZ : the full interview - with Bill Ryan from Project Avalon

Inelia Benz makes a point of emphasis upon the notion of timelines and the importance of choosing a timeline that is positive and uplifting for your own life. She stresses that we now have a choice of which timeline we shall follow.

"It really depends on each individual choosing to process their fear," Inelia Benz states. "And each person that decides not to engage in that fear adds a little bit more higher vibration to the planet and effects it for hundreds of others."

"Each individual on the planet has control over their own timeline, and that is one of the things the elite don't want you to know," she says. "The correct question would be have I changed my timeline and joining those others that want the same timeline I want?"

Many, many others with similar missions are now on planet Earth, helping to raise the vibrations of the planet.

Hypnotherapist and author, Dolores Cannon, has distinctly identified three waves of souls that began arriving in the mid-1950's after answering a universal distress call to help save the Earth. The call went out immediately after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan near the conclusion of WWII.

She has just released a new book this month entitled, "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth" which offers much more detail on the roles of these souls.

Heaven has heeded the call and the love for Mother Earth and humanity is overwhelming. Our ascension into the fifth dimension is assured now!

With each passing day, this transformation of the Earth and its people becomes more and more of a reality as many begin, or are well within, the process of awakening. This phenomenon will continue to accelerate as we move through the remainder of 2011 with an eye towards the finish line of October 28th.

Then humanity will enter a period of time known as the Age of Enlightenment that will continue to become more and more prominent throughout the year 2012.

By the end of 2012, there will be enough enlightened beings on planet Earth to reach the long anticipated tipping point. That crucial number is expected to be 70,000. It should be noted that for each person that becomes enlightened, they in turn effect 100,000 others.

Therefore, if we do the math –– 70,000 x 100,000 = 7 billion. And of course, the number 7 billion is significant as it represents the total number of people on the planet at this time in our history.

Thus, in a very short time, we will have reached the magical number which indicates that each and every person on the planet will eventually be able to move into an state of enlightened consciousness, but only if they so choose.

Not everyone will reach this state at the same time. It may take many years for some to reach an enlightened state, while others are more than ready to go right now! They may begin to pop like proverbial kernels of corn in the kettle.

Those who are steeped in negativity, greed, corruption, violence and control will take much, much longer. In fact, some of those people will be remaining with the current 3-D Earth, which simply means their vibrations will resonate with the lower frequencies. These lower frequencies will prevent them from moving to the higher frequencies of the new Earth residing in the fifth dimension.

Their ultimate destiny may lie on another planet where they will reincarnate to work out their remaining unresolved karma. And that decision will be of their own choice.

Most of the human race will be transforming into the Golden Age upon the new Earth, as some have termed it.

Realize this –– the higher realms who created the Earth and the human race have gone to an extraordinary effort to ensure that those who desire to experience the Golden Age will have that opportunity. And that means everyone who so chooses.

They have coordinated an enormous rescue mission by calling upon volunteer souls to incarnate upon the Earth, live out their lives on this difficult planet and then return home again from whence they came. The agreement calls for these souls to be here for one lifetime and one lifetime only. And for fulfilling a mission upon the Earth they have been given "karmic shields" to ensure that no karma will entrap them upon this planet.

The people of the Earth are truly blessed to be the recipients of so much dedication and unconditional love from a mostly group of unknown.

As you can plainly see, this is the greatest time to be on planet Earth –– bar none! There now exists so much enormous potential that is coming into possibilities that our collective future is absolutely unlimited! Simply stated –– your future is as great as you desire to make it.

With each passing week, the Golden Age comes more and more into focus. The more you believe in it, the more it will manifest within your own personal reality.

Why not choose to experience the most wonderful, the most fantastic, the most glorious life that you can possibly envision for yourself?! Anything is now possible as we move out of the state of lack and limitation into one of unlimited potential. As we move from a life of duality or polarity into one of unified consciousness or –– oneness.

That is our destiny and that is what lies immediately ahead. Understand we are down to the final days now, not years and not centuries. We are in final days! The year 2012 is only the beginning of the Golden Age upon the Earth. Our transition will be slow and gradual at first as your life will for some time appear to be relatively the same.

Whatever you truly believe in your heart, your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitudes and your potentialities is what will manifest in your life. There may be as many as 7 billion different realities ongoing at the same time upon the Earth –– that is how remarkable this ninth level of consciousness is!

The most amazing, the most astounding and the most revolutionary life is awaiting you –– if you desire it. And it is just beyond the horizon, growing ever and ever closer.

Welcome to the world, YOUR world, of unlimited, unimaginable possibilities. May your choices be most wise and judicious.

2012 - Bashar

© 2011 MR Productions, LLC

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