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Major Planetary Transformations Shift Into High Gear: Part 2

Stunning news out of the Vatican, Bill Gates Arrest Update, Amazing Benjamin Fulford radio interview

Major Planetary Transformations Shift Into High Gear: Part 1

News | March 9, 2012 | UPDATED: March 12, 2012 | March 15, 2012 | March 17, 2012 | March 25, 2012 | March 29, 2012 | April 3, 2012 (See below for updated information)

Reported by Scott Mowry |

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As we had speculated in our most recent news article, "Major Planetary Events Shift Into High Gear" world events continue to escalate at a fever pitch. Most particularly, we had anticipated that the heat upon the Vatican was about to be turned into an inferno and indeed that is precisely what has now occurred!!

Pope Benedict XVI gives up

The latest news breaking out of Vatican City on March 8, 2012 is that Pope Benedict XVI (aka John Ratzinger) will resign as of April 15, 2012, as reported by Italian daily newspaper, Libero. Yes, ironically on the very same day Americans are supposed to pay their income tax to the IRS. Coincidence?

The Catholic Church has not seen a Pope voluntarily resign since the year 1417 when Gregory XII agreed to step down during the Western Schism which was also a time when there were two other rivals vying for the papacy, That was nearly 700 years ago! So this breaking news about the current sitting Pope can only be termed as utterly historic.

It is highly likely that Pope Benedict XVI has been offered a deal he simply could not refuse and has been forced to resign due to his involvement in a whole series of nefarious activities since he took office in 2005.

Even before he became Pope, it has been reported that the then Father Ratzinger was instrumental in covering up the growing pedophile priest scandal on behalf of the Vatican, that has now exploded throughout Europe and across America.

In fact, the pedophile scandal has grown so salacious that countries such as Ireland have made the bold decision to close their embassies in Vatican City. For a country that is predominantly 88% Roman Catholic population as found in the Irish Republic to basically break ties with the Vatican is absolutely stunning!.

Such was the outrage, that Prime Minister Enda Kenny felt compelled to deliver a stinging indictment of the Vatican in 2011 before the Irish parliament after learning of the findings of an investigation into priest pedophile allegations in his country.

According to a New York Times story from July 25, 2011: "The report, released on July 13, found that clergy leaders in the rural Irish diocese of Cloyne did not act on complaints against 19 priests from 1996 to 2009. It also concluded that the Vatican had encouraged bishops to ignore child-protection guidelines that included the 'mandatory reporting' of abuse to civil authorities."

Taoiseach Enda Kenny: Cloyne Report

The highly volatile pedophile scandal sees no end in sight and may be the lynch pin that finally topples the Vatican down completely. Perhaps sensing the inevitable, the Pope may have realized it is high time to abandon the sinking ship, if has not been outright forced to resign.

It is important to note that Vatican City is the very heart of the covert spiritual control over the entire world. Along with its sister cities, the City of London –– headquarters for the financial control, and Washington, DC –– headquarters of the military control, these three countries with a country form an extremely dominant power base known as the Empire of the City.

According to Asian researcher, Benjamin Fulford, the Vatican is currently undergoing an unprecedented housecleaning in order to rid itself of all Satanists within its ranks who have dominated the church's direction for many centuries, particularly since the arrival of Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuit order in 1540.

The prophecy of Irish saint Malachy, the 12th century bishop of Armagh, predicted that that the current pope was the next to last one to serve. Saint Malachy stated there will be only one more pope thereafter and during his reign comes the so-called end of the world.

The end of the world, of course, is merely the end of the third-dimensional reality as humanity and the Earth shift into a higher state of consciousness without the need for any Armageddon scenario whatsoever. That time has arrived and it begins in 2012.

Many have pondered how this current Pope would ultimately leave office and thus fulfill the prophecy by the year 2012. Common speculation was that Pope Ratzinger would likely die while on the Papal throne, since he is approaching 85 years of age. But, now it appears that he will be forced out as part of an escalating, world-wide campaign to clean out corruption at every major institution controlled by the New World Order cabal.

The impending resignation of Pope Ratzinger is one of the clearest and strongest signals to date that the world is undergoing monumental changes and the decks are being cleared of all the corrupt conspirators. We should assume the Vatican will offer Pope Ratzinger's advanced age and perhaps declining health as reasons for his resignation, but that will likely be only the cover story to please the Catholic faithful.

Although speculation regarding his resignation has been present since August 2011 when various news reports began to emerge. Regardless, when the CEO of the richest, most powerful –– and most corrupt –– institution in the world, the Catholic Church, either chooses or is forced to resign then it automatically becomes one of the biggest stories of the year.

Expect many, many more resignations, arrests and outright disappearances to come of most of the major key players as the New World Order continues its rapid and inevitable collapse during this year.

On another front, rumors persist that former Microsoft Chief, Bill Gates, has been arrested for his interference with the global economic reform measures being directed by the Chinese and their Asian allies.

Bill Gates arrested? Image from Tynan on Tech

Benjamin Fulford first reported this development in his Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis report from March 5, 2012: "The hunt is on, cabal arrests accelerating" and also indicated that former President George H. W. Bush, Sr. had been detained as well.

"The ongoing financial war is accelerating with arrests and assassinations being seen on both sides. George Bush Senior and Bill Gates were arrested last week for sabotaging the new financial system after being fingered by Timothy Geithner, pentagon sources say", Mr. Fulford wrote in his March 5th report.

Then, appearing on the Sean David Morton radio show, Strange Universe, found on the American Freedom Radio network on Tuesday, March 6, 2012, Mr. Fulford suggested to those who were listening to contact Microsoft and inquire if Mr. Gates had indeed been arrested.

On March 8, 2012 at 14:02, he then posted this tidbit of information found below on his website:

"Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot contacted Microsoft's public relations department and asked the following question::


Here was the formal response from Microsoft:

Thank you for your patience as I looked into your request. I have connected with my colleagues and unfortunately we are unable to accommodate your request at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you need attribution, please attribute to a Microsoft spokesperson."

Wow, that does not exactly sound like an official denial now does it? We wait with bated breath to learn the fate of the slimy Mr. Gates, long rumored to be actively engaged in a eugenics program through vaccination in Africa, all funded by his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Kerry Cassidy then posted further information on her blog reprinted below:


Apparently, someone called the LA Times using the name or saying their info source was "Morning Liberty" regarding the unconfirmed arrest of Geithner and Gates (see my story below)... No update on what the LA Times is doing about it...
Morning Liberty turns out to be : Robert H. Hender, Jr.

Click Here for his Article (also reprinted here for convenience)

Note: this article is dated March 1, 2012... "

The Strange Universe interview with Benjamin Fulford was absolutely amazing for the treasure trove of updated information that Mr. Fulford offered and comes with our highest recommendation.

The White Dragon in the Year of the Dragon–– 2012

Benjamin Fulford had reported previously that the White Dragon Society hasgiven a deadline of the end of March 2012 for the complete surrender of the New World Order cabal. He also outlined how a variety of powerful groups are coming together to directly oppose the New World Order cabal.

"The hacker group Anonymous has now aligned itself with us. So we have the Royal families, we have the world's martial arts society, we have the Asian secret societies and we have this group called the Gnostic Illuminati, who claimed they caused the French, American and Russian revolutions, all on our side," stated Mr. Fulford of these groups.

In addition to the alliance forged between the hacktavist group, Anonymous, and the White Dragon Society, Mr. Fulford indicated that a major announcement and/or event is forthcoming from the two groups on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.

"I guarantee it will be a jaw dropper," Mr. Fulford promised. "It will be a mind-blower."

"We are tired of talk. We are moving from talk to action. I am going to say 'we either put up or shut up.' We are going into active mode now," Mr. Fulford professed. "People are being arrested. It is happening."

Indeed, Mr. Fulford's prognostications now seeming to becoming fulfilled as massive arrests and resignations of international bankers, government and corporate personnel continues unabated as we previously reported in the first part of this series of articles. Many more have taken place since, as every new day now finds many more reports of new arrests.

Benjamin Fulford: Spokesman for the White Dragon Society

"I am tired of waiting for a giant spaceship to come out of the sky to save us. I am tired of waiting for the Messiah to come and save us," Mr. Fulford said. "We just got to save ourselves."

"I guarantee you, this year once we get started, we are going to end poverty, we are going to stop environmental destruction and we're going to release technology that has been withheld from us for the past sixty years. It is going to be wonderful, " he stated faithfully.

"We are going to save the planet. We are going to start a new era. Not a New World Order. A golden age. An age of prosperity. An age of happiness, an age of wisdom," he added enthusiastically.

And with those words, Mr. Fulford offered this closing statement: "From now on the dominant theme of this planet is not going to be fear, but it is going to be love."

Listen to the entire interview with Benjamin Fulford at the Strange Universe archives.

Clearly now, more than ever, the signs of transformation are growing more and more obvious by the week. Soon it will be by the day, then by the hour. We will continue to see major historic events appear on a regular basis as we move fully into the powerful transmuting energies of the year 2012.

As the news of these fantastic prophetic changes can no longer suppressed by the mainstream media, our world will become increasingly exciting. It will be impossible for the media and the gatekeepers of information to contain the flood of good news that is unfolding now. At this stage of the game, there is nothing that can stop the gift of the Golden Age from coming to the people of Earth.

Slowly but surely, with each passing day, we inch ever closer to our freedom from eons and eons of slavery. All of these recent developments are positive proof we are moving towards the greatest time period upon the Earth.

Those who have pledged their allegiance to the systems of control will suddenly find themselves on the run, with no place left to hide. Then perhaps suddenly, without little warning, this entire fraudulent system may come collapsing down because there will simply be no one left to hold it in place.

Then together, all of the people of the world will unite as one to rapidly build the new Earth that will see unprecedented peace, prosperity, abundance, truth, vitality and sovereignty for all. And it all begins this year –– 2012: the year of the Water Dragon and the Age of Enlightenment.

Keep your eyes on the prize and envision yourself already living in the Golden Age right now! Not a year from now, not ten years from not even tomorrow but right now. Then you will experience it all that much sooner.

And as we have stated before –– it is happening. It is really, really happening now!

© 2012 MR Productions, LLC

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