Latest Updates to Miracles and Inspiration!

-– New commentary posted,
"I Have A Dream"

-– Coming up on June 19-21, over the Summer Solstice, is the Concert for the Living Water, which will bring together musicians from around the world for a live concert and internet event. Several artists, such as Scott Huckabay will be performing in the
Solfeggio frequencies tuning. More info can be found at and also in our newly added
Solfeggio Frequencies section.

-– Jo Dunning has now begun an The Abundance Project radio show on the World Puja Network. (To listen to these shows you will need to sign up for a free subscription.)

-– The audio recording and the notes from the recent Miracles and Inspiration Conference call from May 5, 2009 are now available.

-– **NEW SECTION ADDED** Tools for Transformation #11: Rating Human Consciousness with Applied Kinesiology
by Dan Rezac

-– Upcoming on May 9-11, 2009 is the Rebirth Celebration which will mark a significant time period in the Mayan calendar. It is a major emanation from the Hunab-Ku, an unfathomably large intelligence in the center of the universe according to Mayan Cosmology, will inform a magnificent birth of cosmic proportions. More information can also be found at

-– Participate in the Rebirth Celebration Global Concordance-Meditation. (Click on this link and then hit the play or download button for Episode9)

-– Astonishing video, disguised as humor, from the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, actually mentions Benjamin Fulford and the Illuminati! View the clip here: "Joining the Illuminati"

-– David Wilcock has posted a new update on the latest swine flu pandemic entitled, "Great Awakening III: Deeper Insights into NWO Defeat" as well as, "Great Awakening II: Swine Flu + Mainstream Media = $$$"

-– New Zero Limits video released, "Zero Limits – Live from Maui" by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

-– David Wilcock has posted a very inspiring article well worth investigating entitled, "The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat."

-– The audio recording and the notes from the recent Miracles and Inspiration Conference call from April 14, 2009 are now available.

-– The Abundance Breakthrough Project is a new event offered by
Jo Dunning to begin on April 15, 2009.

-– "The Solfeggio Frequencies – The Perfect Circle of Sound for Transformation"

-– "Gregg Braden – The Divine Matrix, Quantum Reality and The Ancients" authored by our wonderful staff writer, Patty Laferriere.

-– The Ho'oponopono 2009
Basic I Class Schedule
has been released at the official
Self I-dentity through Ho’oponopono web site.

-– Sri Bhagavan Birthday Celebration web cast
March 7th, 2009

-– Sri Bhagavan on "The Significance of the Year 2012" video. Click on this link and then on image that says "Vision 2012" on the right hand side of the page, just as the one below.

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David Wilcock Releases First Ever Musical Vocal Album, “Wanderer Awakening”

And posts exciting new blog article entitled, "The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat"

News | April 15, 2009 | Updated–April 29, 2009 (preview song/video added below)

Reported by Scott Mowry |

David Wilcock, is recognized as a renown author, speaker and mystic. Well now you can officially add lead singer, and maybe even pop star, to his resume! He has just released his first ever vocal album, entitled, "Wanderer Awakening," on April 15th, in which he performs as lead vocalist, drummer and songwriter.

Collaborating once again with nine-time Grammy Award winner Larry Seyer, the duo has produced a sprawling 50-track, four CD/LP-sized work, half of which features a wide range of pop, rock and adult contemporary musical styles with vocals. While on the other 25 tracks, David provides spoken word narration over extra musical accompaniment.

Needless to say, this is quite an undertaking! The entire project clocks in at nearly two and half hours of content.

This is the second musical project that David Wilcock and Larry Seyer have combined their talents on, their first was entitled, "The Science of Peace," which also featured spoken words over instrumental music.

This time around, David handles all of the lead vocals on original compositions that he and Mr. Seyer have written together.

The album follows a central theme of the "wanderers," which is a term used to describe the large variety of people or souls, who have come at this auspicious time to Earth to participate in its spiritual awakening or transformation that is believed will culminate sometime around the year 2012. There is estimated to be as many as 100 million, or perhaps more, such wanderers on the planet at this time.

The theme of the "wanderers," originated from a book entitled, "From Elsewhere: Being ET in America," by Scott Mandelker. David Wilcock discovered this book many years ago and so strongly identified with its content that he sought out the author and eventually was hired by him as a scientific advisor. The two have even appeared on a Coast to Coast AM radio show together in 2001 and have conducted seminars and have planned for more in the near future.

In fact, it was also on Coast to Coast AM, that David first previewed his music on February 6, 2009, during a show entitled, "2012 and Human Evolution." During the second hour that night, host George Noory played a very brief selection of a song entitled, "Listen to You."

(You can hear that selection on YouTube in a video format: David Wilcock singing debut!.)

David's interest in music goes back to his youth where both his parents held strong ties to it, as his father was employed as a rock and jazz journalist, and his mother as a musical teacher. While David's previous musical experience was that of a jazz drummer.

"Wanderer Awakening" acts as a sort of a classic musical concept album, with songs and narratives all dedicated to highlight and inspire the wanderers, featuring an eclectic, diverse mix of contemporary musical styles. It unfolds over four parts, which essentially makes up the four CD's. David describes the project in his own words as a " metaphysical music adventure."

"Wanderer Awakening describes the journey of a single ‘hero’ who starts out as the Conscious Universe — the One Infinite Creator — and then downshifts into an angelic being," says David of this massive musical and spiritual endeavor.

David's singing is surprisingly quite accomplished for a debut album as the music ranges from influences diverse as Josh Grobin, The Beach Boys, Bread and Phil Collins, among others.

Standout tracks include "Everything Tells Me," "Two of Us," from Part One, "Do You Really, Really Love Me from Part Two, "You Are the One" from Part Three and "Listen to You" from Part Four. While "Wonderful One" (also from Part Three) has hit single written all over it!

"Wanderer Awakening" almost unfolds like a rich Broadway musical starring just one voice, through just one actor. For the most part, it is intensely romantic, tender and spiritual and I believe women, especially, are going to respond to this music! Not to suggest that men won't appreciate it, as well.

But these are words and music that come straight from the heart and there is no doubt that it will touch many other's hearts as well. Guaranteed.

The musicianship throughout the entire set is magnificent, with Mr. Seyer playing acoustic and electric guitars, piano, synthesizers and percussion, in addition, to his duties as producer and engineer.

The sheer scope and vision of this project alone is something quite extra-ordinary to consider. Four complete albums worth of material is an ambitious objective for any recording artist, but remarkably these two gentlemen manage to pull it off. Magnificently so!

"Wanderer Awakening" is an absolutely outstanding debut for David Wilcock as a musician, singer and songwriter and we can expect him to be on the road to superstardom any time now. This project should elevate his career into the stratosphere!

Perhaps, just where a true wanderer belongs.

UPDATE: April 22, 2009

A fan video has been posted on YouTube of the song, "I'm On My Way" from the "Wanderer Awakening" album. Watch and listen below:

(More fan videos can be found on the left hand column of this page.)

To read more about "Wanderer Awakening" be sure to check out our David Wilcock Audio section.

More information about the "Wanderer Awakening" album can be found on David's blog in a post entitled, "The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat." This is also a fabulous and inspiring article that accompanies the announcement of the "Wanderer Awakening" debut.

(UPDATE on, April 28th: "Great Awakening III: Deeper Insights into NWO Defeat." "Be sure to maintain a positive attitude and realize the illusory nature of fear, as it is so very important in these critical times. You do help control the ‘frequency’ that will, in turn, determine how quickly the negative forces will be defeated!," David writes.)

Here is David's official announcement for "Wanderer Awakening."

As if all of this amazing output were not enough, David plans to give a live performance of "Wanderer Awakening" at a special conference in New York City called "Convergence." It is to be held over Memorial Day weekend from May 22-24, 2009 at the Sheraton JFK Airport Hotel.

More information about the Convergence conference in NYC can be found here.

As he has often done with the majority of products found on his web site, David offers a variety of formats to purchase "Wanderer Awakening," all of which are on his online store at

Here are the three formats that are available for purchase right now:

Wanderer Awakening HD Cosmic Combo Audio Program ($99.99)
This product is exactly like "Wanderer Awakening Cosmic Combo" except that all files are in HD (320kbs) quality. It contains ALL download products from the "Wanderer Awakening" series in HD (320k) quality PLUS BOTH sections of the Music pieces also in HD (320k) quality. This product contains over 3 HOURS of MP3 audio material from "Wanderer Awakening" series in HD 320k MP3 quality. (This product is over 650 Megs in size)

Wanderer Awakening Cosmic Combo Audio Program ($59.99)
This folder contains the four parts of "Wanderer Awakening". PLUS it contains 25 instrumental Music pieces written specifically for "Wanderer Awakening" not available in the core audio program. Product is zipped into six easily downloadable sections. This product contains over 3 HOURS of MP3 audio material.

Wanderer Awakening Core Audio Program ($39.99)
This folder contains the four parts of "Wanderer Awakening". Product is zipped into four easily downloadable sections. This product contains over 2 HOURS of MP3 audio material. This does NOT include the Music Only MP3 files.

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