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“The Secret Journey”

by Omar Akram | 2007 | Real Music



CD Music Review by Scott Mowry

Combining elements of pop, dance, electronic, jazz, Indian, Spanish flamenco, classical, new age and, even more, Omar Akram has created an intoxicating brew of uplifting and inspiring music on his most recent album, "Secret Journey."

And what a delicious brew it is!

Right from the very opening cut, "Run Away with Me," Mr. Akram grabs hold of you with his lilting piano melodies, that are absolutely infectious and addictive, and never lets you go. I could not stop listening to this track after hearing it for the first time. This is a real pop masterpiece and one that will appeal to both pop and new age music fans, alike.

"Secret Journey" is the third release for pianist and composer, Omar Akram, and it is comprised entirely of instrumental pieces like his previous albums, "Opal Fire," in 2002 and "Free As A Bird," in 2004, all of which can be found on the Real Music label. For those earlier releases, he was simply known as "Omar," but has now decided to reclaim his last name.

In "Secret Journey," it is Mr. Akram's accomplished piano playing that really shines here. So beautiful and free-flowing is his style, it's as if it were riding on a cushion air. He exemplifies a smooth and effortless technique, but at the same time, stirring and inspiring. And that's quite a trick to pull off.

Also worth noting, is the brilliant interplay of the acoustic guitar flourishes, performed beautifully by both Ramon Stagnaro and Ardeshir Farah, coupled with Mr. Akram's grand piano, a winning formula that is found on many of the twelve tracks here. In addition, the performance of violinist Charlie Bisharat is equally sublime.

For good measure, Mr. Akram throws in slices of middle Eastern, Afghani and other world music influences, which emanate from his international background as the child of a US diplomat. Obviously, Omar Akram was paying attention during his early formative years and he puts his varied cultural experiences to good use on "Secret Journey."

Other standout tracks include "Passage of the Heart," "Seven Secrets," "Whispers in the Moonlight" and "Mirage."

All in all, "Secret Journey" is a fabulous odyssey through a rich and sumptuous world music experience. Get yourself a ticket now on Omar Akram's "Secret Journey."

I can promise you, you won't be disappointed with this ride!

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