"Spiritual enlightenment is a naturally-occurring Organic process. It is an experience produced by a unique shift in brain chemistry. This shift in brain chemistry is characterized subjectively by a 'de-clutching' of the mind from the process of Sensory experience."

— Stuart Mooney, Author, Spiritual Teacher

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The Oneness Blessing from India

Part 6: Stuart Mooney: The American Buddha

Part 1: Overview | Part 2: Books and Web Resources | Part 3: Videos/DVD's and CDs |

Part 4: Latest Oneness / Sri Bhagavan Videos | Part 5: The Moola Mantra

by Scott Mowry


By most accounts, Stuart Mooney is your typical American male –– father of five, grandfather of ten, married twice and living in Santa Barbara, California. He was the son of a pilot father and a school teacher mother, played high school football as a youth, graduated from Penn State University and went on to a career as a psychologist.

For much of his life, he had a burning passion for spiritual enrichment and dabbled in a number of different directions. By his own admission, he spent upwards of a 1/4 of a million dollars experimenting with various spiritual modalities.

He even ventured to India on numerous occasions, sitting at the feet of various sages, gurus and avatar masters –– all in an endless quest to satisfy a deep yearning for spiritual fulfillment.

But here is where the story really gets interesting.

In 2004 he went to see, Amma, "the hugging saint" and had a very profound experience. During his encounter with Amma, who literally travels the world doling out hugs to people in order to transfer a state of Divine grace to them, Stuart Mooney achieved a state of awakening.

Then in 2006, while attending classes at the Oneness University in Chenai, he popped into a state of enlightenment. And his life was completely and totally transformed into one of perpetual bliss.

Ever since that point, he has dedicated himself to helping others to become awakened and now travels the country teaching his unique Sensory Enlightenment Workshops as the American Buddha,

"The road to Spiritual Enlightenment is completely EFFORTLESS. Effort in the cause of spiritual growth is in direct opposition to Natural Law," Stuart Mooney says.

Stuart's story is a fascinating one and is chronicled in his first book simply entitled, "American Buddha". It is the autobiography of his experiences in achieving higher states of consciousness and eventually how easy and simple the discovery of enlightenment was, albeit with much trial and error, pain and suffering.

Stuart's direct mission now is to help his fellow Americans achieve a state of enlightenment as humanity as a whole inches ever closer to the long prophesied Golden Age, due to begin in the year 2012.

"Westerners will help to awaken Westerners," Stuart has said. He believes it will be people such as himself among many others, who will begin to impact many individuals in the Western world, including the United States.

Awakening is a phenomenon that can affect as many as 100,000 others who come in contact with an awakened or enlightened being. It is that powerful. In other words, enlightenment is contagious, it is transferrable to another through an almost osmosis-like process.

"Once you become enlightened, your only job is to pay it forward. Your job is finished," Stuart says of this process.

In point of fact, the Oneness University is now predicting that by the end of the year 2012, there will be 70,000 awakened beings on the planet, who will in turn ensure that all 7 billion people who live upon the Earth will become awakened themselves. (UPDATE: See our News article Critical Mass Milestone for Awakening of the Human Race Has Been Achieved for the latest statistics on awakened beings.)

This entire process will propel the whole planet into a massive shift of consciousness that will ultimately lift all of humanity into the Golden Age, or Heaven on Earth. Although, it is important to note, all will not achieve these higher states of consciousness or arrive into the Golden Age at the same time.

Stuart Mooney is an American who will be playing more and more of a pivotal role in awakening American citizens, right on American soil. You will not have to travel to some far flung exotic location in the world for this very phenomenon to happen to you.

From his vantage point he has defined this entire process as a "Divine tsunami" which began in earnest during the year 2011. This is the year that planet Earth moves into the ninth and final level of consciousness, as foretold by the Mayan calendar.

(For more on the ninth level of consciousness, see our Carl Johan Calleman section.)

Expect to see many, many other awakened beings to emerge in the US and other countries throughout the year of 2012. And as the year moves on, the awakening phenomenon will grow faster and stronger with each passing month.

2012 promises to be a year like no other in which Stuart Mooney and others like him, will be playing an extremely prominent role.

UPDATE: In October of 2012, Stuart Mooney has released a new online course entitled the "Sensory Enlightenment Workshop." This special course has been designed to guide you through the experience and the process of awakening from a man who has lived it first hand. Stuart Mooney's 7-hour video course, including transcripts, is available for only $47 right now.

Stuart Mooney on the year 2012 - Live at the Awakening Center - 2.10.12

Stuart Mooney – Enlightened Mind

Here are some pertinent quotes from Stuart Mooney's first book, "American Buddha":

Page 65
Q) Are there shortcuts to Awakening?
A) Oneness Blessing is the best shortcut I know of.

Page 54
Q) How is Grace obtained?
A) Oneness Blessing is the easiest way.

Page 117
Q) Would you disclose a universal technique to bring me to Awakening?
A) Oneness Blessings!

Page 44
Q) What is the universal language, the universal system, the universal technique for Awakening?

A) It is the Oneness Blessing. Oneness Blessing provides the missing component. Oneness Blessing provides Divine Grace. When there is enough Grace, you Awaken. When the Grace of Oneness Blessing transforms your biochemistry, you Awaken. Oneness Blessing fills your nerves and receptor sites with a strong, coherent, pure bioelectric signal. Impurities are burnt away by the strength of this Divine current. The chemicals in the synaptic cleft are transformed by the Grace signal. As impurities dissolve, the conductivity of the Grace increases until the central nervous system is then able to sustain a much greater Grace signal. Eventually, the ultra strong Grace signal permeates waking, dreaming, and sleeping consciousness and your Brain "Awakens". It is a sort of a biochemical sunrise.

Stuart Mooney on the Mukthi Process – Live at the Awakening Center WA, 7.24.11

Stuart Mooney Interview by PureClearWisdom.com

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