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Scott Mowry appeared on the Medium in Our Midst radio show on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scott Mowry appeared on the new Blogtalk radio show "The Light Agenda" with host Stephen Cook.

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Transcript of Scott Mowry on The Light Agenda – June 27, 2012 - Part 1 of 2

Part 2

Transcribed by Ellen McGuffie

Stephen Cook: Thanks to Ellen for typing this up once again. For those who missed the show or wish to read and listen at the same time head here: ight_radio/2012/

Or to listen to this interview click on the Blog Talk Radio player below:

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Stephen Cook of The Light Agenda radio show.

Stephen Cook: Hello, and welcome to the Light Agenda. This is Stephen Cook, and I thank you again for making time to join me and my special guest today.

Now, as usual, my aim with The Light Agenda is for this program to be a place where light minds come to think alight and inspire you to come alight too. And I can guarantee you that my guest today will do just that.

Scott Mowry describes himself as a spiritual warrior, and his life as a life that is ‘almost impossible to explain’. But I can tell you that he is an investigative journalist and a terrific writer and, in fact, whenever his latest articles have been posted on, our readers have devoured his brilliantly explained viewpoints on current and future events.

Not only is Scott a writer, he’s also a filmmaker, he writes book and film reviews, he’s a tireless worker within the spiritual community assisting to run events at the Awakening Center near his current home in Rainier in Washington state in the United States, and together with his great friend Dan Rezak, he also runs the website

Now, that’s all the obvious stuff that you may already know about Scott, but today we’re going to find out quite a bit more about many of the other aspects of Scott’s life and what drives his personal light agenda – including why he has spent his time feeling what he says is uncomfortable; what happened to him at the age of eight; and we’re also going to learn about his own near-death experience and what evolved from and through that.

So, Scott, welcome to The Light Agenda.

Scott Mowry: Stephen, thank you for having me. It’s a real honor and privilege to be a part of your new radio program, and I’m very thrilled to be here.

SC: Well, I should also say, Scott, I’d like to thank you, because you came into the fold very quickly. We were originally going to speak in two weeks’ time, and you’ve graciously stepped in because American Kabuki is unfortunately recovering from time in hospital. So, I really appreciate you coming on the show earlier than we planned. [laugh]

SM: Well, I guess it was divine intervention, Stephen.

SC: It is, and thank you! It’s very divine. Now, you’ve described yourself as a spiritual warrior. Can you tell me what you mean about that?

SM: Well, I’m here to help transition the planet Earth. And I feel like I have a mission, I have a calling. And I always remind people that the most amazing, the most spectacular, the most incredible world is unfolding at this time before our very eyes. And there are so many things to be very excited about and very inspired by. And so, I just try to remind people, by being a person who’s focused on the spiritual aspect of life, and reminding people that this is a tremendous opportunity now to live life in the grandest fashion ever possible on this planet. So, I kind of see that as my mission, and that’s why, I guess, I do the work I do.

SC: Well, I’m actually a huge fan of your writing and your personal writing style. And what I love is that you so articulately take wide-ranging topics, from ET presence to the Golden Age to new technology to Ascension, and you so deftly craft things that then become really easy to read and really digestible for people who may not necessarily have read the Keys of Enoch, or may not have read masses and masses of spiritual stuff, and it allows people to really understand the awakening process. And it’s a real gift. So, how did you first get into writing?

SM: It’s very kind of you to say that. I often worry that I almost cover too much because I have so much to say and I try and jam pack it in every article that I post on my website.

SC: Yeah, but that’s what we love! [laugh]

SM: Really? Well, I’m happy that I’m resonating with people, because of course that’s what it’s all about. But I think what I’m able to do is to sort of pull a lot of information in from very diverse sources. And what I can do is synthesize all that and create sort of a cohesive thought and find a connection between all of this … and, let’s face it, we’re in an information overload right now, but I have to admit to you, Stephen, right up front, and to your listeners, I must confess, I’m an unapologetic optimistic person. So, I always scour —

SC: Never apologize for that! [laugh]

SM: —Yeah, I’m always scouring the internet looking for the best news, the best good news out there, because I think it’s really important, especially at this time, that people become aware of their thoughts – that their thoughts are the most powerful that they’ve ever been on this planet. In other words, the consciousness is changing. So, it’s really important that you be aware of your thoughts. And I always say, why not choose the most positive outcome for your life possible, because you now have the power to do it?

And why focus on the negative? And I say, just put the negative away. Run in the opposite direction. You don’t need that. You don’t need the fear. You don’t need the gloom and doom. You need to fill your life with positive and uplifting and inspirational words, whatever that may be, whatever helps you to realize your true potential and to realize that we are living in the most momentous, spectacular times on this planet Earth, and the most incredible things are unfolding.

And I keep reminding people: ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet!’. It’s going to get so amazing that every day is going to be a veritable treat for the human race. And we’re coming into this time now where major events are going to start happening that are going to really shock the human race into realizing how much life is much more than we have ever believed. It’s — the life we’ve been living is really an illusion, and there is a much grander, greater future, or even a present, that’s lying here, and it’s up to each one of us to grab it and take hold. And your thoughts are a big part of that — your feelings, your attitudes, your beliefs. These are all what create your world. Your world is created from within, not without.

SC: Well, how did you get into writing about all of this, though? Because you did do a BA major in English when you left university, but you moved into the world of IT.

SM: Well, actually, Stephen, I had the great hope of becoming a famous record producer, so I was actually in the music business for a short time, until I realized that you don’t make a lot of money in that profession. But I’ve kept —

SC: Well, you can if you become a really big star. [laugh]

SM: You can. You can. And that takes some good luck, and it also takes some — I think some choosing by some high-placed powers that be.

SC: And a lot of compromise.

SM: Absolutely. But, so, I actually got into — went back to my original college journalism career, and I started doing some writing, and then, it evolved. And it was interesting, because I started having an awareness about things, and I started talking to people about things, and I noticed they would give me this sort of blank stare. And I thought, oh, they’re not really interested in what I have to say. But actually, what I came to find out was that they were very interested; but they were processing it all.

So, it took me a while to get used to this look that I would get. And then I started having a little bit more confidence in what I was saying, and I started seeing people respond to me. And I started doing conference calls along with my business partner, Dan, and we started sort of focusing on the political area. And then, after a near-death experience that I had …

SC: Well, we’re going to come back to that in a little while.

SM: … yeah … I decided really to devote myself to spiritual … totally just in a spiritual direction. So, my writing then sort of evolved and went to the next level. And I started seeing that I had a mission to fulfill. And this is where it’s led me to create Miracles and Inspiration, and sort of the whole idea of being a voice out there in the wilderness, giving people a lot of hope and a lot of inspiration.

SC: So what motivates you when — I mean, you’ve written about the dangers of the Vatican, you’ve written about crop circles, and you do very, very detailed research, and yet you’ve also done film reviews, like Avatar, and book reviews. What motivates you to write about something?

SM: I purely operate on intuition. And intuition is really what guides me. And I rely on things that resonate with my heart. And if I feel very strongly about something and passionate about it, I will write about it. And I really wait for that feeling to come into me and for it to resonate strongly in me. And then I take off from there.

So, the things that I choose that you’ll see on my website — and by the way it’s just a fraction of what I have already written and have planned to post to my website — but those are things that I feel strongly about, that have touched me deeply. And I feel like they’re worthy of attention, and so I choose to take a perspective on them and write from my point of view that I think others will find inspirational and will find uplifting.

And so, I choose what I do very carefully, but at the same time I rely on what comes to me, I rely on my gut feeling, my instincts, my intuition. I’m finding that’s more and more important these days, is to totally rely on how my heart feels about something. So, I really have to say the bottom line is I let my heart be my guide.

SC: So, what’s motivating you at the moment? What are you seeing out there right now that you are just so excited about, that you’ve got to just start writing about?

SM: Well, I’m working on a lot of different things at the moment. But I think what’s most incredible right now is the year 2012. Of course, that’s on people’s minds —

SC: [laugh] We’re living it! We’re living it!

SM: Exactly. And we’re right in the thick of it having just celebrated the summer solstice. And I think that what’s amazing about this time, that this is the year that all the prophecies, all of the ancient cultures have talked about. We’re literally living in these times of this great fantastic transition and transformation of not only the human race, but the entire planet Earth and our solar system.

And we’re going through the most spectacular upgrade, shall we say, going from a lower existence — and Earth is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult planet to live on maybe in the entire universe…. So, hats off to everyone who’s here going through this human experience. It’s not an easy one. However, there is a great plan in store for us, and that is to ascend into a higher vibrational existence, and that being the fifth dimension. This is planned for the entire planet and the human race. In fact, it’s happening right now.

And so, I think that’s the most important thing, is to focus on that in this year of 2012, and keep people reminding everyone that we’re going through a very spectacular transformation. And even though it’s a bit rocky, and it’s a bit chaotic now…. And I think everyone is feeling this; everyone is feeling this intense energy coming from the Galactic Center of the universe, hitting the Earth at this time and upgrading the human DNA and the human experience to a much grander, much greater one. And you’re going to see events now that will confirm this. And you’re going to see many spectacular things unfold in my home country, the United States, and of course around the world.

SC: When you talk about that, though, where do you get your information, and how do you know what you’re actually writing about is actually going to happen? Because we’re all sitting here feeling a little bit fed up. We want change. We’re all asking and begging for change. And we’re seeing things happen. But I’m curious as to where you get your info from so that you can actually, you know, project that wonderful positivity that you do.

SM: Well, again, remember, I’m unapologetically optimistic. So I’m always — so I have to confess that — and I always choose to look for the most positive aspect. I rely on my intuition, Stephen, and I feel very strongly that something big is about to break. And I’m not talking about any particular event. But I’m just saying that this experience that we’re living in as human beings is about to become more intensified and is going to be amplified.

So, I don’t claim to have any inside sources, I don’t claim to channel anything, I rely purely on my intuition. And I’ve come here, I think, as a person with a distinct mission to perform, and that is to spread the word and to help people see, and point out all of the great things that are happening on this planet, even though there’s an equal amount of what we might say ah, chaotic, scary, and sometimes negative events. I see actually — I choose to look at the more positive aspect.

And in that, I think that I feel like most of my information comes from within me. I just — I just have this knowingness, I just have this sense, I just have this awareness that something really spectacular is planned for the human race. But I think that I just came here knowing this. And I can’t — I almost can’t put this into words. I have amazing dreams, I have amazing intuition, I have amazing thoughts that just come out of nowhere.

SC: Well, there’s so much in you, though, because not only are you writing, you’re also making films, such as Saving New Earth and the Summer Solstice 2012. You seem to just be — it’s almost like you’re exploding with information. Do you feel that way?

SM: That’s a good analogy. In fact, I almost wish I could clone myself so I could do more, because it’s almost like I can’t keep up with all of the stuff that’s flooding into me at this point in time. And I think a lot of people feel this. You know, a lot of people are feeling that there’s a great deal that’s happening within them, and they don’t — they really can’t explain it. And I don’t think I can. But all I know is that I’m in a very high — highly state of creativity. I’m in a very high state of … dispensing information. And people are responding to me. And I’m really appreciative of the2012scenario posting my articles, and people joining my mailing list, and people coming to me.

I do two or three speaking engagements a month here out in Washington state, and I see people responding to my films, people responding to my presentations and the information that I gather, and I know that I’m having a real impact on people, and I know that I’m having a very positive impact. And of course that’s what this is all about; that’s why I’m here; that’s why I was born into a human body, was to help as many people as possible.

SC: Well, let’s get to that born into a human body, because I would like to go back to your childhood if I may. Tell me a little bit about your early years, and I mean your very early years, and where you were born, what — probably the first, let’s say the first eight years of your life were about.

SM: Well, here’s the ironic story. I was actually born in Washington, DC, which is pretty remarkable considering that that of course is — when you do the research and you realize that Washington, DC is actually not a part of the United States, it’s a separate country. Along with the City of London and Vatican City, which are separate city states, as they say, they’re called the Empire Cities, or the Cities of the Empire, and these are three of the control centers of the world.

Well, it’s kind of ironic that I was born into one of them. And so I arrived on planet Earth at a time period when, of course, there was a great influx of souls that came to this planet; they answered a call. And I’m sure we’ll talk more about that a little bit later here. But regarding your question, I had the sense that, around eight years old … I’ll tell you the story.

I was — I was — I can remember it as if it was almost yesterday. And I was watching my father. My father was a doctor. And it was a Saturday, and my father was called into the office on an emergency. And I remember that my father –the look on my father’s face. He had to go in the office on his day off, he had to go and deal with an emergency patient. And he was looking forward to having a weekend off, and here he had to go to work. And I remember seeing the pain and suffering on my father’s face.

And what I was able to ascertain, as an eight-year-old — and of course, I had a limited amount of awareness at that age — was that my father was a slave. He was a slave to his work, to his obligations, to his family, to the economic system. And I remember saying to myself: ‘I don’t ever want to get into that position. I don’t ever want to be in that position, where I have so many obligations that I feel trapped by them’.

And my father was a great doctor, he was a good father, but, you know, there were obligations that took its toll on him. And my father, of course, ended up dying of cancer at a rather young age, of 67. So, from that point on, from eight-years-old on, I began questioning what life was really all about. I began to see through the veil, so to speak.

I started to see all of the illusion, all the lies, all of the misrepresentations about what life is really all about — and we are living in an illusion. And I feel like I’m an investigator, or I’m uncovering of this illusion. I’m trying to sort of tell people that life is much greater, much grander than what you think it is or what you’ve been led to believe. And so that’s helped define my mission. So, it really began at age eight, because I …

SC: Now, did you have brothers and sisters?

SM: I did. I had a younger brother and a younger sister at that age.

SC: And you didn’t talk to them about that feeling that you thought your father was enslaved, or you just observed it?

SM: I just observed it. And it wasn’t until years later that I reflected back on it and put it into context about, you know, what had happened. I didn’t appreciate it at the time in terms of the significance of that moment. Of course, I’m just living, I’m just a kid having this realization. But it’s been — I now reflect back on my life and I realize it was the start of my awakening.

SC: Wow. Now, as a kid — and, funnily enough, you and I have a couple of things in common here, because as a child I used to really dislike walking into churches. I felt this omnipresent darkness there. And I even, at the age of, I think I was nine, basically announced to everyone that ‘I’m never going to war, I don’t believe in war, I’m going to go to jail instead’.

You also had those same feelings a child.

SM: Yes. And I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone who has a religious bent or anything —

SC: Oh, no, no, no, nor me neither! [laugh]

SM: Yeah. And I believe that everyone should have their own spiritual quest, their own spiritual journey. But I felt uncomfortable walking into churches. And my grandmother, who was a very devout Catholic, would, you know, ask us to come along and join her at Mass, or Easter Sunday or whatever, and I felt very uncomfortable. And I remember having this sort of — I hate to use this word, but I’m going to — a creepiness of being in these type of places. And it just …

SC: I can really relate to that, too.

SM: Yeah.

SC: And for me, though, it was about getting outside into nature. I thought, why would you want to sit in here in this semi-darkness when it’s such a beautiful day?

SM: Right. And I think particularly I have these feelings of being in cloister. There was a darkness that surrounded me, that I was trapped within a — like a cage, like it was almost like your spirituality was being entrapped, it was not being flourished, it was not being encouraged, it was being almost sheltered.

And that’s the feeling I had, that it was a confining environment. It was not an uplifting, spiritually evolving environment. So I had this very sense. Of course, I couldn’t articulate it. I couldn’t understand it back as a young person, as a boy accompanying my grandmother to church. But I just remember having this very, very — just weird feeling walking into churches. And it sticks to me to this day. And I’m very uncomfortable in those type of structures, or those type of institutions.

Now, regarding war, I have to say first of all I don’t want to offend anyone that has served our country. I mean, I have respect for people who have given themselves, but militaries, I have to say, has never made a lot of sense to me. Why do we spend so much time thinking of ways to kill people? In fact, you know, there have been hundreds and hundreds of millions of people have died in the name of war on this planet.

And being an outsider, as I feel like I am, coming to this planet from another place, I always could not make sense of this. I could not make sense of why so many people have to die so-called in the name of peace, for instance. And, of course, what we found out is that wars are engineered; that there’s no such thing as a spontaneous outbreak, that all wars have been engineered by the powers that be, pitting one country against another and profiteering off of that.

And so, I think now that the truth is starting to really pour out, thanks to so many movements that are going on — like Occupy Wall Street, and WikiLeaks, and Anonymous, and you name it — I mean, it … all of the curtains are coming up and the veils are lifting everywhere. People are really starting to see what the world is really all about, and the powers that be.

continued on Part 2

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