“Thoughts equal creation. If these thoughts are attached to powerful emotions (good or bad) that speeds the creation.”

–from "The Secret"

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Highlights of Esther Hicks from "The Secret"

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“The Secret DVD (Original Version)”

Starring Esther Hicks, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, John Gray, John DeMartini, Neal Donald Walsh | Released: 2006

“The Secret DVD – Extended Version”

Starring Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, John Gray, John DeMartini, Neal Donald Walsh | Released: 2006


Film review by Scott Mowry | May 2008

When it was released in 2006, "The Secret" had a profound impact on the American pop culture landscape. It really seemed to touch a heart string within people who were yearning for a more positive inspirational message in a seemingly endless world of turmoil.

"The Secret" began life as viral marketing phenomenon when its spell-binding trailer was unleashed upon the internet in early part of 2006. With a clever blend of drama and intrigue, the trailer brilliantly created a buzz that spread like wild fire over the web. It built up such a tremendous anticipation that by the time of the official DVD came out at the end of that year, "The Secret" was all but assured to be an instant hit.

And was it ever!

The effects of the phenomenon of "The Secret" continue to reverberate throughout the video and book industry, to this very day. It truly had an impact upon the mainstream consciousness and has been endorsed, far and wide, by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and "Larry King Live," which ran special shows dedicated to "The Secret," not once, but several times!

The movie brought together an impressive array of authors, motivational speakers, spiritual channelers, scientists, and self-help gurus, all within one setting, with the unified message that your thoughts, and more importantly, your feelings and emotions, determine how your life unfolds. In essence, "The Secret's" primary message centered around the universal law simply known as, "The Law of Attraction."

"The Secret" emphasized that the law of attraction works constantly in our lives, much like the law of gravity. In fact, the law of attraction never stops working and is a tool that can be harnessed and directed to create magic and miracles in your life.

To bring this message home, many well known experts such as authors and speakers, Jack Canfield ("Chicken Soup for the Soul"), Joe Vitale ("The Attractor Factor"), Esther Hicks ("The Law of Attraction"), John Gray ("Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus"), Bob Proctor and James Ray, among many others, appear prominently throughout the film.

"The Secret" is a good introduction for those who are just becoming aware of the spiritual power that lies within them, but really, this is just a beginning. It's simple and direct message was clearly geared primarily towards a Western audience constantly striving to live the dream that "you can have it all"; the job, the house, the family, the money that you have always dreamed of.

Some of the criticism associated with the film was its assumed reliance on the accumulation of material possessions. However, those criticisms are misguided and will only undermine the success to create abundance in your own life.

The primary tenants of the law of attraction requires that you make a sincere effort to monitor your thoughts, as much as possible, and stay focused on positive intentions, feelings and emotions.

"The Secret" is a good video to recommend to your fiends or family who are maybe are just beginners on the self-empowerment path. But if you are one who seeks spiritual growth and expansion, then you will quickly want to move beyond "The Secret" to more advanced teachings.

The real truth of "The Secret" is that there really is no big secret. The concept of the law of attraction has been around for a hundred years and many authors have written about it, such as William Walker Atkinson, in his book "Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World," all the way back in 1906.

Atkinson was a central figure in the New Thought Movement that fostered advanced spiritual knowledge in the mid 19th century.

In point of fact, "The Secret" was essentially based upon a book entitled "The Science of Getting Rich," by Wallace Wattles, who was another pivotal figure in the New Thought Movement. Published in 1910, "The Science of Getting Rich" has sold millions of copies and has been published in numerous languages.

The information presented in the film, though, can be inspiring for some, is in reality, at a rather basic and elementary level. And that may be exactly what some people need to hear.

However, if you consider yourself somewhat more advanced on your enlightened path, then you may find that "The Secret" to be rather limited in its application. In fact, it really does not provide enough of the essential tools that are necessary to really transform your life in a lasting fashion. So be aware of its limitations.

Since its release, there has been a plethora of follow-up books from the participants looking to capitalize upon the momentum that "The Secret" generated that has made them stars and household names as a result of appearing in the film. They have released new books which ironically claim to go beyond "The Secret" as if to reinforce the point that there is much more to the story.

One of the better books to have come out since "The Secret" has been Joe Vitale's "Zero Limits," which introduced to a wider audience an amazing healing system known as Ho'oponopono. Another is Mr. Vitale's "The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want."

There are now two different versions of "The Secret" on DVD to choose from. The first edition prominently features Esther Hicks; renowned for her channeling of a group of spiritual entities collectively known as Abraham; has now been renamed the "Original Version". Subsequently, there has been an updated DVD issued, entitled the "Extended Version," and was released several months later.

Apparently, there was a disagreement with the way the film was to be marketed by the producers, and Esther Hicks opted to be edited out of future copies of the DVD. This was a very unfortunate development as Ms. Hicks' contributions were some of the best parts of the film.

You can find yourself a copy of "The Secret–Extended Version" for well under $10 at amazon.com, however of the two, the "Original Version" is the more recommended, due to the segments that feature Esther Hicks.

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