“You were created in the exact likeness of the Divine, pure and perfect. So who you are is a Divine being, who is perfect already.”
— Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


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Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Interview with Rita Montgomery and Dr. Rick Moss – Parts 1 – 9
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Here are some fabulous radio interviews with Dr. Hew Len on “News For The Soul” with Nicole Whitney from 2006 and 2007 that are extremely informative, including a interview with Joe Vitale. Listen now ➠

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Ho'oponopono Tele-Classes & Tele-seminars w/ Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD

Here is a preview of one the Tele-Classes w/ Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len & Mabel Katz

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len & Mabel Katz interview on
No Out There radio – December 17, 2008

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len & Mabel Katz interview on Karmacaffe radio– December 24, 2008

Below are a series of several very short video clips w/ Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len from the "Mabel Katz Show":

– Dr. Hew Len on Blue Solar Water w/ Mabel Katz.
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– Dr. Hew Len interview #2 w/ Mabel Katz (very brief)

Here is an fantastic article and a video entitled "How to Practice Ho'oponopono"

Here is a video of Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale after an event in San Jose, CA.

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"Does Memory Reside Outside the Brain?"

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“Zero Limits Seminar II – Live from Maui” Video Series

Starring: Joe Vitale, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len & Mark Ryan | Recorded: November 30 - December 2, 2007 | Released: April 2009 | www.zerolimitsmaui.info

Video review by Scott Mowry | July 2009

"Have you ever noticed whenever there is a problem, you are always there? – Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

The revolutionary book, "Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Health, Wealth, Peace and More" has become an international best seller and has inspired countless of people around the world to dig deeper into the ancient healing art known as, Ho'oponopono.

However, up until now, there was little, if any, video footage to be found of the master Ho'oponopono teacher and co-author of "Zero Limits," Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, in action.

Thankfully, with the release of the "Zero Limits Seminar II – Live from Maui," that glaring omission has been finally addressed.

As with the first "Zero Limits" seminar, Dr. Hew Len is featured prominently, as he teams once again with his cohort, Dr. Joe Vitale, to produce another worthy edition of their seminar series.

The "Zero Limits" seminar I, held in January 2007 in Austin, Texas, was eventually released a year later as a series of audio recordings totaling nearly six hours. It generously provided an even deeper understanding into Ho'oponopono on a whole new level to such an extent, that we have given it one of our highest recommendations! (Read our complete review of the Zero Limits I seminar.)

Ironically, the first "Zero Limits" seminar, took place nearly six months ahead of their book, and at that time, Dr. Vitale and Dr. Hew Len were unsure the impact that either of their joint endeavors would have upon the world.

But by the end of 2007, their book had become a smashing success and they convened together again in late November to take an audience of devotees through yet another broader comprehension of the Ho'oponopono process.

Still, it took more than another year before the event was finally released on video. Nonetheless, the "Zero Limits seminar II – Live from Maui" was well worth the wait, just for the extra-special treat of watching Dr. Hew Len dispense his ancient wisdom.

In a very direct manner, these seminars act as a step up from the "Zero Limits" book, due to the fact that they offer such a deeper explanation of the subtleties and intricacies of how Ho'oponopono can work miracles in your own life.

When assessing the "Zero Limits II" video package, the most prudent advice is to review this material religiously, (please, pardon the pun)! With repeated viewings, comes new wisdom and new understanding that can best be described as an unending series of gifts and epiphanies. Or perhaps, you will discover that several well placed "aha" moments will unfold for you, time and time again.

Admittedly, it is all too easy for our lowly conscious minds to fall back on habitually bad habits, ingrained over years of education and misinformation, or as Dr. Hew Len refers to as simply as, "memories." This condition further reinforces the desire to review this material over many viewings.

From the very start, Dr. Hew Len lays out his intent to take the audience and the viewer to the very core issues by addressing five key questions:

– Who am I?
– What is a problem?
– Where is the problem?
– How can the problem be solved?
– What is the purpose of existence?

Then throughout the remainder of the seminar, Dr. Hew Len hones in on these questions with an insistence on employing nothing less than simplicity and Divine wisdom, in order to arrive at the proper solutions.

For instance, when asked by an audience member if Divinity has any messages to give to her, Dr. Hew Len responds, "there are two great messages: love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. That's it. There's nothing else. And the only way to love God is you got to let go and be at zero" he adds.

"I wish I could make it more fancy so we could charge you more," he concludes humorously.

The most consistent theme within Dr. Hew Len's entire presentation is to distinguish between the zero state of mind and the "garbage, BS, or data," that becomes trapped within the subconscious mind. Data or memories replay within the subconscious and manifest in our lives as problems, conflicts, obstacles, etc.

But, by doing the process of constantly "cleaning" or erasing that very data, we allow Divine inspiration to come through that is perfect for us. And, if truth be told, this is a never ending process.

"Just get to the cleaning," Dr. Hew Len states, again and again. "You are perfect, it's the data that we got to get after."

He outlines in great detail, the number of cleaning tools and methods that Ho'oponopono offers to a student that is willing to practice with dedication and commitment. With the most important cleaning tool of all is to endlessly repeat the words, "I love you" in your mind or in your words, again and again. (For a list of cleaning tools, see our Ho'oponopono Words Phrases and Definitions section.)

In addition, Dr. Hew Len stresses the vital importance of never failing to recognize that we are 100% responsible for everything in our lives. No matter what it is. No matter how disassociated we may feel to that particular problem.

Other highlights include a detailed analysis of the four elements of the mind, an explanation of the conscious/subconscious relationship, (also known as the Mother/Child relationship), a breathing exercise and so much more!

The "Zero Limits Seminar II – Live from Maui" is another outstanding and essential resource to familiarize yourself with the beautiful system of Ho'oponopono and begin to, or enhance, the technique of transforming your life in truly miraculous and magical ways. (See our Ho'oponopono recommended learning steps for more.)

Once again, I cannot recommend this material enough, along with the other Zero Limits resources! What a treasure trove of teachings to refer to again and again.

The entire package consists of a series of eight downloadable video files in the .wmv format, and the bonus of two additional audio files entitled, "Dinner with the Divine" in the .mp3 format. You are also given the option to watch the videos on your web browser, if you so choose.

However, if your preference is to view them on a television set, rather than your computer, you will need to convert, then transfer these downloadable files to an iPod-type device that is able to play video. Or else, it will be necessary to reformat them to be burned onto DVD discs in order to play in a DVD player.

Many modern mp3 players such as the Apple iPod Video, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Microsoft Zune, will play video files. Although, only the Zune will play the.wmv format files, so if you own the far more popular iPod, you will need to convert the files to either the .mp4 or .mv4 formats.

Also, be aware that, unfortunately, the audio on Dr. Hew Len's microphone drops out occasionally, which makes it somewhat difficult to hear him at times. However, with repeated viewings (or an elevated volume control), you will be able to discern his missing words, with little interference to your comprehension. Which is yet another reason to watch these videos over and over again.

Bottom line: these audio issues will not detract from the overall value of the Zero Limits II seminar set, but nonetheless, the technical problems should have been rectified at the time of filming. (Perhaps you can clean on them and they will work flawlessly for you!)

The entire package of eight videos and two audio files are priced at $149 and can be purchased by clicking on this link.

© 2009 MR, Productions, LLC

Below are video testimonials from those who attended the Zero Limits Seminar II – Live from Maui, Hawaii from November 30 - December 2, 2007:

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