“You are a Divine being, then God will lead you out of the desert of your mind. So the idea is when you do the cleaning you find the oasis, which is YOU.”

— Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

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“Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter DVD Series (Live from Austin, TX)” DVD

Starring: Joe Vitale, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len & Mark Ryan | Released: October 2009 | http://www.zerolimits3.com/


DVD Review by Scott Mowry | 11-10-09

And so we reach the final chapter of the Zero Limits seminar experience.

Before the third Zero Limits seminar was convened in Austin, Texas, over the weekend of April 17 – 18, 2009, Joe Vitale had already announced this would be the final one he would be presenting jointly with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

They had conducted two prior Zero Limits seminars in 2007, but it had been nearly a year and a half since their last one, held in Maui, Hawaii at the end of November 2007, which was also released on video.

(Read our complete review of the "Zero Limits Seminar II – Live in Maui" video package.)

On many occasions, Dr. Hew Len has hinted his desire to one day retire to tend to his garden, but hopefully he will continue to teach his Ho'opnopono weekend workshops, which are presented somewhat differently than this seminar.

Nonetheless, with this new DVD series entitled, "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter (Live from Austin, TX)," we now have wonderful video record of the final seminar and it serves as yet another valuable resource for enhancing the comprehension of the Ho'oponopono process.

As with past their past seminars, the "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter" covers the entire weekend workshop with Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale. Only this time, it is spread over six individual DVD's that total nearly eight hours of material.

Of all of the three Zero Limits seminars, "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter" is the longest and the most polished package to date. Thankfully, the video and audio quality is a top notch due to its reproduction directly onto DVD discs, as opposed to the video download files that were only made available for "Zero Limits II – Live from Maui." And it also comes packaged in a lovely box set, as well.

For those of you who have already viewed the "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits" single DVD, which was released in July 2009, some of this material will look familiar to you. Several of the highlights of this Zero Limits III seminar were included on that DVD, along with other supplemental videos. However, you will find that it to be absolutely worthwhile to review this material yet again, in order to absorb it more thoroughly.

Where this DVD series will prove most valuable is that it features the most current teachings that Dr. Hew Len has to offer. There is a noticeable difference in how he presents his class, with some new wrinkles added in from the previous Zero Limits seminar in Maui.

For instance, Dr. Hew Len offers a simple but profound demonstration of who we are as human beings. "This is called zero. Nothing. This is who you are," he says as he holds up a piece of clear glass.

He then turns on a flash light behind the glass as a way to demonstrate how Divinity comes through to us. "This is called inspiration," he says of the light. "This is (the other part of ) who you are. You are already it."

Then by holding up his hand in front of the light, he shows how our memories, (which also go by the name of data), impede the Divinity (or the light) from coming through to us. "Now what happens is you get data in front of you and you can't see it. These are the data in you called 'memories replaying.' Your job is very simple, let go and let God," he explains matter-of-factly.

"You already have everything you need in you, you are just blocking the light," he adds.

Throughout the weekend lecture, Dr. Hew Len stresses the importance of getting clear about who you are.

"Clarity is the most important asset in life," he states emphatically. "What does it mean to be clear? No information. When you are at zero there is no information. When you are neutral that's when you get inspired, that's when brand new information becomes available to you," he explains.

As if to drive home his point, Dr. Hew Len says that life is all about understanding there is nothing outside of us, life can only experienced within.

"You are the most important being in the cosmos," he states. "It begins with you. You keep thinking there is someone else out there, some guru, but you were created perfect already, perfect as the driven snow. As long as you are true with yourself, everyone else will be true with themselves," he adds.

"When you're yourself, then everyone else is free. When you get to zero," Dr. Hew Len reminds us yet again.

This set contains the same wonderful "Inner Child Meditation" by Dr. Hew Len, that is found on the"Subliminal Manifestations" DVD. However, as a special bonus, there is also a second and, yet a third "Inner Child Meditation," along with an explanation on how to give your Inner Child the proper name.

There many other indispensable aspects that Dr. Hew Len covers during this video seminar, such as several new cleaning tools. These include:

– sleeping on a down feathered pillow that will erase "beastly" memories within you;

– visualizing a bottle palm plant, which will take the inspiration from Divinity and begin to build and store it in the mind;

– and employing the eraser technique, in which you can physically hold an unsharpened pencil, (preferably new and never been sharpened) and saying the word "dewdrop" as you touch anything that needs repaired such as a computer, car, etc., or perhaps, a letter you plan to mail, or touching the eraser to your forehead. You can also mentally picture the eraser touching your forehead.

– carrying a green maple leaf with you, either in your pocket, wallet, purse, or wherever else you could store it safely. It will act as a cleaning tool that works on deep depression, feelings of unloved, unappreciated, uncared for, and feelings of wanting to give up on life.

(See our Ho'oponopono Part 3: Glossary of Ho'oponopono Words, Phrases, Definitions and Cleaning Tools section for more cleaning tools.)

Dr. Hew Len also teaches the proper way to ask Divinity a question of anything that you seeking an answer for.

"Say (to the Divinity), 'I have a question.' And you clean the question three times. Then you step inside of the question, in your mind. Then listen to what you get," he explains. "The way to work with Divinity is to do the cleaning before you ask the question."

"The answer will come, I guarantee it. It 'ill come" he says of this process.

Also featured on this DVD set are two other Ho'oponopono teachers, Mabel Katz, and Mary Koehler, in addition to presenters Joe Vitale and Mark Ryan.

Just like a program of physical exercise, in order for Ho'oponopono to make the greatest impact on your life, you must be dedicated and consistent with practicing it. One of the best ways to accomplish this successfully is to review the material on this DVD series regularly.

Therefore, all three of these Zero Limits seminars, ("Zero Limits Seminar I"; "Seminar II – Live from Maui"; and "The Final Chapter"), become invaluable tools to review again and again so a lifetime of bad habits can be literally erased from the subconscious mind. When that process occurs, you can really begin to see and experience true miracles unfold in your life, that have just been sitting there waiting upon you to simply to get clear about yourself.

Ho'oponopono is more than just a spiritual practice or a problem solver. It can be an entire philosophy for you and your life, day by day. If you are willing to take 100% responsible for everything that comes to you, then you have the great opportunity, presented to you by the Divinity, to transform yourself in ways that will astound you!

You will find that all you have to lose are the problems that exist in your life.

In conclusion, the "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter" DVD set is likely the best of all the Zero Limits seminars. It is easily the highest quality package in terms of its overall production values and also offers the most current Ho'oponopono teachings from Dr. Hew Len.

This set offers one of the best ways to broaden your understanding of the Ho'oponopono process, particularly if you are a beginner or an intermediate practitioner.

The "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter" consists of six DVD's and can be purchased for $199 + $9.95 for shipping and handling. To order this DVD set visit, https://www.zerolimits3.com/.

The "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits" single DVD, which was released several months prior to the "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter" DVD's, contains highlights from this Zero Limits III seminar, as well as, a bonus video of Dr. Hew Len presenting the Inner Child Meditation.

These highlights cover only about 45 minutes from the almost eight hours of material that are presented on "The Final Chapter" DVD's.

For more information, read our complete review of "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits" DVD.

To purchase the "Subliminal Manifestation: Zero Limits" DVD, you can do so from the Zero Limits DVD link, where you will be able to view the "Introduction" video for free. This DVD sells for $79, plus shipping charges.

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