July 5, 2010

ECETI Conference Experience: July 2 – 5, 2010 (cont.)

Part 2: More Videos from the ECETI Ranch

Part 1: ECETI Conference Experience Overview


More Videos from the ECETI Ranch during 2010

Ultradimensional Object w/ Rotating Field, ECETI:

On August 13, live video was taken of a UFO that emerged out of Mt Adams, Washington State, and flew in the vicinity of 15 people at a private retreat at nearby Trout Lake. According to James Gilliland, owner of the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) Retreat, he saw the UFO emerge from what he claims to be a massive ‘interdimensional door” at Mt Adams that is seen as a point of light on the video. The object flew approximately 13 miles towards Gilliland’s ECETI retreat. At one point, the object was only 26 feet above the ground and roughly 50-75 meters away. Gilliland claims that the object is at the very least a UFO, but may be an interdimensional being capable of moving through solid three dimensional objects.

Story continues at: "Amazing UFO video supports claim of alien base inside Mt Adams, Washington" by Dr. Michael Salla

Ultradimensional UFO: James Gilliland and ECETI Censorship:

Author, educator and founder of ECETI Ranch James Gilliland joined Secret Message TV to discuss his new video of an ultradimensional UFO flying over the ranch along with censorship of ECETI UFO research data within the UFO community. Hear the entire 60 minute interview on the Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition. Read about this story in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for Examiner.com.

ECETI UFO Summer 2010:

UFO's imaged during the ECETI 2010 Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference over the July 4th long weekend. Read about this story and more in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for Examiner.com: http://tinyurl.com/27qlghj

UFO Encounter @ ECETI July 4, 2010:

Feel this experience. We just completed a powerful gathering when this craft appeared from mid sky and started oscillating in color spectrum and pattern. It had no definitive shape or sound as it flew slowly over our heads. The footage has only been enlarged and untouched from original video. As you can hear from our response we all knew we experienced something amazing. Music is from 1 Giant Leap -- Dunya Salam (feat. Baaba Maal)


Renato Longato UFO at ECETI Ranch 07-04-10:

Renato Longato UFO at ECETI Ranch 07-04-10 – UFO caught on video on 7-4-10 at 9:52 p.m by Renato Longato conference guest speaker at the 2010 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference at ECETI Ranch. Lake Trout , Washington St. USA

International Space Station is Being Followed:

Brooks Agnew, Host of X-Squared Radio, caught the International Space Station being followed on night vision video at the ECETI Ranch on July 3rd. Check it out, because there was no space shuttle rendezvous that night.

ECETI ORB Self Mastery 2 2010:

Watch as orbs play with us at Eceti's Self Mastery 2 class May 2010.

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