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by Scott Mowry


– UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied | 2006 | Jose Escamilla | Time: 1 hr. 42 mins.

Excellent documentary film on the prolonged and exasperating extra-terrestrial/UFO cover up. Produced by Jose Escamilla, it expounds upon the story where Dr. Steven Greer's "The Disclosure Project" left off. Well researched and featuring a number of prominent government, military and corporate whistleblowers who have bravely stepped forward to tell their stories.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this film is the video documentation of UFO's appearing in the infrared spectrum, that where heretofore unseen by the naked eye, but now captured by special visual techniques. Amazing!

This is one of the most definitive UFO/ET films ever produced and an absolute must watch! Our highest recommendation.

Watch the entire film "UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied" below:

–  Moon Rising | Jose Escamilla | 2009 | Time: 1 hr. 13:08 mins.

The sequel to "UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied" is Jose Escamilla's latest film entitled, "Moon Rising," released in 2009. "Moon Rising" is a worthy follow-up with lots of excellent evidence of extra-terrestrial life on the Moon and the proof that NASA has been covering it up.

The most amazing aspect of "Moon Rising" is the documentary evidence of space ladders that go form the Earth to the Moon. This fact alone will blow your mind!

"Moon Rising" is yet another must see film.

Watch the trailer to "Moon Rising" below:

Part 1 | Part 2

–  Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take? (Official Movie) | Foster & Kimberly Carter Gamble | | 2011 | Time: 2 hrs. 12:02 mins.

"Thrive" is a movie long overdue to be made. It offers a far more accurate history lesson about how the world really works than you would ever get in any high school or college in America today, or over the last 100 years.

Created by the husband and wife team of Foster and Kimberly Gamble, this film should be required viewing for every student, young and old, beginner or graduate level. Now it is available in its full length version absoluetly free of charge on YouTube and at the official Thrive website.

Share this film with as many friends, acquaintances, family and co-workers as possible. It will give them a fairly thorough catch-up lesson on what has been planned for planet Earth by an insane, demonic group of eltists who thought they knew best how to run the planet.

Watch the entire "Thrive" film below:


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