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During many of David Wilcock's radio and video interviews, he references and/or recommends a number of resources that he has culled much valuable information from which include books, movies and videos.

Perhaps the series of books that David cites most often is "The Ra Material" in the form of "The Law of One" material, channeled and written by Don Elkins. There are a total of five books in this series, subtitled "Book I" through "Book V."

The other book most prominently mentioned is "From Elsewhere: Being ET In America," by Scott Mandelker. In fact, David particularly mentions "The New ET Test" on the author's official web site. (Click on the "Articles" link to find this test.)

Yet another book that David often discusses in his public appearances at numerous conferences and expos (then later to be seen on those DVD's) is "Road in the Sky" by George Hunt Williamson. This book was released way back in 195?. David believes that Scott Mandelker may well be the reincarnation of the author, Mr. Williamson.

This book has been out of print for some time now and can only be found on used book shelves or from dealers such as amazon.com or possibly even eBay. (Link can be found on the left hand column.)

Finally, David has been referencing the material about the Great Pyramid timeline as detailed in the book entitled, "Decoding the Great Pyramid" by French author Peter Lemesurier.

We have attempted to compile a somewhat abbreviated list of some of David Wilcock's most often mentioned or recommended resources below:

"The Law of One-Books I-V"
by Don Elkins
"The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks-Book I" by Don Elkins
"From Elsewhere: Being ET in America" by Scott Mandelker
"How to Make ESP Work For You: Extra-Sensory Perception" by Harold Sherman
"Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet" by Sydney D. Kirkpatrick
"The Montauk Project" by Preston Nichols
"Road in the Sky" by George Hunt Williamson
"The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion of the Aquarian Age of the World and of the Church Universal" by Levi H. Dowling
"Decoding the Great Pyramid" by Peter Lemesurier

"The Matrix"
"Richard Hoagland-God, Man & ET" DVD series
"The Last Mimzy"
"Stargate SG-1"
"Alien vs. Predator"
"Lions for Lambs"
"Lara Croft – Tomb Raider"
"Lara Croft Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life"
"Minority Report"
"Back to the Future"

Richard Hoaglandwww.enterprisemission.com
Scott Mandelker
Larry Seyer (David's musical collaborator)
Project Camelot
Voice of the White House
– www.tbrnews.org

Sons of the Law of One – www.thesonsofthelawofone.com
All News Web –
India Today – indiatoday.intoday.in/site/

Videos, DVD's, Radio Interviews, Audio Recordings and Books
(revised 10/09

1) Panel discussion on 2012 from the Conscious Life Expo 2008
– Extremely inspiring and positive look at 2012. The best! (this is an excerpt from the longer "The 2012 Enigma" video presentation). (More info in the Videos section – Part 2.)

2) "The 2012 Enigma"
– Absolutely astounding information all the way through! Essential! The best of all of David's work to date. Superb! (More info in the Videos section – Part 2.)

3) Project Camelot: "The Road to Ascension – A Conversation with David Wilcock"
– Excellent overview of David's life and career in four separate parts interviewed by Project Camelot from 2007. (More info in the Videos section – Part 2 .)

4) "The Science of Peace": 3-part audio series
– Wonderful 3-part lecture series. David's best solo audio recording. (More info in the Audio Recordings section.)

5) Coast to Coast AM interview– October 6, 2009
– Absolutely mindblowing predictions and information!
(More info in the Radio Interviews section.)

6) Camelot Whistleblower Radio – September 17, 2009
– Spectacular new information on prophetic dreams on impending world events.
(More info in the Radio Interviews section.)

7) Coast to Coast AM interview: June 19, 2007
– Great interview with Coast to Coast AM's George Noory including listener questions. (More info in the Radio Interviews section – Part 2.)

8) Red Ice Creations radio interview: June 1, 2008
– Excellent in-depth interview, two-part, nearly two-hour interview with Henrik Palmgren, which requires a subscription to listen to part two. (More info in the Radio Interviews section – Part 2.)

9) Red Ice Creations radio interview: December 6, 2007
– Another absorbing two-part interview where David has plenty of time to express his views. Also requires subscription for part two. (More info in the Radio Interviews section – Part 2.)

10) Project Camelot interview: September 9, 2008
– Enthralling two-hour interview on historical and current news in US. Another winner with Project Camelot.(More info in the Radio Interviews section – Part 2)


11) Myth or Logic Talk Radio interview: July 17, 2008
– Essential information on the imploding world-wide economic system in 2008 and other current events. Wonderful! (More info in the Radio Interviews section – Part 2.)

12) Odyssey Radio interview: July 23, 2007
– Excellent information on our origins, ascension and much more
. Fantastic interview, however, requires subscription to BBS radio archives. (More info in the Radio Interviews section – Part 2.)

13) Coast-to-Coast AM interview: January 4, 2009
– Absolutely excellent three hour interview with David with many great questions from the listening audience. (More info in the Radio Interviews section.)

14) "2012 Politics Radio Show: Part 2 of 2!"
– Inspiring words about Barack Obama and unfolding changes in our world!
Essential listening! (More info in the Audio Recordings section – Part 2 .)

15) "David Wilcock: Preparing for 2012" 2-DVD set
– Excellent presentation on the science and spirituality of 2012 from the Earth Transformation Conference in May 2008.
(More info in the Videos section – Part 2 .)

16) "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?" book
– Background material on David's life, Edgar Cayce connection and much more.

17) Project Camelot: "Jumproom to Mars" video
– Fascinating information and conversation with Project Camelot on advanced technology and other topics. (More info in the Videos section – Part 2.)

18) Myth or Logic Talk Radio interview: March 13, 2008
– Yet more of almost two hours of insightful information where David is given much room to expound on his thoughts. (More info in the Radio Interviews section – Part 2.)

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