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Self Identity Ho’oponopono
Here is the official web site for Ho’oponopono headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. You will find class schedules and dates, and lots more fantastic information.

Oneness University
The official web site of the Oneness University in India and the home of Sri and Amma Bhagavan. Lots of inspiring and awakening information to be found.

Oneness Blessings
If you are interested in getting a Oneness Blessing in your area of the country, then this is site where you can find a Oneness facilitator.

EFT & Gary Craig
Official home for EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique and its founder Gary Craig. You can download a free manual and learn how to do EFT yourself.

The Monroe Institute
The Monroe Institute is a nonprofit educational and research organization dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness.

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.-Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.
Official home for the late, great Edgar Cayce where all of his psychic readings can be found among many, many other resources.

The Disclosure Project
Dr. Steven Greer is one of the most courageous and compelling UFO/ET researchers in the world today. His astounding May 9, 2001 National Press Club Conference is worth it alone but there is so much more to this site.

Matrix Energetics
Dr. Richard Bartlett's amazing practice of transformation and health.

LiveH2O: Concert for the Living Water
Amazing concert and spiritual extravaganza during the Summer Solstice 2009 to continue in following years.


Joe Vitale
Dr. Joe Vitale’s official home page has a store house of inspiring information. You may also want to subscribe to Joe’s podcasts as there are some great radio interviews he has done.

Mabel Katz
One of many Mabel Katz web sites, lots of great information about Ho’oponopono from another master teacher.

Esther and Jerry Hicks official web site for the Abraham teachings. Lots of fabulous information about the law of attraction and other consciously aware wisdom.

Gregg Braden
Gregg Braden’s official home page. Lots of great information about consciousness and 2012.

David Wilcock
Official site for David Wilcock, full of great information, videos and audio downloads. Very interesting site with great scientific research.

Eckhart Tolle
Official site for Eckhart Tolle who has a tremendous new book called “A New Earth.”

Louise Hay
Louise Hay has tremendous resources on healing and other life tools. An inspiring and loving presence.

Dr. David R. Hawkins
David Hawkins is an author, speaker, teacher and one of the world's experts on human consciousness and spirituality.

Drunvalo Melchizedek
Drunvalo is the great master of the Flower of Life and sacred geometry, 2012, consciousness and has established many bonds with indigenous people around the world. Also see Drunvalo's online magazine Spirit of Ma'at.

Richard Hoagland
Author, speaker, researcher and investigator into science, physics, space and government.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Pioneering researcher, writer and speaker into health and truth, Dr. Horowitz is the founder of LiveH20: Concert for the Living Water.

Robert Scheinfeld
Official web site for author and motivational speaker.

Gnostic Media
Outstanding selection of research material on world religions, ancient cultures, science and entheogens. Highly recommended!

William Henry
Excellent researcher and author into myths, ancient cultures, stargates, 2012, spiritual transformation and much more.

Suzy Ward
Official web site for spiritual author Suzy Ward and her “Matthew Messages” newsletter. And just a wonderfully nice lady too and a good friend to us.

Bluestar Speaks
Official home of David and Celest Bluestar. Loads of terrific and insightful information and good friends to us.

Patricia Cota-Robles
One of the more inspiring spiritual educators to be found. Her radio shows and weekly messages are very well presented and written.

Bob Proctor
Motivational speaker and life coach from “The Secret.” This man is dynamic and has enormous reserves of positive energy that can be infectious.

James Ray
Another fabulous cast member from “The Secret” with incredible energy and wisdom.

Crystal Links
Excellent resource on all things metaphysical. Highly recommended.

Sacred Mysteries
Superb collection of enlightening films, videos and information by Jay Weidner, Sharron Rose, Terrence McKenna and more.

Project Camelot
Hosts Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan conduct interviews with a wide array of whistle blowers and fascinating guests. The duo also has a radio show, Camelot Whistleblower Radio, on the American Freedom Radio network.

Little Grandmother
Keisha Crowther, aka Little Grandmother, refers to herself as the youngest and whitest Native American wisdom keeper ever to come along. Yet she has much profound wisdom and information to offer.

Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder is a Native American Senior Elder, spiritual leader and advisor who is an enrolled tribal member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe who travels the world perfoming sacred ceremonies to heal and balance the Earth.

Dannion Brinkley
Dannion Brinkley has had three near-death experiences and has a fascinating life story to tell. He also has been drawn into Mexico and Central America to interact with the Mayan peoples and their amazing historical records. / JonnyDon'tPlay's YouTube Channel
Excellent resource for a positive and uplifting perspective of the latest news and current events. Highly recommended!


Barbara Hand Clow
One of the finest researchers into the Mayan calendar, 2012 and astrology. Essential!

Carl Johan Calleman
Carl Johan Calleman is one of the leading Mayan calendar and 2012 researchers to be found! Highly recommended.

Mayan Majix | Ian Lungold
The official web site of the late Ian Lungold and his great work in teaching the Mayan calendar as discovered by Carl Johan Calleman. Great information and resources!

José Argüelles | The Law of Time
The master of time, the Mayan Calendar, the 13 Moon Calendar, the Harmonic Convergence, Earth Day and a brilliant and prolific author. Highly recommended.

2012 info
Great storehouse of books and videos on 2012.

Steve Beckow's is an excellent storehouse of articles and the latest alternative news reports on UFO's, ET's, disclosure consciousness, spirituality and, course, –– the year 2012. And much, much more!


Sedona Spiritual-Healing Conferences & Sacred Sites Tours
The annual Secrets Conference usually includes a great roster of speakers every year and is run by Dr. Chet Snow in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Conscious Life Expo
One of the biggest gatherings of spiritual, truth, transformational and UFO/ET speakers every year is found at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, California.

Earth Transformation Conference
The Earth Transformation conference usually occurs in May in Kona, Hawaii and features a variety of interesting guests and speakers of new paradigms, consciousness raising and preparations for extraterrestrial contact nature.

International UFO Congress
Since 1991, the International UFO Conference has brought together a great assemblage of speakers in the UFO/ET realms and is held in Laughlin, Nevada every year.

Paradigm Research Group | X–Conference
Excellent ET/UFO disclosure conference that occurs yearly in Washington, DC, let by Stephen Bassett.

UFO Crash Retrieval Conference
Annual event bringing together some of the world's finest UFO and extra-terrestrial researchers to Las Vegas, NV.

ECETI is James Gilliland's organization that stands for Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. Each year they host a great conference known as the Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference.


Red Ice Creations
Excellent internet radio show and cutting edge information out of the country of Sweden. Special content requires a subscription but well worth it.

Meria Heller
Official home of radio talk show host and author Meria Heller. Lots of great interviews with exciting and interesting guests. Meria is a firecracker!

BBS Radio Network
One of the best internet radio networks to be found with an eclectic array of radio shows and hosts based around spiritual themes.

World Puja Network
Home for radio shows by Dr. Steven Greer, Lisa Renee, Barry Goldstein, Maureen Moss and many others.

Conscious Media Network
Outstanding selection of articles, resources and video interviews with outstanding roster of guests. Highly recommended!

Theater of the Mind – Technology for Transformation with Kelly Howell
Another excellent interview podcast show with an superb selection of guests as downloadable .mp3 files.

Exopolitics Radio
Host Alfred Webre brings a wide array of fascinating guests to his weekly radio program.

Coast to Coast AM
The most popular late night radio program in the country with an amazing roster of guests each and every night.

Rumor Mill News Radio
Host Rayelan Allan always brings interesting and amazing guests and topics for discussion to her daily radio program.

Myth or Logic Talk Radio
Host Tom Murasso brings a great roster of guests to his program and allows them the freedom to speak.

Veritas Radio Show
Host Mel Fabregas has an excellent lineup of weekly guests on his Veritas Radio show. He also offers his own insightful commentary as one of his primary focus of research is extra-terrestrial disclosure.

The Light Agenda
Hosted by Stephen Cook of group, this weekly program is part of the InLight Radio Network and highlights prominent people within the spiritual and alternative media community.


The Miracles and Inspiration store.

Lost Arts Media
A mother lode of DVD's from various conferences and expos are available for sale here.

Wise Awakenings
Here you can find nearly all of Barbara Hand Clow's books and videos, among many other items.


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