“Whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”

—The Bible (King James version)

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Molding Clay The Power of Focus

by Scott Mowry

A friend of mine, my naturopath, Dr. Michael, told me a story about how he created an amazing manifestation with something as simple and as common as molding, or modeling clay.

Years ago, Dr. Michael had been having problems with the IRS and they had come calling to his place of business looking to collect back taxes they said he owed them.

An IRS agent, who showed up unannounced to his business, told Dr. Michael that he had to pay these taxes and that he had been sent directly by his boss from the IRS district office, specifically to attempt to collect the back taxes which was a significant amount. This IRS agent said he really didn't like having to bother Dr. Michael, but his boss had absolutely insisted upon it.

Dr. Michael told the IRS agent that he didn't have that kind of money at the moment and that he would have to have more time to work this issue out. The IRS agent said he would agree to give him a bit more time, but would be returning again the following week.

After the IRS agent departed, Dr. Michael's wife noticed how upset he was, having to deal with the terrible demands that the IRS was placing upon him.

She immediately suggested to him that he write down on a piece of paper, exactly how he wanted the outcome of this IRS issue to be resolved and to focus on that outcome for a while. She then directed him to get some molding clay and instructed him to roll that piece of paper where he had written down his wishes, into a ball, and then put it inside a piece of molding clay.

She then instructed him to squeeze the ball of molding clay with the paper inside of it with his hand, while focusing on the words on the paper for at least three hours, while he went about the rest of his daily business. Dr. Michael followed these instructions to the letter.

When the IRS agent returned again the following week, for some reason he was acting a bit more cooperative and he agreed to give Dr. Michael yet more time to come up with the money to pay the IRS.

It was another week later, until he next time the IRS agent showed up again, and he told Dr. Michael that something very strange had happened at his district office. He said that his boss at the IRS, who had worked at that district office for over fifteen years, had been suddenly, and inexplicably, transferred to another district office in a whole different state.

The IRS agent said that his new boss was not pressuring him as much to collect those back taxes as the previous boss had had been, however, he would be returning at another time to collect those back taxes from Dr. Michael.

Well, as it would turn out, that would be the last time that Dr. Michael would ever see that IRS agent and he never returned to his place of business again and he never heard another word from the IRS about those supposed unpaid taxes.

Dr. Michael had written on that piece of paper that he wanted the IRS to leave him alone and not to bother him ever again. And, as if by magic, that is precisely what happened!

With direct, intense focus and with the assistance of molding clay, Dr. Michael was able to resolve a major issue in his life, in perfect order. And I can confirm that I have had success with this method as well.

Perhaps, if you really put this method to serious use, you may have a major breakthrough in your life too.

What have you got to lose, except for the cost of molding clay or box of Play-Doh?

I can assure you that you will never look upon clay the same way again!

1) Write down your desires or wishes that you want to unfold in your life on a small piece of paper, maybe about four inches square.

2) Focus on those words for about a half an hour or so.

3) Roll that piece of paper into a ball.

4) Get some molding clay, or even Play-Doh, and create a ball about the size of a golf ball or a tennis ball, depending on what will fit into the size of your hand. You want to be able to place that ball of clay comfortably in your hands, so that you can squeeze it using just one hand, while having your other hand free to go about your daily business.

5) Put the ball of clay in your hands and focus on the words of that paper as you squeeze it. Do this for at least three hours, at the minimum, more if you would prefer.

6) Then forget about your desires and wishes that you wrote down on that paper and consciously release them to the universe, or the Divine, or to God, or to whatever you believe in or works best for you, with the confidence that IT WILL take care of manifesting those desires for you.

7) Then, after two weeks, your should see your desires manifest as you had written on that paper.

Trust me, it works!

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