“If the shadows appear to be growing darker, it's because the light that casts them is getting brighter. We are heading towards perhaps an apocalypse, and perhaps, something else.”

— Daniel Pinchbeck, author

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February 19, 2008

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2012 – The Evolution of Consciousness, Spirit and Planet Earth (cont.)

Part 3: 2012 Conditions and Preparations

2012 – Part 4: Resources, Confirmations and Quotes

2012 – Part 1: Overview | 2012 – Part 2: The Changing Face of Time


by Scott Mowry

When one attempts to contemplate what a Golden Age, or a Heaven on Earth life might embody, it may not even be possible to fully comprehend a world, or even a state of being as such, with the limited point of reference we now possess. Nonetheless, one can now begin to imagine, with sense of great hope and enthusiasm, what a world like this, at least partially, may entail.

Here are some of the conditions that may unfold for the human race as consciousness reaches its peak in the year 2012. Although, bear in mind, with the caveat that perhaps some, though not all, will experience these conditions:

– Oneness – a complete an unprecedented awareness that we are all connected, that we are all one, that we are no longer separated by race, religion or creed, and that our ultimate purpose in life is to love and support one another unequivocally
– World Peace – a real, lasting attainment of world-wide, planetary peace that is eternal, in that, it would be impossible to revert back to an era of war, violence and oppression
– Extra-Terrestrials Are Real – Period! – finally, the indisputable realization that the universe is teeming with life on every planet, in every galaxy, throughout the solar system, and the acknowledgement that, perhaps, many of us have extra-terrestrial origins and chose to come here to assist with the transformation of the planet and the human race
– The Matrix – the realization that we have been living inside a matrix, an illusionary world that is only real to the conscious mind and the five senses
– An All-knowing, All-Seeing Consciousness – an access to all information, wisdom and truth, of all time, and all encompassing, where nothing remains hidden
– Our Spiritual Heritage – a profound and deep realization that we are, and always have been, spiritual beings, rather than human beings, as we have long believed
– Telepathic Abilities – a restoration of full-on telepathic or psychic abilities for everyone that chooses to live on the planet
– Telekinesis – the ability to move objects and our own bodies with the power of thought
– An End to Deception – with the ability to read each other's thoughts comes an end to lying, deceit, corruption and fear; they simply cannot exist in a heightened state of consciousness
– Banishment of Evil – with a higher frequency cycles, evil can no longer exist in an ascended vibratory state, as it relies solely on the lower vibrational frequencies in order to survive
– Justice for All – an establishment of equal and fair justice system for all based on Divine truth
– Overcoming Body Limitations – an ability to transform the human body and overcome the limitations of age, illness and injuries and restore the body to an image of optimum health and to instantly heal any malady, no matter how severe
– Time Travel – an ability, without the constraints and limitations of a 3-D existence, to move back and forth through time with astounding ease
– Ascension – the ability to experience an ascension process that would allow an individual to transition into a whole new dimensional reality of existence, beyond the three-dimensional world we now dwell in

How would one even begin to prepare for such a monumental event as 2012, the event of a lifetime or, maybe, lifetimes? How might one even contemplate such an overwhelming and complex process as that of an ascension or a dimensional transition?

Again, we can only speculate, but there are ten basic steps that, perhaps, one might want to consider, at the very least:

1) Give It Credence – there is a concerted effort, by many, to paint 2012 as either an apocalypse of cataclysmic proportions such as an end to the human race, or that of a non-event. Some are also expecting a rapture scenario and the return of Jesus Christ. However, perhaps as never before, 2012 will present the opportunity to create your own reality, your own experiences as you ideally wish them to be, in an atmosphere of unprecedented heightened consciousness where it will be possible to live out your heart's desires.

2) Shatter The Matrix – recognize we are living and caught within the Matrix, that has continuously reinforced the belief that all that we see is real, when in point of fact, it is not. It will also be important to realize that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs have supported the Matrix and sustained it, and we have been willing participants in our own imprisonment.

3) Think Outside The Box – you have heard the expression many times before, but now it becomes more than a mere cliche, and absolutely essential. It may be time to allow yourself to consider the unthinkable, the unimaginable and to move into the realms of a quantum reality, where your thoughts instantaneously create your experiences, not the reverse. There may well be no lag time as there now within the constructs of the law of attraction and our thoughts may literally create the steps that lie immediately before us.

4) Let Go of Old Beliefs No Longer Useful – be prepared to give up much of what you held to believe as true, throughout your life that has come from your upbringing, your schooling, your experiences and your preconceived notions of reality. Much of what we have learned must eventually be unlearned, in order to evolve in a rapid succession. Be also prepared to let go of your past, your attachments and your relationships and know you can recreate them in the next dimension.

5) Let Go of the Body – perhaps some of us will find it necessary to leave our physical bodies behind, in order to truly embrace a dimensional shift. Maybe it would be wise to consider that one may have to eventually give up their body altogether. And realize it will be possible to re-create your body, if you wish, within another dimension. However, there is not doubt that, others will take their bodies with them in an ascended state.

6) Courage and the Dissolution of Fear – let go of all doubts and fears and embrace the unlimited and the so-called "impossible." Fear and doubt will only hold you back, and stop you in your tracks. Move forward with a sense of confidence, fearlessness and power, as your innate and original Divine powers are restored to you like a long lost friend.

7) Flowering of the Heart – open up your heart like never before. The heart is the doorway to the subconscious, which in turn leads to the Divine consciousness. Allow your heart to rule your decisions and let the mind go, where all doubt, anxiety and fear resides.

8) Opening of the Mind – open up your mind, or your consciousness, to a whole new realm possibilities like never before, expect anything and EVERYTHING. Anything is possible now, so just go with the flow and trust yourself as never before and know that you will be guided to precisely where you need to be.

9) Service to Self vs. Service to Others – recognize that it is more prudent to have slightly more of an intent to help others, than to manipulate others and to think in terms of universal love and oneness. Move out of a self-centered world and embrace the notion that we, on the entire Earth and even in the spiritual realms, are all connected and in this together.

10) Faith and Trust in the Divine – have unwavering faith and trust that where and what you are moving into is an infinitely more harmonious, righteous and joyous place than what you are leaving behind. It will offer unending peace, abundance and most importantly, LOVE, that will become our true place, and our true home.

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2012 – Part 5: More Resources, Confirmations and Quotes |

2012 – Part 1: Overview | 2012 – Part 2: The Changing Face of Time

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