"Blessed are the meek:
for they shall inherit the earth."

— The Bible, Matthew 5:5

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June 17, 2010

–– Should extraterrestrials stop the Gulf Leak? - 10,000 sign petition for ETs to show up

–– Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up

–– New David Wilcock update: Disclosure: Setting History Free! [Our Best Video Yet!]

–– Drunvalo Melchizedek's next web cast will take place on Wednesday, May 26 2010. It is entitled, "The Birth of a New Humanity
(Watch the trailer for this web cast)

–– Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure Updates: Russia Steps Forward to Lead the Way

–– David Wilcock releases sequel to "The 2012 Enigma" video entitled, "2012: Event Horizon" (more information can be found in our David Wilcock Videos section)

–– X-Conference 2010 to convene in Washington, DC – May 7-9

–– Will extraterrestrial “disclosure” or contact happen in 2012?

–– 2012: Cataclysmic breakdown or Y2K makeover? ET/UFO contact? DNA/Consciousness transformation?

–– New film by Jay Weidner from Sac ed Mysteries entitled, " Infinity"

–– New David Wilcock update: Is ESA Planning to Announce Phobos is an ET Base?

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–– The ABC-TV show "V" resumes on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 10 PM (The show is clearly meant to cause fear and confusion about extra-terrestrials as rumors of disclosure are hot!)

–– Are nuclear arms reductions linked to Russia’s Pyramid UFO?

–– Basiago and Eisenhower reveal “Marsgate” and make case for “Alternative 4”–– Is this incredible thing in heavens a sign from God?

–– See our latest blog post, "Stargate Activity Dramatically on the Rise"

–– David Icke's "The Story of the Earth... In Reverse" on the new film "Avatar"

-– The Ho'oponopono 2010
Basic I Class Schedule
has been released at the official
Self I-dentity through Ho’oponopono web site.

–– David Wilcock Reading: Be at Peace with the Coming Changes...

–– David Wilcock UPDATE: Exclusive Benjamin Fulford Interview -- Fall of the Rockefeller Faction

–– Expert predicts end to hierarchies and value of money, more ET/UFO disclosure starting July-Nov 2010

–– Is AVATAR a virtual extraterrestrial disclosure and exopolitical experience? Will it change Obama?

–– Barack Obama not disclosing extraterrestrial presence is top ET/UFO story of 2009

–– Read our review of the new movie, "Avatar".

–– **Visit our newest section** Extra-Terrestrial Disclosure: The End of An Old and the Beginning of Brand New Paradigm for Humanity

–– David Wilcock's "Disclosure Endgame: Free Ebook!"

New book recommendation: "The Final Event: Dawn of the Age of Truth" by Robert Cox

–– Pravda hides link between Kremlin UFO pyramid & Norway light spiral

–– Balloon boy parents are sent to jail for hoax

–– Two researchers attribute Norway light to HAARP, anti-ET space-based weapon of mass destruction

–– Richard Hoagland's A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?: A "Hyperdimensional Weapon's" Demo ... for Obama?

–– Norway wormhole is First Contact, claim UFO watchers

–– Mysterious light appears over Norway before Obama Peace Prize speech

–– Timing extraterrestrial disclosure

–– Massive new David Wilcock update released, "Disclosure Updates and Transcript of Coast Announcement, 10/6!"

-– The notes for the Miracles and Inspiration conference call from Tuesday, November 24, 2009 are now available.

-– Read our review of the new "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter" DVD's

-– Vatican prepares for extraterrestrial disclosure

-– The Vatican joins the search for alien life

-– Read out latest Blog post, "Separated At Birth – Balloon Boy, V and Mr. Spock! – Is this all a case for ET disclosure?

-– New Health and Wellness paged added: Swine Flu Updates and Information

-– November 8, 2009, the beginning of the Sixth night
of the Galactic Underworld

-– New advertiser eFoodsDirect.com

-– Do You Believe That UFO/ET Disclosure Is Imminent?

-– BREAKING NEWS: Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent

-– ***New section added*** The Miracles and Inspiration Products Page

-– ***New section added*** The Miracles and Inspiration Screening Room – The films and videos we love and recommend!

-– New Audioblog from David Wilcock: Imminent Future Changes: Hear David on Coast and a New Audioblog! See more info in our David Wilcock Audio section

-– David Wilcock gave yet more updates on the Coast to Coast AM radio show for Tuesday, October 6, 2009. Check out our David Wilcock Radio Interviews section for a report on this show.

-– Legal Exemptions to Vaccination

-– Check out the trailer to Michael Moore's new film, "Capitalism: A Love Story."

-– 9.9.9 and the Mayan Calendar by Carl Johan Calleman.

-– Check out the Project Camelot interview with Dr. Pete Peterson and David Wilcock:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

-– See our newly updated Ho'oponopono section with the addition of Morrnah Simeona's Prayers to the Divine, a Glossary and Resources.

-– David Wilcock has posted a very interesting article on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock entitled, "Woodstock's 40-Year Cycle is Almost Complete..."

-– Read our complete review of the new DVD, "Subliminal Manifestation: Zero Limits"

-– New commentary, "Dare to Dream"

-– The Abundance Breakthrough Project by
Jo Dunning has been extended indefinitely beyond the July 15th deadline.

-– Introducing The Love Intention –  the latest addition to our Tools for Transformation section.

-– You can now follow Miracles and Inspiration on Twitter.

-– David Wilcock was a guest on the Myth or Logic Talk Radio show on Wednesday, June 24 at 2 PM EDT. He was then on Camelot Whistleblower radio on Thursday, June 25th from 11 AM to 1 PM PST. More details can be found in David Wilcock radio section.

-– Miracles and Inspiration are proud to announce that we have been added as a sponsor to the Live H2O: Concert for the Living Water.

-– Interesting new videos from Benjamin Fulford and Leo Zagami: Fulford vs. Illuminati:
Part 1 and Part 2.

-– New commentary posted,
"I Have A Dream..."

-– Jo Dunning has now begun The Abundance Project radio show on the World Puja Network. (To listen to these shows you will need to sign up for a free subscription.)

-– Astonishing video, disguised as humor, from the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, actually mentions Benjamin Fulford and the Illuminati! View the clip here: "Joining the Illuminati"

-– David Wilcock has posted a new update on the latest swine flu pandemic entitled, "Great Awakening III: Deeper Insights into NWO Defeat" as well as, "Great Awakening II: Swine Flu + Mainstream Media = $$$"

-– New Zero Limits video released, "Zero Limits – Live from Maui" by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. (See our review of this video package.)

-– David Wilcock has posted a very inspiring article well worth investigating entitled, "The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat"

Supplemental Information

Carl Johan Calleman Official Home

2010 – The Year of the Tiger

Regulating Wall Street and the Economy

"Looting Main Street: How the nation's biggest banks are ripping off American cities with the same predatory deals that brought down Greece"

Vatican blasts anti-Catholic 'hate' campaign

Future pope stalled pedophile case

Swami Sex Scandals Have India Questioning An Ancient Tradition

'Avatar' Depression Syndrome?

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Time Traveler Steps Forward to Tell of Government Teleportation Technology

Barack Obama and The Spirit of Ho'oponopono

Humanity Poised for Imminent Evolutionary Breakthroughs

David Wilcock Sees Unprecedented Positive Events Unfolding Over the Coming Six Months

World Sits on the Brink of a New Economic System and Extra-terrestrial Disclosure

LIVE H20: Concert for the Living Water to Begin Over Summer Solstice, June 19-21, 2009

David Wilcock Releases First Ever Musical Vocal Album, “Wanderer Awakening”

New 2012 page added, "Inspiring 2012 Resources, Confirmations and Quotes"

David Wilcock makes triumphant return to the Coast to Coast AM radio program with George Noory, on Sunday, January 4, 2009

Amazing Richard Hoagland interview with Rumor Mill News Radio on the true significance of the election of Barack Obama

News Updates: 11-7-08: Barack Obama's Victory: what does it mean for us?; Inspiring New Second Part to David Wilcock Audio Blog "2012 Politics: Part 2 of 2!”; “The Holy Mushroom” by Jan Irvin Officially Released

News Updates – 10.26.08: Project Camelot video on the Crystal Skull, New David Wilcock Audio “2012 Politics Radio Show: Part 1,” more on October 14th UFO Event and Pineal Gland Additions

Inspirational Radio Interview Recorded with Benjamin Fulford from October 13th

News Updates 10-10-08: Banking Collapse Video, New David Wilcock Interview & 2012 Article, Zeitgeist: Addendum

Strange Times, Strange Economy... But Rest Assured, Much Good Is Unfolding

Two new David Wilcock interviews released

Dan Rezac and Scott Mowry interviewed on BBS Radio

New David Wilcock Audio Blog: 2012 Disclosure!

Jeff Peckman appears on David Letterman and says our government is covering up UFOs

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2010: The Year of the Tiger and the Age of Manifestation

To be followed by the Age of Miracles and the Age of Enlightenment

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Reported by Scott Mowry | www.miraclesandinspiration.com

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Human consciousness continues to march boldly onward and upward as the major news headlines in 2010 thus far are perfectly illustrating this unfolding phenomenon.

The veil of secrecy and darkness of the truth about the human race is slowly but steadily lifting. Many people across the globe, for perhaps the very first time in their entire life, are beginning to realize just how much they have been lied to and deceived by the various institutions they have long held sacred.

With each passing week, more and more souls upon planet Earth are awakening from a millennium long slumber. Human evolution is moving forward so rapidly that we are poised to arrive at yet another epic paradigm shift, set to unfold in the year 2011.

2010: The Year of the Tiger by Sarah

On February 11, 2011, the Earth will enter the ninth and final level of consciousness, according to the Mayan calendar, as deciphered by author and researcher, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. This ninth level, known as the Universal Cycle, will be the shortest of all previous eight levels, lasting a mere 260 days in length. That's it!

By way of comparison, the very first level of consciousness, known as the Cellular Cycle, covered 16.4 BILLION years! Now that is acceleration!

“The Mayan Calendar is not predicting the end of the world in 2012, but the start of a new era.” Dr. Calleman writes in his breakthrough book, "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness".

While many prognosticators have made a number of bold predictions regarding imminent radical changes, beginning as far back as the year 2004, and then more vigorously in 2008, 2009, and now 2010, we have yet to see any of them come to fruition.

These predictions have run the gamut of an announced change to a constitutional form of government, to a new economic system, to an outright collapse of the US and world economies, to extra-terrestrial disclosure, along with many other astounding prophecies.

Clearly, we have not yet arrived at that moment in our history where conditions and consciousness are right for such scenarios to materialize. And it may not be until next year, in 2011, that we can expect to see some of these kinds of major changes occur, when consciousness will have risen to levels far more favorable. Or perhaps, not until the year of 2012.

Or maybe, just maybe, like a thief in the night, these kinds of changes could arrive at any moment now, as some steadfastly contend.

Regardless of the timing, many, many wonderful new developments are in store for all of humanity as the Divine prepares us for a collective mass awakening that has long been anticipated for thousands of years.

It is becoming more and more evident that there is deep and profound corruption in all the major institutions throughout the world. Whether it be big government, multi-national corporations, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, banking conglomerates, religious organizations, military establishments, professional sports leagues, educational associations, health care consortiums, media outfits, pharmaceutical companies, and on and on and on it goes.

The list is endless and it is mind boggling. And when all is said and done, nothing will be left that has not been thoroughly exposed for what it truly is, before a gasping world population.

In fact, many people are coming to the shocking realization that our entire world –– literally our entire way of life that we have grown so accustomed to, has been built upon a foundation of fraud, deceit and the darkest of secrecy.

The lies and the subsequent cover-up are so enormous, and so unfathomably deep, that when the avalanche of truth begins in earnest, possibly in 2011 or 2012, the shock will be so vast that some will find it nearly impossible to comprehend.

The ever-growing scandal the Catholic Church finds itself in with the increasing pedophile improprieties, is merely the beginning of an enormous tidal wave of truth that is about to break upon the shores of Vatican City. And once the floodgates open, the Vatican's long held rein of power will be diminished significantly, if not entirely.

The amazing story of professional golfer, Tiger Woods, is yet another perfect example of this unfolding consciousness phenomenon. Here was a man, who for years presented himself as the consummate family guy, with a clean cut image that corporate America gladly lined up behind to be the spokesman for their products.

Giant multi-national corporations such as Gatorade, Nike, Gillette, etc. all put their stock behind Tiger Wood's perfect public profile, which they believed would help push their products on the much abused American and international consumers.

Yet, on that fateful night of Thanksgiving 2009, after what appeared to be just a minor car crash, the carefully constructed veil over Tiger Wood's double life started to unravel dramatically. In a matter of days, one woman after another after another, emerged from the shadows to reveal they had been having an on-going extra-marital affairs with the world famous golfer. And this scandal has yet to reach its conclusion.

Every week, it seems as if yet another new salacious sex scandal splashes across the national headlines. Along with the aforementioned Tiger Woods, there has been the likes of David Letterman, Jesse James (husband of popular actress, Sandra Bullock), former Democratic VP nominee, John Edwards, a few Congressman, and many others embroiled in sex scandals.

Even some of the long revered spiritual gurus of India have found themselves sullied in tabloid sex scandals that have rocked that nation's religious followers to the core.

And now, the biggest fish of all, none other than the Catholic Church and the Pope himself, are falling under the weight of largest sex scandal in the history of the world. And when the extent of cover-up is finally revealed about the Vatican and its role in suppressing the truth, which is way more than just a lot of pedophile priests, the world will react with utter shock of what they will learn. You can bet on it!

Increasingly, the Federal Reserve, the nation's banking consortiums, Wall Street and economic policy makers like Allan Greenspan and his ilk, have been feeling the mounting heat as the American public wonders aloud where all the dirty money has gone, for all of these years?

Even some major media outlets, like FOX (Glenn Beck), MSNBC and CNBC (Dylan Ratigan), are finally feeling obligated to cover the biggest financial scam in the history of the United States, as you can see in the videos below.

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Exposes Federal Reserve Con - Part 1

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Exposes Federal Reserve Con - Part 2

Trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars have been siphoned off to a slew of black operations and sinister projects for decades, designed to enslave humanity and keep the truth of who and what we really are, locked away down some deep rabbit holes.

The latest revelation to rock the financial world is the investigation into Goldman Sachs investment firm by the SEC. This comes on the heels of a major expose done by Rolling Stone magazine, "Looting Main Street: How the nation's biggest banks are ripping off American cities with the same predatory deals that brought down Greece," and is the kind of investigative journalism long overdue.

Again, this is merely just an inkling of the massively corrupt ponzi scheme run by the major banks for decades that is unraveling before their eyes. And there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it.

Soon, the scrutiny will shift in a much more pronounced way to the giant mainstream media machines that have been a integral part of the cover-up of truth. Give a prayer of thanks that you are not one of the major media talking heads on corrupt television networks like FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN News. It will not be pretty when the proverbial stuff hits the fans.

Previously, with human consciousness at much lower levels, these kinds of dirty little secrets used to be much easier to keep, but now simply can no longer stay hidden.

And there is one, and only one, explanation as to why all of this truth is emerging –– expanding consciousness!

But as often been said, "you ain't seen nuthin' yet!"

The avalanche of truth and revelations is now pushing so hard against a weakening wall of deceit, that gigantic cracks are appearing in its foundation for all to see. This wall was been held together for thousands of years by a sturdy network of lower consciousness conditions. But that lower consciousness is steadily crumbling away and it is doing so with ever increasing speed.

Former astronaut turned activist, Dr. Brian O'Leary, (pictured below) perhaps put it best when he said: "the truth shall set you free, but first it will really piss you off!" And there are likely to be a lot of really pissed off people when the truth starts really rolling out. But that will be a temporary situation.

Ultimately, however, there will be an even bigger shock that will come to the world.

And that will be in the recognition that we ALL have been co-conspirators, if you will, of the suppression of truth. The co-conspiracy directly lies in our willingness to buy into a false paradigm of reality, held in place by the very limited and woeful conscious mind of man.

The conscious mind has worked very hard to convince us that the only things that are "real" in life are what we can see, hear, taste, smell and feel. If it doesn't pass the five senses test, then it is simply not real.

While on the other hand, the subconscious mind, as a much more powerfully enlightened aspect of our selves, misses nothing and is completely aware of everything going on within our evolution. The subconscious mind, working in conjunction with the Divine, is completely aware that our evolution simply must happen and must happen now!

Those who are desperately seeking some kind of revenge and retribution for those who have suppressed the truth, may be sadly disappointed to learn they must ultimately look within themselves. Forgiveness and evolution will be the rule of the day, as there will simply be little time to wallow in the sorrows of victim hood.

Apparently, this catharsis has already begun, at least by those who have seen the film "Avatar". There is actually a new psychological malady termed, "post-Avatar depression syndrome" which occurs after the realization that the violent and senseless humans in that film are an accurate representation of our limited selves.

Soon, mankind will come to the profound understanding that we are all One. One mind. One heart. One soul. That despite all the different races, religions, nationalities and genders –– we are all the same. There never has been, and never will be a separation from one another, nor a separation from the Divine. We are One, and always have been One, and now we will have this absolute grand opportunity to live that reality in 2012, and beyond.

But even more profoundly, you are about to fully understand who and what you really are –– a spiritual being of infinite power and potential, well beyond your body, and what anyone has thus far told you.

What an absolutely glorious future awaits us and what a tremendous time to be alive on Planet Earth! Count your blessings and thank your lucky stars you are here to be a part of this grand awakening!

Ironically, the year 2010 is known in the Chinese calendar, as the Year of the Tiger. Simultaneously, 2010 is also known as the Year of Manifestation.

The Year of the Tiger ends mere days before the ninth level of consciousness is set to begin on the day of February 11, 2011.

2011 will then be the Age of Miracles, when events will begin to accelerate in intensity, and will pick up speed as we race headlong towards the finish line on October 28, 2011. This is the date the ninth level of consciousness ends and we enter the "time of no time" according to the Mayans.

While 2012 will be known as the Age of Enlightenment, as the entire planet begins to move into a higher dimension of reality.

It is vitally important that we stay out of fear and trepidation, and welcome these glorious changes with great hope and enthusiasm. Remember, it was Mahatma Gandhi (pictured right) who said, "be the change you want to see in the world."

Say good riddance to the limited, third-dimensional way of life we have been living in for eons, and begin to embrace an amazing new higher evolved existence for yourself. That time is at hand.

Undoubtedly, you have heard yet one more famous prophecy: "the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace."

The final act will begin when the meek realize that the Earth is now theirs for the taking.

© 2010 MR Productions, LLC

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Postscript: Major news and events are unfolding at such a furious pace now, that by the time you read this article, further significant developments will have transpired since its publication on April 25, 2010.

With the acceleration of consciousness, we can expect this trend to carry through the remaining months of 2010 and into the beginning of 2011.

Despite the mainstream media's reporting to the contrary, so many positive and inspiring events are occuring behind the scenes that the operative phrase during this current time period is, "expect miracles!"

UPDATE: April 26, 2010: The Divine Plan Is Unfolding At Warp Speed by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

UPDATES: April 28, 2010: Somali Pirates Say They Are Subsidiary of Goldman Sachs

The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!

UPDATE: May 1, 2010: Beleaguered Castrillón implicates Pope "Roman Catholic Church deserted in Germany. 6.25 million German Catholics expected to leave Roman Catholic Church in 2010 because of paedophile sex scandals, according to poll in Frankfurter Rundschau."

UPDATE: May 6, 2010: Glitches send Dow on wild ride

UPDATE: May 9, 2010: Silver vs. the Banking Cabal

UPDATE: May 11, 2010: New $100 Bill Released by US Treasury

UPDATE: May 19, 2010: When do you think that the banking cabal will finally been destroyed?

UPDATE: May 27, 2010: Is Europe heading for a meltdown?

UPDATE: May 27, 2010: David Wilcock's "Disclosure: Setting History Free! [Our Best Video Yet!]"

UPDATE: May 2010: Iceland Volcano (Fall of the Rockefeller faction) End Game 2010 Part 2 video:

UDPATE: June 6, 2010: Bilderberg 2010: Final List of Participants / Alex Jones: Bilderberg Is Running Scared

UPDATE: June 8, 2010: PJ Hahn: 'BP has lied to us from day one. We could have stopped the oil'

UPDATE: June 10, 2010: Vatican Offical Tied to BP, Goldman-Sachs, and Media Censorship in the Oil Fiasco Increasing Evidence of Foul Play

UPDATE: June 13, 2010: Evidence: BP oil spill is disaster capitalism by criminal elite to depopulate and stop ET disclosure

UPDATE: June 16, 2010: Crunch Time and The Mexican Stand-Off

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