“The pineal could act as an antenna or lightening rod for the soul" – "DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences"

— Dr. Rick Strassman, MD, author

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Part 3: The Sacred Mushroom, Enthogens and DMT

Part 4: The Legend of Christmas and Santa Claus

Part 5: Jesus and the Sacred Mushroom

Part 1: Overview, Glands and Chakras

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The Pineal Gland – The Bridge to
Consciousness (cont.)

Part 2: History, Kundalini and the All-Seeing Eye

Part 3: The Sacred Mushroom, Enthogens and DMT |

Part 4: The Legend of Christmas and Santa Claus |

Part 5: Jesus and the Sacred Mushroom | Part 1: Overview, Glands and Chakras

by Scott Mowry


Given all of these conditions, it would appear as if there has been a concerted effort, throughout many years, to actively shut down the pineal gland and render it inert, due to its supreme importance in its connection to consciousness, and thus, awakening. And there is ample proof to discover that the pineal gland has been widely recognized throughout history by all ancient cultures and religions as being of great significance.

In his amazing video lecture, "The 2012 Enigma," David Wilcock covers in great detail, many of the ancient cultures and religions that have prominently featured the pine cone in their symbolism and iconography. And the list is astounding.

These include the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Hindus, the Romans, the Greeks, the Buddhists, the Meso-Americans and most particularly, the Catholic Church and the Vatican, among many others.

In fact, the Vatican has constructed an area within its grounds known as "the Court of the Pigna," or "Court of the Pine" (pictured right) and is symbolized by an extremely large statue of a pine cone that dominates the entire space. This pine cone statue is thought to be the largest of its kind in the entire world! Perhaps the Vatican knows more about the function of the pineal gland than it has so far revealed.

Research is now coming to light that the pineal gland contains within its structure a zirconium diamond, similar to that used in a radio, that can literally function as a transmitter device. In fact, it is now being widely reported that the cell phone industry is actively researching this very effect and may be attempting to harness its potential in future cell phone technology.

The zirconium diamond can be found in other animal species, as well. In birds, for instance, it acts as a sort of GPS device, that assists in the navigation process as they travel great distances in their migratory stages.

Is it possible that cell phones are or will be linking in to this zirconium diamond in the human brain when activated to create some sort of a super wireless transmitter? There is also a great deal of controversy regarding the mass construction of cell towers throughout the country that are contributing to the alarming levels of EMF (or Electromagnetic Field) pollution, along with the growing number of wi-fi networks.

As the serpent-like kundalini energy moves up through the body and climbs the ladder of the chakra points, it reaches its zenith at the third eye and the pineal gland. It is during this process that the super consciousness or Divine consciousness becomes activated. As this process unfolds, it opens up the third eye, or the mind's eye, or the sixth sense, as it is known, which essentially is the all knowing, all-seeing consciousness. Again, we can clearly find the link between the eyes and the pineal gland.

This third eye opening would then explain the predominance of the symbolism of the all-seeing eye, (also known as "the eye of Horus" from Egyptian mysticism), prominently featured on the United States dollar bill, (pictured right) as a prime example. A parallel connection can then be made to the symbolism of the ancient pyramids on the Giza plateau in Egypt, and other parts of the world, that often have missing capstones, also symbolized on the dollar bill.

The all-seeing eye, may well be making reference to the pineal gland as the key to awakening, while at the same time, the master of control.

Therefore, within the realms of the pineal gland may lie the secrets to anti-aging, time travel, teleportation, the astral plane, telepathy, etc., in addition to, the all-knowing, all-seeing consciousness. David Wilcock has even stated that the pineal gland may act as a personal stargate within us.

"We all have this stargate in our own brain which we access primarily through meditation and stilling of the mind," he said in a recent audio interview with Project Camelot. "(By) allowing the obstructions to fall away so that we get this sort of natural, intuitive, bubbling-up, which most people think of is daydreaming, they don't think it has any value."

"But when you go in that meditative state where thoughts just naturally surface in your mind without really having to work for them, that is actually the feed from your sub-conscious, super-consciousness, that comes through the pineal gateway," he added.

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Part 3: The Sacred Mushroom, Enthogens and DMT |

Part 4: The Legend of Christmas and Santa Claus |

Part 5: Jesus and the Sacred Mushroom | Part 1: Overview, Glands and Chakras

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