“We are dealing with myth, not history.”

— John Marco Allegro, author, philologist, scholar, researcher

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Part 4: The Legend of Christmas and Santa Claus

Part 5: Jesus and the Sacred Mushroom

Part 1: Overview, Glands and Chakras

Part 2: History, Transmitter, Kundalini and the All-Seeing Eye

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John Marco Allegro

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Astrotheology and the truth about Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament

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The Pineal Gland – The Bridge to
Consciousness (cont.)

Part 3: The Sacred Mushroom, Enthogens and DMT

Part 4: The Legend of Christmas and Santa Claus |

Part 5: Jesus and the Sacred Mushroom | Part 1: Overview, Glands and Chakras |

Part 2: History, Kundalini and the All-Seeing Eye

by Scott Mowry


Here is where the story gets even more interesting.

Believe it or not, there is a direct link of the pineal gland to the legends of Christmas, Santa Claus, Jesus and, once again, to the Vatican, and it all has to do with the magical powers of an amazing plant known as the Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

The Amanita Muscaria or the Flying Agaric mushroom is referred to as an entheogen, or, a sacred plant. An entheogen is defined as "a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a nonordinary state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes."

This particular species of mushroom (pictured right) is a strikingly beautiful, brilliant red in color with white polka dots on its cap, and a long white stem which features a skirt or veil about halfway down. Quite astonishingly, the image of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom can be found in religious and spiritual iconography throughout many ancient civilizations, just as the pine cone/pineal gland symbolism.

The Amanita Muscaria mushroom contains a very high concentration of DMT and is considered to be the most naturally potent forms to be found in all of nature. It has been used in ancient rituals for thousands of years to induce an altered state of consciousness, or a "psychedelic" experience.

DMT is found in thousands of other plant species and is also the main ingredient in other shamanic potions such as the aforementioned ayuasca and peyote.

In so-called modern times, a psychedelic experience has often been negatively associated with drugs such as LSD or "acid," emanating from the Hippie Movement of the 1960's, yet the more accurate definition has ancient origins. In Latin, "psyche" means "mind," while "delic," or "delos," means to "make clear or visible." Therefore, psychedelic literally means "making the mind clear or visible."

These sacred plants have been used in mystical ceremonies and often administered by a shaman, or a medicine man, to activate the pineal gland and take one on a psychedelic, spiritual experience that can be consciousness expanding and life-altering for the participant.

British scholar, philologist, author and Dead Sea Scrolls researcher, John Marco Allegro detailed the secret powers of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom in his amazing, yet controversial, book, "The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross," (pictured left) originally published in 1970. This book has been out of print since 1985, however, efforts are now being made to re-release it sometime in 2009.

"The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross" sought to closely examine the myths of Jesus, the Bible, Christianity and other religions, and the role that the mushroom has played within religious or spiritual traditions by dispelling the myths from the historical records.

It basically set forth the notion that Christianity was nothing more than an off-shoot of astrotheology, and that the origins of Christian myths date back to ancient drug and fertility cults that relied heavily upon the symbolic representations of the psychedelic powers of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

Mr. Allegro was roundly criticized and his scholarly career ruined by those who vehemently disagreed with his research, particularly from Christian organizations and the Vatican. Yet, there has been a new found appreciation of his pioneering work, thanks in large part to the efforts of an organization known as Gnostic Media.

Gnostic Media has created an excellent video reviewing much of the research uncovered in "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross" that is entitled "The Pharmacratic Inquisition," produced by the team of Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit.

There are two different versions of "The Pharmacratic Inquisition," the first incarnation being a lecture format released in 2004, while the second, "The Online Edition," is a more polished video production and was re-released in 2007. Both are highly recommended.

"The Pharmacratic Inquisition" pre-dates a similarly themed film, "Zeitgeist," by two years, which has become an internet sensation in 2006 and also is highly recommended. In addition, the Gnostic Media team has written a companion book to "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" entitled, "Astrotheology and Shamanism: Unveiling the Law of Duality in Christianity and Other Religions."

Jan Irvin also released his latest book in 2009 entitled, "The Holy Mushroom: Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity: A critical re-evaluation of the schism between John M. Allegro and R. Gordon Wasson over the theory on the entheogenic origins of Christianity presented in the Sacred Mushroom and the Cross".

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Part 4: The Legend of Christmas and Santa Claus |

Part 5: Jesus and the Sacred Mushroom | Part 1: Overview, Glands and Chakras |

Part 2: History, Kundalini and the All-Seeing Eye

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