About Scott Mowry

Scott Mowry

Pittsburgh, PA

BA English Writing / Journalism, University of Pittsburgh

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

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About Dan Rezac

Dan Rezac (left) with Willie Nelson at Farm Aid

Planet Earth

BA Business, University of Nebraska

Founder / Researcher

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UPDATED: June 2012

Scott Mowry and Dan Rezac are long-time spiritual warriors.

They have shared a passion for truth and investigation. At the same, they have had a profound curiosity to understand the journey of the soul.

Why are we here on planet Earth at this time? What is really going on at this incredible phase of human history? What is truth and what is fiction?

These are questions that drive them for answers and understanding.

Scott and Dan also share a longing to inspire others. This website is a representation of their commitment to inspire all those they may touch.

Scott Mowry is the primary voice and writer of MiraclesandInspiration.com. Currently, he works as a freelance writer, researcher, speaker, filmmaker and consultant. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where he obtained a BA in English Writing and Journalism.

Scott is also an event co-ordinator at the Awakening Center in Rainier, Washington where he has hosted speakers and performers such as Michael Tellinger (www.michaeltellinger.com); Andrew D. Basiago (www.projectpegasus.net); Alfred Webre (exopolitics.blogs.com); James Gilliland (www.eceti.org), Stuart Mooney (www.americanbuddha.net) and Scott Huckabay (www.scotthuckabay.com), among many others.

In college, Scott was the editor of Showcase Magazine, which was the entertainment supplement of his school newspaper, The Pitt News. He has experience in journalistic fields in news, sports, entertainement and feature stories.

He has also worked within the public relations and advertising fields and, in a former life, he even dabbled in the music industry as a recording engineer, producer and musician.

One of the most important discoveries that Scott has made was information that gave him direct insight into his purpose, his destiny and his mission on planet Earth. Thanks to the amazing work of author and past-life regressionist Dolores Cannon, Scott was able to identify himself as one of the "first wave souls" on planet Earth.

Scott is a tireless researcher, innovator and creator. Recently he has added filmmaker to his resume and has produced two films to date, including the very warmly received, "Welcome to the New Earth," with more in the planning stages.

(For more information about Scott Mowry, visit our Radio section for recorded interviews.)

Dan Rezac is a long-time veteran of the software and financial industries. He also has a keen interest for law and the inner workings of the legal industry, as well as, all aspects of the financial sectors.

Dan is a graduate of the University of Nebraska where he obtained his BA in Business. He also served his country honorably as a Lieutenant in the United States military for over 12 years and was trained to fly hi-tech helicopters.

Dan’s proudest achievement was recently becoming a first-time parent when he and his lovely wife, Lenore, welcomed their beautiful daughter, Decora, into the world in 2006.

Together, Scott and Dan have forged a partnership that is poised to enter a brand new phase of achievement and enlightenment.

They have big plans for future endeavors and you are invited to join them on this journey.

Welcome aboard.

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