Scott Huckabay Discography

The Light Wins
Walk on Water
Beam Us Up, Scotty
Rain Dancer
Love Live in 528
Secret Portal (2006)

Temple of Dendara (2004)

Virtual Alter (2000)
Alchemy (1999)

Peace Dance (1998)

Latest Scott Huckabay News

-– Scott Huckabay will be returning to the Awakening Center WA in the Spring of 2012.

– Scott Huckabay and his music will be featured in our new film, "Permission to Board". Coming in 2012.

-– Scott Huckabay will be performing in Paisley, Oregon on June 20, 2009 for the LiveH2O: Concert for the Living Water.

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Scott Huckabay LIVE H2O Benefit Concert Part 1

Scott Huckabay @ Mystic Hot Springs

Scott Huckabay "State of Profusion"

Guitar Avatar Scott Huckabay at The Mystic Garden Party 2008

Scott Huckabay @ Trinity Tribal Stomp 07

Music from the Gods?: Len Horowitz/Scott Huckabay on the Jeff Rense radio show Part 1
Part 2
(remainder of interview can be found in the archives June 2008)

Scott Huckabay in Moncton May 14, 2009, 7:30pm

Scott Huckabay speaks on the healing power of music


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Scott Huckabay at the Golden Age Festival

Scott Huckabay at the Awakening Center

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Scott Huckabay – The Guitar Alchemyst

Part 2: Scott Huckabay Photos and Videos

by Scott Mowry

"It's the soul expression of music I play that feeds my constant state of bliss. In the midst of it all, my hope is that I can help invoke creativity & inspiration in others throughout this beautiful planet!" – Scott Huckabay

The Jimi Hendrix of inspirational music.

Yes, that is what some have labeled guitarist Scott Huckabay. That title originated from fellow musician, Jonathan Goldman. And one look at a performance by this brilliant and original guitarist from Arizona, you can see why.

Go ahead and look for yourself as you watch a few videos of Scott Huckabay in concert that can be found all over the web (and on the left hand column of this page). But don't expect to see him light his guitar on fire, however.

Rather, the Jimi Hendrix tag comes from the whirling dervish gyrations on the acoustic guitar along with the stomping beat he keeps with his feet adorned with all sorts of bells and chimes. As he coos, coddles and cajoles every ounce of sound he can muster out of his guitar with an array of effects and sound loops that help keep him in rhythm.

It is hard to believe that only one man can produce so much sound by himself. Maybe that's why Scott likes to refer to himself as a "guitar alchemyst."

Scott Huckabay is as unique and scintillating of a talent on acoustic guitar that can be found today in any musical genre. He is one of growing number of musicians that are tuning their instruments to the sacred sounds of the Solfeggio frequencies, also known as "The Perfect Circle of Sound."

The Solfeggio frequencies were the original musical scale notes from ancient times before they were altered to the modern dissonant scale.

By some sort of Divine coincidence, Scott Huckabay met Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who convinced him to create music in the sacred Solfeggio tuning. He dutifully produced a series of six recordings that specifically incorporate "The Perfect Circle of Sound" of the original Solfeggio frequencies.

Together, he and Dr. Horowitz have formed a new recording label called Tetrahedron Records. The six CD's that Scott Huckabay has produced for the label are: "Luminocity," "The Light Wins," "Walk on Water," "Beam Us Up, Scotty," "Rain Dancer" and "Live/ LOVE in 528."

(from l-r) Luminocity | The Light Wins | Walk on Water

(from l-r) Beam Us Up, Scotty | Rain Dancer | Live/LOVE in 528

These special six CD's can be only be ordered directly from the Healing World Distributing web site.

"When you hear Scott Huckabay play, he doesn't play like any (other) musician or any (other) guitarist," explains Dr. Horowitz. "I consider him to be the universal guitarist for the spiritual renaissance."

Indeed, Scott Huckabay's music is impossible to categorize as it weaves elements of jazz, rock 'n' roll, Indian, new age, folk, pop and that Hendrix guy, altogether in a Divine melting pot of wonderment and delight.

So perhaps you could add "six-stringed shaman" to Scott Huckabay's list of titles too. Somehow, I don't think he would mind that one bit.


I have seen a lot of guitar players in my life. I have been to dozens of concerts and musical performances. I have listened to hundreds of albums and recordings of pop, rock, new age and alternative music since I was six years old.

In my humble opinion, Scott Huckabay is one of the most original and spectacular guitarists I have ever seen or heard. Ever! What he can do with an acoustic guitar is absolutely sensational and magical.

Somehow, someway, Scott Huckabay is able to pull sounds out of an acoustic guitar that I have never seen anyone else ever do. His whole approach to the instrument is totally unique and innovative.

You really have to see Scott Huckabay in person to truly appreciate his talents. Unfortunately, his real magic does not come across on a recorded CD. It doesn't even compare. It has to be experienced.

Scott Huckabay's live performances are a powerhouse of sound and energy. That is when it hits you. At that point, you really begin to appreciate what he is able to do with an acoustic guitar. His abilities are on par with many of the great guitar players in the world.

I urge you, if you are a music fan or a lover of guitar music, check out a Scott Huckabay performance as soon as you can. I can promise you, he will blow you away!

Scott Huckabay Performances filmed by
Scott Mowry / Miracles and Inspiration Films

Scott Huckabay at the Golden Age Festival – 10.28.11

Below are some of Scott Huckabay's earlier CD releases which can be purchased from our store.

More music CD's are available in our Miracles and Inspiration CD store.

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