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2012: The Age of Enlightenment & the Year of the Water Dragon

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2013: Power to the Positive, The Rule of the Heart & The Return of the Divine Feminine

by Scott Mowry | January 1, 2013

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The transformative year of 2012 has come and gone in what seems like a blink of an eye. Doesn't it feel like it was only yesterday, or like last month when we were celebrating New Year's Day 2012? And yet here we are –– at the cusp of 2013 already!

It appears as if time has been collapsing in upon itself as we race through years in what feels like barely months have gone by. What we are really feeling is the massive acceleration of consciousness and awakening as we leave behind a third dimensional world of endless problems, conflicts and dilemmas for good!

The new world we are entering into is full of promise, potential and infinite possibilities as humanity awakens to the true power which lies within them and has always been there. But we just plain forgot we had it.

Many are likely highly disillusioned the end of the Mayan (Long Count) calendar has come and gone, we concluded the near 26,000-year long Precession of the Equinox, we entered into the Age of Aquarius, while numerous other ancient cycles closed yet none of these great events produced any sudden movement into a higher dimension. There was no great shift of the ages as many had hoped for.

No space ships showed up to beam us off the planet, no doors opened to our path towards ascension, nor did Jesus come down on a cloud from above and take his flock with him back to Heaven. While astonishingly, still others were greatly disappointed there was no great apocalypse which unfolded.

Rather, the world moved along in the manner in which it has been for the more than a decade or more which is a highly advanced state of evolution and awakening unforeseen in the entire history of planet Earth.

For many, 2012 was a rather rough ride, as wave after wave of Divine energy poured in from the Galactic center and hit the Earth in order to stimulate awakening at every level of life. Many of us felt these waves as upheavals in our own lives and admittedly, they were not always fun to deal with. These kinds of dramatic changes we are undergoing are bound to produce varying degrees of pain and uncomfortableness.

Understandably, many are also confounded and disheartened by the vast amount of negativity still lingering upon the Earth. Yet, there is a very distinct reason for this. Basically, it is due to an unfolding process which calls for a last, great hurrah of negativity to be transformed as it will not survive in a higher dimensional world.

All the negativity embedded within the Earth's and humanity's consciousness is rising up from the bottom to the surface in order to be transmuted from the planet forever. We are shedding off eons and eons of negative karma like throwing out some old luggage, no longer useful to us. It's as if we are getting it all our of system at once as humanity moves from duality consciousness to unified consciousness, or what is also termed oneness.

As the negativity is being purged, so is fear and karma as the slates can be wiped totally clean. Then, for those who are desiring to be free can have a fresh start for this brand new world emerging. For many souls who have been enslaved by the wheel of life, these endless cycles of lifetimes can finally be broken from their karmic debts.

We must be ever mindful much progress has been made in 2012 and we can feel elated and uplifted the world is changing before our very eyes and underneath our very feet.

Much has been revealed to humanity the world they live in is corrupt and full of delusions, misinformation and outright falsehoods, many of which were once considered to be sacred cows.

The world economy system has proven itself to be nothing more than a ginormous ponzi scheme at the whim and will of a select group of unscrupulous, bloated bankers and charlatans. Their attempt to shove the world down a financial black hole has been foiled and now a new, greater economic system is ready to be revealed very, very soon.

Many of the world leaders have shown themselves to be pawns of the world's elite and giant corporations with no desire to serve the needs of their people. These political, social and religious leaders are living on borrowed time and soon will find themselves swept out of their seats of power in great, world-wide housecleaning.

In accordance, there has been a precipitous drop in peoples's faith in mainstream media outlets like television, radio and newspapers as they search out more forthright sources of truth or simply, look within themselves for the answers.

The dynamic combination of the internet, the alternative media/bloggers, numerous educational and documentary films, the Occupy Wall Street movement, Anonymous, among many others, has brought enormous attention to many of the inequities which exist in our world. They all have greatly contributed to the awakening of the silent majority of humanity ––the meek, so to speak –– who have risen up to demand a number of unprecedented changes be implemented within our world.

Perhaps most importantly of all, a critical mass of 70,000 awakened people was reached in the month of August 2012, over four months ahead of the anticipated time originally thought to be by the end of the year. Now we have all the necessary momentum to propel the whole of the human race towards a collective awakened state of consciousness which will ensure an ascension into the Golden Age. It is guaranteed now.

In addition, 2013 begins the Return of the Divine Feminine when love will rule over all, as the female, heart energy rises leaving behind an era when the Paternal Father was the pre-dominant consciousness on the planet.

Yes, admittedly there is still a great deal of work to be done. But fortunately, the stars have aligned in our favor. The Divine plan is unfolding very rapidly now and at the start of 2013 the Earth tipped the scale into a decidedly more positive vibratory state from a previous slightly more negative one. This alone is magnificent news!

Imagine being in and living within a world which is finally more positive than previously seen before and thus will truly usher in the greatest changes for the better ever found upon the Earth. Hallelujah!

And in yet another monumental development, the close of 2012 marked the end of a long-imposed quarantine placed around the Earth which prohibited extra-terrestrials from directly interfering with the human population. With the quarantine now effectively over, the extra-terrestrials are free to interact with us in a benevolent manner once the people of the Earth decide they are truly ready and will not react with fear.

So in summation –– our world continues down a road of historic, monumental changes. We have gone through a revolutionary period of revealing; we have lived through numerous ancient prophecies; we have concluded many great cycles and begun new ones; we have arrived at the point when love will rule; we have witnessed human awakening accelerate faster than all predictions; and we have come to the end of the quarantine placed upon the Earth. And perhaps most significantly of all, we have finally emerged into a world which is decidedly more positive than ever before.

I think you will agree –– there is much to celebrate!

We stand at the precipice of a brave, bold new world which has been the magical dream of so many great, pure souls who have given much to insure of it finally being born, here and now. It is a world of made of one hundred percent heart, no longer one of the frailties and foibles of the human mind.

Have no fear. Everything is right on schedule. You didn't miss anything. There were no mistakes. There were no hiccups. There were no miscalculations.

We are right on the path towards the Golden Age. We are moving steadily along towards the new Earth. The shift of the ages is still coming. We are transitioning into the fifth dimension where the human race will live in a state of total peace, abundance and love for time immortal.

We still have many great changes and challenges ahead we must pass through and we have a ways to go before the outer world will truly reflect what is occurring within. Most imperatively, consciousness must be raised among many still deeply asleep on the planet.

So stay positive, stay focused on the world you have envisioned for yourself and your loved ones and have faith all is unfolding into the most spectacular, Divinely-inspired one could possibly dream of.

The conditions upon the Earth have now reached a point where it is possible to envision and then to live in a world of total bliss. And in fact, some living upon the Earth have achieved this state of being already. I can personally attest these people are very real.

All that remains is to believe the same can be for you. Happy 2013.

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