“We have to go from the irregular Gregorian calendar to the perfect, harmonic, perpetual, 13-month/28 day calendar. The Aztecs used this calendar, the Druids, the Incas of South America...it's the universal calendar."

— José Arguëlles, author, artist, activist, speaker and researcher

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The Great Teacher of Time, the Mayan Calendar and the Thirteen Moon Calendar

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by Scott Mowry

Dr. José Argüelles, Ph. D., is a brilliant and visionary author, artist, scholar, lecturer, teacher, researcher and activist who is an expert on the Mayan Calendar, 2012, the concept of time, the Harmonic Convergence and, what is known as, the Thirteen Moon calendar.

Dr. Argüelles has authored or co-authored numerous books, such as "The Mayan Factor," "Time and the Technosphere" and the "Cosmic History Chronicles" series, many of which can be purchased through our Miracles and Inspiration book store. He is also the originator of the Harmonic Convergence that occurred in 1987 and is a tireless proponent of many other highly spiritual and peace-oriented causes such as Earth Day.

One of Dr. Argüelles' foremost missions is proposing that we revert back to a thirteen-month/28 day calendar immediately, which would be based on universal harmonic cycles as developed by the Mayan civilization. By making this kind of a radical, yet essential change, Dr. Argüelles theorizes that the Earth, and its people, would live much more in harmony with the natural flow of time and the innate rhythms of the universe.

"We have to change the time. You change the time by changing the calendar. When you change the calendar, you change the program," Dr. Argüelles has suggested.

His insistence on a thirteen-month calendar holds a great deal of validity, since, in theory, it would be possible for the human race to lead a more balanced life in which every month would consistently begin on a Sunday and end on a Saturday, and would contain the same amount of 28 days. And, despite the fact that we have been told it is an extremely unlucky number, many have come to realize how truly powerful the number thirteen actually is in its relation to the human experience.

For hundreds of years, mankind has followed a twelve-month Gregorian calendar and, consequently, most societies around the world have been in a continuous state of chaos. The Gregorian calendar, based upon the Julian calendar, was decreed by the Vatican and Pope Gregory XVIII in 1582, for whom it was so named.

The Mayans, along with the Aztecs and the Incas, residing in the New World and far away from the influence of the Vatican, followed the harmonious and perpetual thirteen-month/28 day calendar. While, in contrast, most of Europe adhered to the more disharmonious and inconsistent Gregorian calendar that was based upon an irregular twelve-month cycle. The thirteen-month calendar promoted peace and harmony, while the twelve-month calendar created chaos and disorder within societies of people and continues to this day.

The Thirteen Moon calendar is based upon Dr. Argüelles' exhaustive research into the Mayan records and their intrinsic understanding of time cycles. The Mayans documented their mastery of time by creating over twenty different types of calendars to measure it down to 1/10,000th of a second. No other civilization has ever been as proficient, or as accurate, in the measurement of time as the Mayans were.

Dr. Argüelles has condensed his years of research into what he has named, "The Law of Time" and from his official web site, the Galactic Research Institute, www.lawoftime.org, it is stated as follows:

"The Thirteen-Moon/28-day calendar is the chief instrument for implementing the Law of Time in the most universal manner possible. A calendar is a programming device. The Thirteen moon/28-day calendar is a perfection of harmony. Its effect upon the human mind and social organization can only be of immeasurable benefit to the future generations,"

Dr. Argüelles has also submitted to the United Nations a "Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan," which is based upon the Mayans concept of time in conjunction with the Thirteen Moon calendar.

"What this Law demonstrated was that the Thirteen Moon calendar was but the most practical application of an entirely new perception of time and reality. For this reason, the envisioning of the Calendar Change Peace Plan expanded enormously. To change the calendar is not only to envision world peace, but to change the foundations of the human mind altogether," states this plan.

Dr. Argüelles has also done a great deal of inspiring work in educating people about the natural time cycles and the dichotomy that exists between the technological world, which he terms, the "technosphere," and the natural world, which he refers to as the biosphere. He has become a leading expert in this field and we encourage you to learn more about his fascinating and brilliant body of work.

We have created a comprehensive overview of much of Dr. Argüelles' impressive output on the continuing pages. You will find a guide to his books, videos, radio appearances and web resources.

All in all, José Argüelles is a fantastic facilitator of wisdom and enlightenment that will expand your consciousness and make you look at how the role of time has disrupted our natural state of being, where we have unwittingly become disharmonious with the Earth, the Universe and the Divine.

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Part 2: Biography and Bibliography | Part 3: Videos/DVD's and Audio

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