“The Oneness Age represents what is going to happen on the inside, and the Golden Age is what is going to happen on the outside.”

— Sri Bhagavan, spiritual avatar
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1) “The Future of the Planet” from " A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
Very, very inspiring message on the future! A must see!

2) "2002 Gathering with Sri Bhagavan"
Another extremely inspiring message.

3) "A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
This is one of the best collections of the wisdom of Sri Bhagavan.

4) “2005 Oneness Message”
Incredibly inspiring message on the Golden Age.

5) "The Mind" excerpt from "A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
Superb information on the ancient mind.

6) "Awakening Into Oneness" 4-DVD boxed set
This is the best way to learn all about the Oneness University.

7) "The Futility of Effort"
Very insightful wisdom.

8) "Importance of the Heart"
Understanding of the value of heart over mind.

9) "The Oneness University"
Excellent explanation of the purpose of the Oneness University.

10) "What Is Enlightenment?"
More profound wisdom on soul evolution.

(for more videos see World Oneness TV)


Miracles & Inspiration Oneness University video collection

World Oneness TV

An outstanding collection of Oneness Movement videos can be found here

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Author Arjuna Ardagh Introducing the Oneness Blessing–Part 1

Author Arjuna Ardagh Introducing the Oneness Blessing–Part 2

Author Arjuna Ardagh Introducing the Oneness Blessing–Part 3

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Oneness Temple: Powerhouse of Awakening

Oneness Temple Inauguration


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Deeksha: Fire from Heaven


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The Oneness Blessing from India

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Books and Web Resources | Part 3: Videos/DVD's and CDs |

Part 4: Latest Oneness / Sri Bhagavan Videos| Part 5: The Moola Mantra |

Part 6: Stuart Mooney – The American Buddha


by Scott Mowry

"2012 is the beginning of the Golden Age, which itself, will take another 100 years to completely unfold." – Sri Bhagavan, January 2009

The Oneness Movement has it origins from southern India in the Chittor District in the state of Andhra Pradesh and was founded by the husband and wife team of Sri and Amma Bhagavan, both of whom are considered to be spiritual avatars. An avatar is the embodiment of a Divine teacher who has come to Earth for the purpose of educating the people.

According to the Indian Hindu tradition, an avatar can be a Divine teacher in many disciplines, however, Sri and Amma Bhagavan (pictured right) strongly believe they are avatars for enlightenment.

The Oneness University is also based around the ancient Vedic teachings which date back thousands of years ago. The Vedas are considered to be one of the world's oldest living texts and the original scriptures of the Hindu religion.

"Supported and loved by more than a 100 million people, Sri Amma Bhagavan are the founders and the inspiration behind the Oneness University. They are one single consciousness in two bodies," states their official biography.

According to Sri Bhagavan, the Oneness University was founded as a school that was designed to "make you into a true human being." It was also created as a training facility where people from all over the world could come to learn how to give to others the "Oneness Blessing" or the "Deeksha," as the Indians refer to it. The Oneness University campus resides in what is now known as the Golden City.

"Every human being has to be enlightened, every human being has to be God realized. This university exists to help you become enlightened, to help you become God realized," states Sri Bhagavan. "The full flowering of the human being is nothing but the flowering of the heart," he adds.

The Oneness Blessing is an integral part of both the Oneness Process and the Oneness University, and it is the primary reason why people from all over the world are drawn to the University to be trained.

For a time, a second campus was opened in the Fiji Islands in southeast Asia where most Westerners were directed to be indoctrinated into giving the Oneness Blessing, the Oneness Deepening and the Oneness Training courses. However, that policy has changed again where all students, either east or west, are now trained back at the main campus in Southern India.

From their official web site, www.onenessuniversity.org, the Oneness Blessing is explained as thus:

"The Oneness Blessing is a transfer of energy which initiates the journey into higher states of consciousness and an evolution in consciousness. This evolution naturally results in healing, setting right relationships and solutions to mundane problems too. The Oneness Blessing helps different people in different ways. The nature and intensity of the help they receive depend on the individual.

oneness3There have been many instances of profound physical and psychological healing happening in the receivers. For the spiritual seekers the Oneness Blessing (pictured right) has opened different vistas of altered states of consciousness. The Oneness Blessing has also helped people come out of stress and stress related problems like addictions etc.

The Oneness Blessing has also helped the flowering of heart in relationships and to become more creative through the flowering of intelligence in the profession or vocation they follow."

The purpose of the Deeksha is to open up the brain to allow the Divine energy to enter within it, which assists in the enlightenment or the awakening of an individual's soul. Basically, a Deeksha is administered by a "Oneness Facilitator" or a "Oneness Blessing Giver" by placing his or her hands on top of the head, over the crown chakra and channeling the energy of the Divine into that person's brain.

The Oneness facilitator acts as an instrument for the Divine and makes themselves available so that the Divine can reach out to man. This process is entirely painless, and quite often produces a feeling of peacefulness within the brain but it also can, for some, invigorate brain activity in a very profound way.

From my perspective, there are two main aspects of the Oneness Movement that are particularly inspiring.

First, they appear to have a mission along with dedicated plan in how to carry out that mission. Their mission is to awaken and enlighten the world through prayer, meditation and administering of the Oneness Blessing to as many people as possible. Thus far, they claim to have delivered the Oneness Blessing to as many as 10 million people world-wide.

They also have a plan to consciously awaken the entire world by creating at least 70,000 highly enlightened beings, a number in which they feel will have a profound effect upon the rest of the Earth's population. Their plan also includes instituting as many as 8,000 people meditating around the clock, 24-hours per day, to raise the consciousness of the entire world.

For every one person that reaches a state of enlightenment, 100,000 others within their vicinity are affected. Therefore if we do the math, 70,000 (enlightened beings) x 100,000 = 7 billion, which is the current population of the planet Earth at this time.

Thus, when there are 70,000 enlightened beings within the population of the Earth's people, we will have reached the critical mass point that will allow the entire planet to shift into a higher dimension, also know as the Golden Age.


In 2009, the Oneness University (pictured above) opened a brand new facility on their campus called the Oneness Temple, for the specific purpose of providing a sanctuary for those 8,000 people to reside in while in a meditative state.

Secondly, what I most appreciate about the Oneness Movement is the words and wisdom of its spiritual leader, Sri Bhagavan. He has a wise and soothing presence about him and dispenses a great deal of sacred knowledge and Divine wisdom that can be very inspiring to hear.

I have personally found that listening to Sri Bhagavan speak has a very calming, enlightening and inspiring effect. I would highly recommend you investigate his audio and video messages that we have provided links to on the left hand column of this page. I think you will also find him to be a equally inspiring voice for you.

"Awakening Into Oneness" Book and Author Arjuna Ardagh
The Oneness Movement and the Oneness Blessing was brought to the attention of a world-wide audience through the book, "Awakening Into Oneness: The Power of Blessing in the Evolution of Consciousness," released in 2007 and authored by Arjuna Ardagh, who has had a long career of writing spiritually oriented books. "Awakening Into Oneness" also spawned a similarly themed 4-DVD boxed set set by the same name.

The "Awakening Into Oneness" book is an excellent place to begin, if you are new to the philosophies of the Oneness Movement and to the purpose of the Oneness Blessing.

On the following pages, we have created a guide to the Oneness Movement and the Oneness Blessing through a comprehensive listing of books, videos/DVD's, audio/CDs and web resources.

You can also watch a great deal of inspiring material on the Oneness University and Sri Bhagavan, in particular, that is posted on both YouTube and Google video, many of which are viewable on the left hand column of this page.

We have provided links to several of those videos and we have complied a list of what we consider to be some of the best videos to watch.

Sri & Amma Bhagavan have stepped up the time line for the Oneness process to unfold. They are accelerating their teachings and putting out new material on a weekly basis including new videos and webcasts.

We have added a new page to our Oneness Blessing section entitled "Part 4: Latest Sri Bhagavan / Oneness Videos" where you will find many of the latest video messages. You will also find all of these videos and more on the World Oneness TV page on YouTube.

Sri Bhagavan on 2011 and Beyond | Skype Darshan with India | November 21, 2010

Sri Bhagwans WEBCAST on 21st NOVEMBER 2010 from jeet Sharma on Vimeo.

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Part 2: Books and Web Resources | Part 3: Videos/DVD's and CDs |

Part 4: Latest Oneness / Sri Bhagavan Videos| Part 5: The Moola Mantra |

Part 6: Stuart Mooney – The American Buddha

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