“You are a creator; you create with your every thought.”

— Esther Hicks, author, speaker

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The Law of Attraction:
Magnetizing Your Life

by Scott Mowry

We live in a world, in a reality, of universal laws. Some laws are of the physical realms, such as the law of gravity. Some laws are of the spiritual realms, such as the law of Divine Oneness.

"The Law of Attraction" lies within the spiritual realms. At its core, the law of attraction is based upon the principle that, whatever we think or more importantly, whatever we truly feel, we then draw or attract into our lives, whether it is something we think is good or something that we perceive as bad.

The law of attraction was recently popularized by the smash hit film "The Secret." That film built upon a very clever marketing campaign, that seemed to imply that there was some great secret that no one, except for perhaps a chosen few, really knew anything about it. And, that secret was: the mysterious and magical law of attraction.

(Read our complete review of "The Secret" film and DVD.)

Well, in point of fact, the secret of "The Secret" was that... there really was no big secret.

The law of attraction has been well known for over a century. In fact, it was William Walker Atkinson, who wrote a book called "Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World," that brought the law of attraction to the forefront, all the way back in the year 1906! Over 100 years ago.

Mr. Atkinson was an influential leader in the New Thought Movement of the mid-19th century and a prolific writer who penned over 100 books in the last 30 years of his life alone.

Another central figures of the New Thought Movement was Wallace Wattles, who penned another book, "The Science of Getting Rich," which featured the law of attraction as it central theme.

In truth, all "The Secret" really did was to dramatize the principles of the law of attraction in a slick video production, and remind the modern world that it still continues to function, each and every minute, of each and every day.

Nonetheless, "The Secret" was a well-made film, with an even better viral marketing campaign, and it serves as a perfect introduction to understanding what the law of attraction is and how it can create magic and miracles in your own life. But "The Secret" is only just the beginning.

One of the major proponents of the principles of the law of attraction is a woman named Esther Hicks and her alter-ego known as Abraham. Esther Hicks is a spiritual channeler and Abraham is actually a group of spiritual entities that provide wisdom and enlightenment to her.

Ms. Hicks, along with her husband, Jerry Hicks, have authored eight books together, such as "The Law of Attraction," and "Ask and It Is Given." They also conduct workshops and seminars around the country teaching the law of attraction to enthusiastic audiences.

Esther Hicks was, perhaps, THE major star of "The Secret," although as events unfolded, she subsequently had a disagreement with the producer of that film, Rhonda Byrne, and asked to be edited out of the production for future DVD releases. Nonetheless, "The Secret" has brought Ms. Hicks a much wider audience and she has become more well known than ever.

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Another tireless and popular proponent of the law of attraction has been Louise Hay. Ms. Hay has been dispensing spiritual wisdom and advise since the 1970's and has authored over 25 books. Her first and most famous book was entitled "You Can Heal Your Life."

Ms. Hay recently turned that book into a major film production release and were joined by many of her friends to assist her, which included the aforementioned, Esther and Jerry Hicks. "You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie" also featured Gregg Braden, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Wayne Dyer and many others.

(For more on Louise Hay, see our review of "You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie" DVD.)

Louise Hay is a very inspiring woman, and her life story is one of persistently employing the use of positive thinking, affirmations and the law of attraction to create amazing transformations in her life.

She has become an inspiration to countless of people around the world and is a walking, talking, living proof that these principals really do work. As she has overcome numerous personal and physical challenges in her life, including beating cancer to continue her life's passion of helping others, well into her 80's.

Louise Hay has taken the whole law of attraction to amazing heights and has built an empire called Hay House, which is a publishing company that features many of the authors and speakers that appeared in "You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie."

Hay House, Inc.

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