“What people need to be able to do is access their own magic that makes them special and then they just release that into the world. And that is the power of the universe, right there.”

—Dr. Richard Bartlett,
Matrix Energetics founder

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Matrix Energetics – A System of Healing,
Self-Care and Transformation

by Scott Mowry


"I believe we all have abilities that we haven't unfolded because we never consider the possibility of what would happen if we did!"
– Dr. Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics founder

Matrix Energetics is an amazing healing and transformation modality that works in the expression of subtle energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics, superstring theory and Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance. It was invented by Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., who is both a chiropractor and a naturopath.

In a desperate quest to solve his infant son's chronic health issues with bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia, Dr. Bartlett sought out alternative treatment methods as he was studying to become a doctor of chiropractory in the mid-Eighties. During that quest, he discovered many other alternative methods outside the normal realm of traditional chiropractic remedies from some long forgotten books and from several influential college instructors.

Eventually, Dr. Bartlett found an obscure form of treatment from one his college professors, that finally cured his son's health issues. The incidental result of his intensive and exhaustive research, led him to create a whole new approach to healing, that eventually became Matrix Energetics.

Beginning in 1997, Dr. Bartlett began to incorporate his abstract methods into his burgeoning chiropractic profession. Miraculously, he found that he was having tremendous success in addressing chronic health problems with these methods on some of his more, otherwise, untreatable patients.

"In 1997, Dr. Richard Bartlett experienced an event that would redirect the entire course of his life.

He suddenly discovered by lightly touching his clients while at the same time applying focused intent, he could restore them to a physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced state, instantly shifting misalignments that had plagued them for years. Most astonishing of all, he could teach anyone how to do this."

Since 2004, Dr. Bartlett has been training others in the application of Matrix Energetics and he has stated that he believes he can teach anyone this method within a weekend seminar.

In 2007, Dr. Bartlett released his first book entitled "Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation – A Hands-On Guide to Subtle Energy and Radical Change," that offers detailed instruction on this practice. The book contains much of the same material that Dr. Bartlett has been dispensing from the many years of his seminars that he has conducted across the country.

Dr. William A. Tiller, Ph.D., physicist and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, has contributed the forward to the "Matrix Energetics" book and has attended several of Dr. Bartlett's seminars. Dr. Tiller has bestowed upon Richard Bartlett the very unique label of "quantum shaman," which is actually an appropriate metaphor for the miraculous and magical transformation methodology of Matrix Energetics.

Matrix Energetics begins with the assumption that our bodies are made of nothing but light and information. Therefore, it is possible to create extraordinary healing effects upon the body, very simply, if you can suspend your disbelief and open your mind up to new possibilities within the morphogenetic field.

"There are miracles that happen every day, in fact, they happen in between the blinks of our eyes," Dr. Bartlett explains. "But we miss them because we are only paying attention to what we are normally paying attention to."

When you observe Dr. Bartlett in action during one his seminars, you will notice that many of the participants who are called up to the stage to demonstrate these techniques, will often keel over, or "drop down," as it is referred, as if they were fainting while participating in a religious healing revival.

"Drop down means you enter an altered state where other realities are just as real and possible for you in the moment," Dr. Bartlett says.

In essence, these participants are being swept over by an energy wave that produces a quantum healing effect that overloads the physical body with information, much like a computer operating system would overload a hard drive with data.

This energy wave causes the body to temporarily go weak, as the knees buckle, and the person falls into an assistant's awaiting arms, as they are lowered gently to the floor. As the Matrix Energetics process unfolds, it causes the physical body, in theory, to essentially "reboot," with a new software program of healing, if you will.

"When you let go, you are done. There is nothing to do. There is nothing to be," Dr. Bartlett explains. "Drop down, place intent and let go. The let go is the most important part. That's where things happen!"

Although this process may sound complex, it is intended to be simple and direct. It is also meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

"It's not about unconfusing you. It's about infusing you with something that feels confusing, but just is naturally right. When you are confused you actually start to learn stuff," Dr. Bartlett explains.

Additionally, in another amazing implementation, Matrix Energetics can actually perform what is known as "time travel" process of transformation, in which, it is possible to travel back in time to a point where your body was well and whole, and then load that image into the present.

Needless to say, from the outset, Matrix Energetics requires one to think outside of the normal realms of medicine and healing. It encourages you to be imaginative and child-like in your adoption of it, as you allow yourself to open up to ANY possibility that will work to transform you, whatever that may turn out to be.

Essentially, you are tapping into a Divine process, that accesses a much higher, quantum power, in order to produce astounding and inspiring results in your life.

In a recent interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Bartlett was asked what he has found to be the practical disciplines or exercises that people can do to expand their awareness.

"Read comic books, watch super hero movies, read quantum physics upside down and backwards. Don't ever let anyone tell you what to do when your heart tells you differently and pay attention to what shows up in the next moment, and realize that every moment is full of grace, and miracles, and majesty, and possibility," he stated.

In essence, Matrix Energetics is pure Divine magic.

Dr. Bartlett's official web site and the home of Matrix Energetics is: www.matrixenergetics.com.

His latest book, released in October 2009, is entitled, "The Physics of Miracles: Tapping into the Field of Consciousness Potential".

New Matrix Energetics Seminars Video - Richard Bartlett

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