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Take a Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono class and read the article, "Who's In Charge?" by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

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Read "The Easiest Way"


Read "The User Illusion"

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Dr. Hew Len & Joe Vitale Radio Interviews

Click here and listen an audio recording of Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len at the special dinner in Austin, TX on February 25, 2006 that is famously mentioned in the book “Zero Limits.”

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Here is yet another radio interview with Dr. Hew Len on Tributaries Radio – November 11, 2006 (Removed from archives)

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-Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len on "The Secret" – October 2008

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LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOLS #1: Ho’oponopono: The Ancient Hawaiian System
of Healing
(updated with additional resources)

Part 2: Morrnah N. Simeona's Prayers to the Divine |

Part 3: Glossary of Ho'oponopono Words, Phrases, Definitions and Cleaning Tools |

Part 4: Ho'oponopono Resources | Part 5: Dr. Hew Len Audio and Video Interviews

UPDATED: Visit the official web site for more information about Ho'oponopono workshops around the world


by Scott Mowry

Perhaps you have tried a number of different spiritual methods or practices or pursuits and you have not seen the results you had hoped for. Or maybe you are one of those who has read a number of books, has joined a group or several groups, yet you have discovered your life remains essentially the same as when you started. And ultimately, you end up feeling somewhat disillusioned and frustrated.

Or maybe, on the other hand, you have had luck with some particular practice or method but you looking to enhance your spiritual growth and evolution in a major way.

Then Ho'oponopono just might be what you have been searching for.

"What in the world is 'Ho'oponopono,'" you may be asking yourself? "Why I can't even say it, let alone have ever heard of it!"

Ho'oponopono, pronounced "hoh oh pohno pohno," is, without a doubt, one of THE best methods ever created for making profound and lasting changes in your life I have ever found. It has the potential to create absolute miracles in your life, if you are willing to practice it with dedication and with a degree of diligence. Guaranteed!

But realize this, dedication and diligence are the absolutely ESSENTIAL ingredients in order to have success with this method. A half-hearted approach simply will not work.

Whenever you seek to make profound and lasting changes in your life, a sincere and passionate effort is required and Ho'oponopono is no different. In order to manifest the true miracles in your life, it requires your continuous and active participation on a daily basis.

But the really good news is this: Ho'oponopono is very easy and very simple to do.

Ho'oponopono is the ancient healing system that has been around the Hawaiian culture for centuries. In a nutshell, Ho'oponopono assists you in establishing a direct connection to the Divine consciousness that exists within all of us. It teaches you how to make that connection deep and permanent.

The first basic principle of Ho'oponopono is that we are 100% for everything in our life. No matter what. No exceptions. No excuses. EVERYTHING. And by accepting responsibility, you can also change it.

This concept alone can be life altering! It certainly was for me.

The official web site for this particular method known as "Self Identity through Ho'oponopono" is: www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com/

Here is their description of the Ho'oponopono system they offer:

"Self Identity through Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian problem solving process to release memories that show up as problems in our everyday lives.

When we are willing to take responsibility and let go, what is right and perfect unfolds.

The Ho’oponopono process provides 'a step by step approach to achieving Peace, Balance and a new meaning of life through an understanding of one’s Self-I-dentity.

Founded by Kahuna Lapa au, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos is a non-profit corporation that conducts Self Identity through Ho’oponopono classes in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia."

If you are a beginner and have never heard of Ho'oponopono previously, one of the best methods to be introduced to it is by the book "Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More," written by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. "Zero Limits" is the amazing story of Joe Vitale's quest to find this mysterious doctor who healed an entire hospital ward of mentally ill, criminally insane patients despite never seeing a single one of those patients privately.

That doctor eventually became his co-author, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who practiced the Ho'oponopono system by healing himself, first and foremost, and, therefore, miraculously transformed that entire ward of patients at the Hawaii State Hospital in the 1980's. "Zero Limits" is also a detailed examination of the Ho'oponopono system as taught by Dr. Hew Len himself.

Read our detailed review of the "Zero Limits" book.

After reading the book, "Zero Limits," you can continue to expand your comprehension of the Ho'oponopono process by delving into the series of three Zero Limits seminars that Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len have conducted together since 2007.

The most recent one released, and perhaps the best of the three, is the "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter" DVD package. It was filmed over an entire weekend seminar in April 2009 and covers about eight hours on six DVD's.

"Zero Limits III - The Final Chapter" offers some of the most current and up to date teachings from Dr. Hew Len but does not include all the material that is presented in a full Ho'oponopono workshop. However, these DVD's will give you an excellent resource to review much of the Ho'oponopono fundamentals at your convenience.

Read our complete review of the "Zero Limits III – The Final Chapter" DVD's.

Another excellent resource to refer to would be to purchase and listen to the "Zero Limits" seminar, which was conducted by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len together in Austin, Texas in January of 2007. It is available as a combination of audio .mp3 and .pdf downloads from www.zerolimits.info

My strongest advice is that you listen through these seminar recordings as often as possible, particularly the parts where Dr. Hew Len does the majority of the speaking. You will find that upon repeated listenings, new and vital wisdom will reveal itself that may have slipped by you on the first, or second, or even, third time through. My personal experience has been to review these audio recordings from this seminar regularly and often.

I have transferred the audio recordings to my iPod which can be played in my car while driving or relaxing or meditating. I found this seminar recording to be a tremendous tool to empowering my consciousness while sitting in a car and having nothing to do but drive. It is certainly much more productive than listening to music or the radio, I must say.

The "Zero Limits" Seminar is like an advanced course from the "Zero Limits" book and is somewhat similar to a Ho'oponopono weekend class that Dr. Hew Len and other instructors teach in cities around the world. However, in a Ho'oponopono weekend workshop, you will get a lot more techniques that are not covered in the "Zero Limits" seminar audio recording.

Read our complete review of that seminar audio series.

Click here to purchase the Zero Limits seminar audio recording package.

The fourth recommendation is to view the "Zero Limits Seminar II – Live From Maui," which is another wonderful resource released in 2009.

Recorded in December 2007, this second Zero Limits seminar offers the first ever glimpse of Dr. Hew Len caught on video, as he works with a live audience, in a similar manner to that which can be found in a Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono weekend workshop.

This seminar will deepen your understanding of the Ho'oponopono process significantly and it is highly encouraged to view it multiple times. As in the first and third Zero Limits seminar, new revelations will continuously unfold with each viewing and you will discover that it will reinforce the comprehension of the Ho'oponopono principles.

Read our comprehensive review of the "Zero Limits II Seminar – Live from Maui" video package.

The entire package of eight videos and two audio files are priced at $149 and can be purchased by clicking here.

The fifth recommendation is that you consider taking a Ho'oponopono workshop in person with Dr. Hew Len, or any of their other instructors, as soon as your schedule permits. You can find out more information about Ho'oponopono class schedule including dates, locations and prices at the official web site: www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com/basic-1-class-info-fees.htm

Dr. Hew Len is a master teacher and dispenses an astounding array of profound wisdom and understanding like no one else in the world. I recently had the distinct pleasure of taking a Ho'oponopono course from Dr. Hew Len and I can honestly say it was simply an amazing experience in my life. Dr. Hew Len is a very charismatic and compelling man and his method of teaching is very profound and life-altering. I cannot recommend the Ho'oponopono workshop enough!

Before taking the Ho'oponopono workshop, it is required that you read Dr. Hew Len's article, "Who's In Charge?" which will give you great insight into how the human mind operates.

We also have gathered together a number of radio interviews that were conducted with Dr. Hew Len, some which include Joe Vitale and Mabel Katz, discussing in detail, the method of Ho'oponopono.

Dr. Hew Len is an absolute delight and inspiration to listen to and I found any shred of information from him to be of great value. I would highly recommend you take advantage of these free interviews because there is a limited amount of this material to be found on the internet for now.

There is also a very inspiring video of author Joe Vitale recorded at the Maui Unity Church in December 2007, discussing his experiences with Ho'oponopono and Dr. Hew Len. You can watch that video and find links to the Dr. Hew Len interviews in the column on the left hand side of this page.

The "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits" DVD was released in 2009 and contains a number of Ho'oponopono cleaning tools.

This excellent DVD features Dr. Hew Len teaching the Inner Child Meditation, which he terms "the most important relationship in all of creation." Also included several other meditations that work with the Ho'oponopono process.

The Inner Child Meditation is an exercise which establishes a profound connection between the subconscious mind (the Child), where all pain, suffering, grief and memories are stored, and the conscious mind (the Mother), which is the root cause of those conditions laying within the subconscious mind.

In addition, there is nearly an hour of highlights from the third Zero Limits seminar from April 2009, filmed in Austin, Texas, included on this DVD.

Read our comprehensive review of the "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits" DVD.

Click here to purchase the "Subliminal Manifestations: Zero Limits" DVD.

I also found Joe Vitale's book, "The Key: The Missing Secret to Attracting Anything You Want" to be another great resource for life empowerment tools. "The Key" offers an invaluable set of "clearing methods' to peel away those limiting subconscious beliefs that seem to sabotage our efforts to make big changes in our lives.

Joe Vitale has labeled those limiting beliefs as our "counter-intentions" and he gives a set of ten unique clearing methods to deal with them. One of the highlighted clearing methods is, of course, Ho'oponopono, which is comes in at number 5. You will find that "The Key" is an excellent companion to the resources I have listed above.

Read our full review of the "The Key"

Another recommended resource for further understanding Ho'oponopono is the book "The Easiest Way," written by Mabel Katz. This book actually precedes "Zero Limits" by several years, having been released in 2004 whereas "Zero Limits" did not appear until 2007. "The Easiest Way" is a simple and basic guide to understanding of how Ho'oponopono works and the profound effects it can have upon your life.

It will broaden your comprehension of this process and offer further insights into its implementation. Just as its title states, "The Easiest Way" is very simple to read and you will be able to quickly grasp and absorb its contents.

Read our comprehensive review of "The Easiest Way."

You can purchase any or all of these books directly through our web site along with many other books, DVD's and CDs we have recommended in our Miracles And Inspiration bookstore.

All of these books are also available in the audio format if you would prefer to listen to them, rather than read. One of the most economical sources for audio books is audible.com. This web site often offers a book a month for a low introductory subscription rate of $7.49/month for the first three months.

You can purchase audio books from audible.com directly through our web site by following the links on each book review page. Or you can also find them at the iTunes music store, although prices will vary.

All in all, I can personally attest to that if you educate yourself with these invaluable books and resources you will go a long way towards transforming your life in the direction you truly desire.

You will begin to experience a series of minor, or, even major miracles in your life and that will lead directly to Divine Inspiration that will come pouring forth into your consciousness at an astounding rate.

As a matter of fact, nearly every facet of this entire web site that you are currently viewing, is the direct result of diligently practicing Ho'opnopono for several months and remaining true to it to this very day. This stuff really works, my friends!

This system can work for you as well and you can experience the same kind of magnificent results if you make a sincere and honest effort to stay with it.

Dr. Hew Len, himself, has been practicing Ho'oponopono for over 25 years and has stated he plans to do so for the remainder of his life. So there is no time like the present to begin doing this yourself, and when you do, just stand back and let the miracles unfold!

Both Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len have prominently cited the book, "The User Illusion," as a resource to better understand how limited the conscious mind really is, in comparison to the subconscious mind.

According to the author, Tor Nørretranders, he conducted a series extended experiments, and his conclusions were that the conscious mind is only capable of processing anywhere from 15 to 40 bytes of information per second. Whereas, the subconscious mind can process over 40 MILLION per second. That is quite an incredible disparity when you consider it.

From "The User Illusion" author Nørretranders states:

“The fact is that every single second, millions of bits of information flood in through our senses. But our consciousness processes only perhaps forty bits a second--at most. Millions and millions of bits are condensed to a conscious experience that contains practically no information at all."

And this from Dr. Hew Len, in his article, "Who's In Charge?," which is required reading before taking a Ho'oponopono weekend workshop. (http://www.hooponoponotheamericas.org/whos-in-charge-english.htm):

"The intellect or the conscious mind believes it is the problem solver, that it controls what happens and what is experienced.

In his book “The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size,” science journalist Tor Nørretranders paints a different picture of Consciousness. He cites research studies, particularly those of Professor Benjamin Libet of the University of California at San Francisco, that show that decisions are made before Consciousness makes them, and that the intellect is only conscious of between 15 or 20 bits of information per second out of million in reaction below its awareness!"

Fifteen to 40, it is no wonder we spend our lives wandering around looking for answers in our life and often come up short. It all comes down to the extremely limited ability of the conscious mind.

Learn to access your Divine consciousness and you will be able to find all the answers you seek.

(See our Ho'oponopono Part 4: Ho'oponopono Resources for more book recommendations.)

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