"The Obama administration... has made a decision to disclose the ET presence."

— Stephen Bassett, Paradigm Research Group (PRG)

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World Sits on the Brink of a New Economic System and Extra-terrestrial Disclosure

Pope blasts capitalism ahead of G-8 meeting

Pope Urges Forming New World Economic Order to Work for the ‘Common Good’

Pope urges new financial order guided by ethics

Pope Weighs in on Financial Crisis

The Pope Condemns Capitalism (Let's Hope the G-8 Ignores Him)

The Vatican American Holocaust – Why Your Silence is Their Consent

World has avoided economic disaster, Obama says

Project Camelot and David Wilcock discuss impending announcements by President Obama

David Wilcock's "Toronto Conference, Disclosure Updates, and David on Project Camelot, June 25: Transcript"


Paradigm Research Group

Exopolitics Denmark

Former astronaut: Man not alone in universe


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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – July 21, 2009: Part 1 | Part 2

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Good evening and welcome to the Miracles and Inspiration conference call for Tuesday, July 19, 2009. My name is Scott Mowry and with me as usual is our co-host for this evening, Dan Rezac. Dan how are you doing tonight?

On tonight's call we will be introducing something very, very exciting which is a new initiative we are calling, "The Love Intention."

"The Love Intention" is a step-by-step process to help heal and transform you, your world, and the world as a whole, through the power and prayer of LOVE.

We will be covering the Love Intention, in detail, during the second hour of the program tonight.

But first, we want to remind everyone that are calls occur on Tuesday nights only beginning at around 6 PM. And our schedule is erratic as to how often we do our calls. Some folks have been tuning in on Mondays looking for us but we don't do a call that night but only Tuesday nights.

If you would like to receive a reminder of when our calls will take place, you can get on our mailing list by sending an email with subscriber or subscription in the subject line to info@miraclesandinspiration.com. Or you can check our Conference Call section of our web site for the latest announcements.

So Dan, do you have for us tonight to get us started?


The Fun of Not Knowing | Authored by Carrie Hart

There are days in which the world seems to shift and days in which you seem to shift in spite of the world.  There are times of great fog and confusion and then days when all of it suddenly becomes clear.

There are days when you feel as if you are reborn, even though you do not know exactly what this rebirth means.  There are days you can suddenly feel the future come barreling toward you, full tilt, even though you are not certain what it holds.

There are days you feel that you can project your dreams out onto the world and days when you know you must simply surrender to what is and what is coming, let it be and hang on for the ride.

And all of this is good and all of this is your life.  Embrace it all in joy.  Embrace it all in gratitude, for being so alive and being so open to what is abounding in the world of grace and energy.

Know that there are many flows and that from time to time you may find yourself riding one.  Ah, and what a ride it is!  You may also slip off and fall into a little pool of confusion, but this will end and you will find your direction again.

Just look upon it all as the fun of mystery and adventure.  Understand that it is this not-knowing that makes life fun.  After all, would you really want to live a life where you knew everything that was about to happen, where you awakened in the morning with a plan laid out from which there could be no variation?  Does that sound like fun?

Instead, awaken and feel the new day dawning within your heart.  Go deep and pull out the joy that lives right underneath the peace and calm of your center.  Laugh with joy that you do not know exactly what will happen, that there may be surprises around every bend.  Allow yourself to set aside your plans and just be, be in the great unknowing, the mystery that is unfolding all around you in every moment, that likes to drop hints but never fully reveals herself until the moment of her opening and blossoming.

This is the joyous, wondrous way of it.  Give thanks!


World Sits on the Brink of a New Economic System and Extra-terrestrial Disclosure
You can take it to the bank now. A new world-wide economic system is all but inevitable.

Rumors have been swirling for years that a some kind of a new monetary system would be introduced to the United States, and eventually, to the rest of the world.

With a global economic crisis raging, economists and the Obama administration have been dropping enough hints that big changes are coming.

Rumors have also been very strong that a so-called "banking holiday" will be announced for a period of time, which would find the nation's financial institutions, including Wall Street, shut down for a period of days, or perhaps weeks.

But now the Vatican has come along to make it all official. Just hours before the the G-8 Summit was to get underway in L'Aquila, Italy, Pope Benedict XVI made an announcement that is a sure sign that a new banking and/or economic system is in the works and could be revealed soon.

As reported by the Associated Press, came the following news story on Wednesday, July 8, 2009:

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI called for a new world financial order guided by ethics, dignity and the search for the common good in the third encyclical of his pontificate.

In "Charity in Truth," Benedict denounced the profit-at-all-cost mentality of the globalized economy and lamented that greed had brought about the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

News reports are already emerging from the just completed G-8 summit with headlines that read: "World has avoided economic disaster, Obama says." Clearly, some major deals have been brokered and now we shall soon see the results. But the question remains, has the Vatican taken steps to be proactive on this news, or is it attempting to get on the bandwagon for positive changes?

Regardless of what transpires, all signs and prophecies are pointing towards a major shift of consciousness for humanity, which may begin near the end of 2011, or sometime in 2012.

Also noteworthy about the Pope's announcement was the amazing numerology for the date of July 8, 2009, which breaks down to a 7, 8, 9. Further coupled with the prophetic clock times of 12:34:56 AM and PM, formed a perfect sequence of numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, on this day, which only happens every one hundred years or so.

What is also very interesting about the numbers 1 through 9 is, if you add them altogether, you get the number 45. Then, applying the Pathogorean mathematical formula from the ancient mystery schools, you arrive at the single integer of 9: 4 + 5 = 9. And 9 is the number for completion. So the symbology for this day was immense and no doubt figured into the Vatican choosing this day for their announcement.

In addition, this latest pronouncement by the Pope was the second mind blowing admission by the Vatican in the last fourteen months that clearly indicate the world is imminently poised to see some major revelations unfold.

In May of last year, Vatican chief astronomer Father Jose Gabriel Fune, surprisingly revealed to the world that "just as we consider earthly creatures as 'a brother,' and 'sister,' why should we not talk about an 'extraterrestrial brother'? It would still be part of creation."

Father Jose Gabriel on ET's audio/video clip

This shocking confession out of Vatican City seemed to portend the next logical step would be the official acknowledgement of ET's by various world governments.

Additionally, strong rumors abound that President Obama may reveal the truth about extra-terrestrial involvement with our government, sometime during the month of September 2009.

Recently, organizers of the fifth annual X-Conference 2009 in Washington, DC, laid enormous pressure upon the US government to reveal the truth about ET's or they threatened to do the job for them. In fact, the X-Conference leadership, which included former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, hinted that another country, possibly France, may have already made plans to reveal the extra-terrestrial presence to their citizens, ahead of the US.

Surprisingly, the X-Conference 2009's press conference from April of this year, was even covered by CNN. During that media event, Stephen Bassett, Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG), said in his closing remarks:

Stephen Bassett of the X-Conference, final statement audio/video clip

X-Conference 2009 - Press Conference - Final Statement
Uploaded by ExopoliticsDenmark. - News videos from around the world.

Therefore, in conclusion, with the Vatican weighing in on these major political/economic/scientific issues, and so much speculation of impending economic changes filtering from numerous sources, there can be little doubt that humanity is poised on the brink of some major planetary developments.

The most profound and extraordinary transformations in the history of the human race are imminent.

The world awaits with baited breath.

From David Wilcock's blog posting, "Toronto Conference, Disclosure Updates, and David on Project Camelot, June 25: Transcript":

We captured video from this unique event, including an interview with him (Dr. Pete Peterson) by yours truly — and this footage should be released very shortly. Among many astonishing things he shared with us, thanks to one of his inside contacts, we learned that the Obama administration has an active plan to disclose the reality of the extraterrestrial presence before the end of this year.

Television time has already been booked — and we are told that several different ET groups will be revealed, all human in appearance, with the understanding that our government has secretly been in contact with them for over 100 years now.

He was concerned that this might not happen, as all the inside power-players he used to work for would like to block it. They are NOT pleased with Obama… AT ALL. Peterson felt Obama was very lucky he had made it this far already, given how much these elements would like to see him ‘removed.’ This, to me, strongly suggests there is spiritual protection in place."

Michael Jackson's death and subsequent memorial opened up a huge portal of consciousness, due to the outpouring of love and grief, as a billion people around the world tuned into these events.

His life and death, were not wasted and we should see the ramifications of his memorial displayed within the consciousness of the people on a world-wide. Because he was such a popular figure throughout the globe, even in third world countries, his memorial resonated in the hearts of many, many people and propelled human consciousness forward dramatically.

We shall soon see the results of this tremendous outpouring of love visible in the collective consciousness of humanity.

For more, see our Blog section: The Michael Jackson Memorial: The Power of Love from a Child's Heart.

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