“It’s our ability to feel as if our dreams have already come to life, (when) our wishes are fulfilled, and our prayers already answered."

— Gregg Braden,author, speaker

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Part 1: Introduction, Early Years, DNA Experiment

Part 3: The Isaiah Effect, The Shift of the Ages, Electrical and Magnetic Fields

Part 4: Everything Is Connected, The God Code & The True Nature of Humankind

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January 18, 2007

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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Gregg Braden – The Divine Matrix, Quantum Reality and The Ancients (cont.)

Part 2: "Awakening to Zero Point" and "Walking Between the Worlds"

Part 3: The Shift of the Ages... | Part 4: Everything Is Connected... | Part 1: Introduction...

by Patty Laferriere


The subject of Braden’s first book, "Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation," is this convergence. The Shift has been questioned, pondered, postulated, hypothesized and anticipated for thousands of years, Braden says. The effects of this Shift go well beyond religion, science and mysticism. Braden’s analogy are similar to that of the three states of water, which changes states into liquid, gas, or solid, according to temperature and pressure.

Braden asserts that humans are changing states owing to a lowered magnetic field and the elevated frequency of the Earth. Consciously vibrating from one state-space into another is known as "Resurrection" in Biblical terms. Resurrection means, allowing the mind-body-spirit to shift to a higher expression of itself. Through the conscious use of choice and free will, man is greater than his fear or perceived limitations. Complete resonance with Resurrection, followed by Ascension, is the goal of The Shift.

The ancients knew that higher frequencies and lowered magnetics enhances the possibility of ascension. They simulated these conditions for initiates in many of the ancient temples. What Braden emphasizes is that in our times, we all are initiates and that a global initiation is taking place. As true initiates, we all have achieved a certain mastery to be here. Our task, however, must be achieved through choice and free will applied to life’s processes.

Earth will no longer tolerate fear, hate, condemnation, or antiquated beliefs. Earth will support only a highly evolved frequency. This was the gift of the Christ—to anchor the information of this consciousness, and all of its possibilities, firmly into the consciousness of humankind. Through his life and Resurrection, Jesus’ experience was a metaphor for our lives, Braden asserts. Through Christ Jesus’ execution, he modeled for all of humanity a process that each will go through individually, as well as collectively.

In the waning years of this cycle, every life form existing upon the Earth will have the opportunity to experience the dimensional transition as Earth shifts from a third to a fourth density experience; a Zero Point awareness and the choice of Resurrection over death.

Many people report having always felt they were to do something of great significance in their lives. Some describe this feeling as a sense that they have been preparing all of their lives for something really big. According to Braden, becoming Christed is this event for this great moment, for which we have all convened at this time. Braden describes our "global initiation" as being a "global Christing" and that the challenges of our daily lives provide all of the opportunities for this initiation into our Christhood.

One of the greatest, and possibly least understood, messages of Christ Jesus was compassionate allowing: loving others enough to accept the scope of their experience. To the degree that any aspect of another's experience is judged, we remain in the polarity of separation and the prison of that judgment, says Braden. Through compassion, we’re able to accept all experience as part of the One without judgment. It is not an invitation to callousness, void of feeling and emotion. Through this great allowing, we make room for wholeness in our own lives.

In his second book, "Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion," Braden describes the "Seven Mirrors of Relationship,” which are details he gleaned from ancient documents. This book shows how we are to use negative experiences and emotions in discovering and releasing underlying fear-based beliefs.

Each of the seven mirrors is based on the premise that we draw to us what is inside; our outer world reflects our inner processes. Awareness of the constant external mirroring of our internal workings, provides the opportunity to shift what is "inside" and better create what we desire on the "outside". Braden emphasizes the word “constant.” He asserts that in understanding our thoughts-feelings-emotions as cause, and the world "around" us as effect, thus we can use negative experiences and emotions as our allies, as opportunities to release any underlying fear-based beliefs. We thereby come to compassion and our creative potential as spiritual beings.

According to Braden, we all are here to embody the highest knowing available to us by aligning our lower emotions with our higher thoughts. Integration takes place in the heart. Braden distinguishes lower emotions from "heart feelings." In heart feelings, there is an integration of lower emotions with higher consciousness. If we can do that, we are fearless. Our essential natures come through, which are unconditional love, joy and compassion.

From Braden’s study of the ancient texts, the last two of the four key principles:

An ancient science that gracefully carries us through the challenges of life—the science of compassion.

– We have today, and have always had, direct access to the creative forces of our bodies and our outer world, through a nearly lost technology called prayer.

– That we draw to us what is within our consciousness hints at the tremendous power, and the profound effect we have on each other and the world.

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Part 3: The Shift of the Ages... | Part 4: Everything Is Connected... | Part 1: Introduction...

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