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by Scott Mowry


Sri Bhagavan of the Oneness University videos |

Sri Bhagavan and his wife, Amma, are Indian avatars and founders of the Oneness University which lies in southern India. Sri Bhagavan has had much to say about the planetary awakening that is well underway and he has provided great insight into the year 2012 and beyond.

– "A Movement in Consciousness: A Global Awakening" DVD

"A Movement In Consciousness: A Global Awakening" is an absolutely superb two-DVD set that is perhaps one the best resources of the wisdom from Sri Bhagavan to be found.

The video consists of seven parts, most of which can be found below. Perhaps the highlight of the DVD is the section entitled, "The Future of the Planet." which provides inspiring and hopeful information for coming events.

To view this video, in parts 1-6, click on these links below:
I. Avatars | II. Enlightenment and Deeksha |
III. The Phenomenon and Consciousness | IV. The Mind | V. God |
VI. The Future of the Planet

(For more information on "A Movement in Consciousness: A Global Awakening" please see our Oneness Blessing Video section.)

– Sri Bhagavan on the year 2012

Below you will find two more excellent and inspiring videos from Sri Bhagavan on his prophecies of unfolding of human consciousness that is expected to occur around the year 2012.

Click on the links below to watch these videos:
"2002 Gathering with Sri Bhagavan"

"The Significance of the Year 2012"

(For more information on all these videos, please see our "2012 section, Part 3: Inspiring 2012 Confirmations, Resources and Quotes" section.)

José Argüelles videos |

Dr. José Argüelles is one of the world's greatest experts and researchers into the Mayan calendar, the prophecies of time and the year 2012. He has released numerous books on the subject and offers a tremendous web site of resources and information. "The 2012 Prophecy and the Spiritual Journey" is one of his few lectures available on video but offers insight into his

To view this video click on the link below:
"The 2012 Prophecy and the Spiritual Journey with José Argüelles" video lecture

Dr. Leonard Horowitz videos |

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has been a prolific author, investigator, researcher and lecturer on a variety of health related topics and ancient mystery school secrets. He has also released several highly recommended videos.

– "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" 2-DVD set

This is a video lecture that covers many of the highlights from the book by the same name. "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" introduced the world to the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies scale, uncovered by the late Dr. Joseph Puleo buried deep within the pages of the Bible.

Dr. Horowitz gives the viewer a detailed explanation of the Solfeggio frequencies and the power of sound, a fascinating examination of language, an alternative look at Leonardo da Vinci and much, much more.

We have also included the book in our Reading Room section (coming soon).

This DVD can be ordered from our Miracles and Inspiration DVD store.

– "DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral"

This three plus hour talk at the Conspiracy Conference in 2005 is an excellent overview of much of Dr. Horowitz's research.

He further expands upon his pioneering work into the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, vibrational sound, the real Da Vinci code, language, disease, sacred geometry, water crystals, physics, quantum-holographic reality, consciousness, and much more.

There is also a companion book of the same title, released in 2005

Also available as a 2-DVD set from our Miracles and Inspiration DVD store.

To watch this video, click on the link below:
DNA - Pirates of the Sacred Spiral - Dr Horowitz

Dr. Steven Greer videos | |

Dr. Steven Greer has been a tireless investigator for truth. He catapulted to the national spotlight when he organized and hosted the "Disclosure Project" press conference before the National Press Club in 2001, which blew open the doors on the secrecy of the world-wide UFO and extra-terrestrial phenomenon.

Always interesting and compelling, he continues to provide astounding inside information on UFO's, extra-terrestrials, inside government secret info and black ops projects.

– The Disclosure Project

Filmed in 2001, mere weeks before the 9/11 event, the "Disclosure Project" press conference brought together numerous whistleblowers, military and government witnesses in one stupendous gathering. Dr. Greer was the organizer and moderator as he introduced one amazing UFO/extra-terrestrial witness after another, after another. This is one of the most amazing press conferences every filmed.

Click on the link below to watch this video:
"The Disclosure Project" video

– "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge"

"Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge" was presented by Dr. Steven Greer at the Conscious Life Expo in 2007, which was basically a lecture of his book by the same name. Dr. Greer presented some truly compelling information on UFO's, Extra-terrestrials, government black-ops projects, suppressed technologies and consciousness expansion. This is an incredible two hour talk and will leave your head spinning. Amazing!

To watch this video click on the link below:
"Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge" video – January 2007

– European Exopolitics Summit 2009, Barcelona Spain

Dr. Stephen Greer gave two stellar presentations at the Exopolitics Summit 2009 in Barcelona, Spain in July 2009, providing yet more astounding insider information. His "Contact and Disclosure: The Final Sequence" lecture features some incredible UFO footage from his many sojourns out to remote parts of the country. While "The Promise of New Energy" gives further testimony in the awaiting breakthroughs in alternative energies.

To watch these videos click on the links below:
"Contact and Disclosure: The Final Sequence" – July 25, 2009

"The Promise of New Energy" – July 26, 2009

Ian Xel Lungold videos |

Ian Lungold offers some of the best video tutorials to better understand the significance of the Mayan calendar and the amazing discoveries of Carl Johan Calleman, author of the books "Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar" and "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness." He does an absolutely superb job of teaching the Mayan calendar, from Dr. Calleman's perspective, in a visual and easily understandable fashion.

Click on the links below to watch these videos:
– Mayan Calendar: The Evolution Continues:
Part 1 | Part 2

– The Mayan Calendar Comes North:

The Mayan Calendar Comes North – Part 1 |

The Mayan Calendar Comes North – Part 2

Also entitled, "Lost Secrets of the Maya" DVD and is available in our Miracles and Inspiration DVD store.

– Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

– Ian Xel Lungold - The Mayan Calendar: Welcome to the Evolution:
Part 1 | Part 2

This DVD can also be purchased from our Miracles and Inspiration DVD store.

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